Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Leader A cease-fire in Gaza
Leaving Gaza, but where to?
US official: Israel won't bomb Iran
UPI Analysis: Israel gears up for another war
Yedioth Ahronoth Something's rotten in Israel
US 'drought' bad for Israel/ Shoval
Daily Star Two conditions must guide a Palestinian-Israeli settlement By Ali Jarbawi
Washington key to solving Palestinian-Israeli conflict By Sablia Sarsar
If there were any doubts before about Hezbollah's seriousness in promoting a fundamentalist Islamic perspective after the conflict it initiated with Israel, there should be none now.
Ha’aretz - Print Edition Senior U.S. official: Israel will not attack Iran's nuclear program
Israel Pulls Most Forces From Gaza Strip
Scores of Palestinians Killed During Operation

Financial Times US focus switches to calls for change of strategy With the congressional elections in the rear mirror the focus in Washington is likely to shift to the Iraq Study Group
INTERNATIONAL NEWS: Idea of dividing Iraq into three wins adherents
Christian Science Monitor Shift Coming in US Policy on Iraq 'Stay the course' and 'cut and run' aren't options. Speaking to neighbors that are part of the 'axis of evil' may be.
New Republic Can House Democrats affect Bush's Iraq policy? by Lawrence F. Kaplan
New York Times THOMAS L. FRIEDMAN Tolerable or Awful: The Roads Left in Iraq
It’s time to make a final push for the tolerable, and if that fails, quit Iraq and insulate ourselves and our allies from the awful.
Yale Global The Withdrawal Syndrome – Part II Dilip Hiro The meaning of victory in Iraq continues to disintegrate
New Republic Why calls for Iraq withdrawal are short-sighted by Jeffrey Herf
Help Iraq Help Itself By FREDERICK D. BARTON Maliki’s new independence is America’s best chance to salvage the muddle Iraq has become. Let’s not get in his way
Los Angeles Times Fighting over who lost Iraq By Andrew J. Bacevich As with Vietnam, the ugly argument over the war will ultimately have a cleansing effect on the U.S.

Daily Star Iran's Achilles heel: its dependence on oil revenues By Ian Bremmer
WSJ Iran's Target Practice The mullahs' huge investment in ballistic-missile technology.
Washington Times Back the Sunnis? By William R. Hawkins Iran, with its support for militias in foreign lands, its nuclear ambitions and its aggressive Shia faith, poses a much greater threat to the Sunni Arab world than does Israel.

Asia Times US ready to face the world anew Regardless of the outcome of the United States mid-term elections, there is likely to be significant change in the way Washington operates in the Middle East; change brought about by the need to stem hemorrhaging prestige, budget and power. It will be along the lines of "let's make a deal" - in Iraq, and with Syria and Iran. - Stephen Julias and Max Fraad Wolff
Realpolitik: Middle East's new political reality By Alon Ben-Meir

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50 years on and ticking!... Diplomacy has failed. The use of force - also didn't solve the problem.
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