Thursday, November 09, 2006


Memo From Lebanon: Christians Struggle to Preserve a Balance of Power

Benn Olmert in autumn In the autumn of his rule, Olmert is fulfilling what he promised: "to manage the country without an agenda.' Upon his return from Washington, however, he will have to explain to the public where we go from here.
ANALYSIS: Beit Hanun is the Palestinian version of Kfar Kana
Schiff A military failure and strategic vacuum
Hamas ends truce following Israeli bombing in Gaza
Send the Baker Commission to Gaza
By Daniel Levy
'We nearly fired at IAF plane' French defense minister: UN troops were 'two seconds' away from firing at aircraft in Lebanon
Jerusalem Post Will America save the world? By YUVAL STENITZIran's aim is to become a global - not merely a regional - nuclear player.
Analysts divided on election impactOfficials maintain US-Israel relationship will remain as strong as ever.

Washington Post Stage Set for Iraq Policy Shift Both Parties May Seek Cover in Recommendations of Study Group
Washington Institute A Plan for Iraq Dennis Ross a fresh vision for renewing U.S. strategy in Iraq with a detailed plan for local and regional action.
Changes in Iraq are Coming The Defense Secretary We Had» David Ignatius Robert Gates will go to the Pentagon with an invisible mission statement that can be summed up in two words: "exit strategy." Unlike Donald Rumsfeld, he won't fight the problem
CFR Lindsay: Bush, Democrats Likely to Look for New Approach to Iraq from Baker-Hamilton Commission
Schiff U.S. won't quit Iraq just yet
CFR Holbrooke: Regional Conference on Iraq ‘Very Good Idea’ “The Turks came very close six, eight weeks ago, to invading northern Iraq to prevent what they thought were excessive moves toward independence by the Kurds.”
Holbrooke: US Policy Options on Iraq
In Iraq, New Calculations of the U.S. Role
Iraqi Predicts the Hanging of Hussein by Year’s End
News Analysis: Rumsfeld, a Force for Change, Did Not Change With the Times Amid Iraq Tumult
Reactions From Abroad Set Conciliatory Tone, Seeing Vote as a Protest to Iraq Policy
Rumsfeld legacy defined by Iraq invasion
'Wise man' on Iraq is new chief
Stage Set for Iraq Policy Shift
Both Parties May Seek Cover in Recommendations of Study Group

Can or will the US cut a deal with Iran over the ME

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