Friday, November 10, 2006


Jerusalem Post Rattling the Cage: Why Israel must talk to Syria By LARRY DERFNERWhat's this nonsense about preconditions? We've insisted on "direct negotiations" without them for years.
OpenDemocracy Syria's quagmire, al-Assad's tunnel Carsten Wieland
Iran, Syria’s new master
SyriaComment EU Splits from US on Syria: US Elections
The Economist Lebanon Freeing the cedars from Western blight
Syria Shocks PKK - Zaman Online

Editorial After the elections in America
Abbas-Meshal chat moves PA unity gov't closer
Israel, U.S. ponder news ways to collect intelligence in Lebanon
Marcus An accident named Olmert the country has been dragged into a war on two fronts by a prime minister and a defense minister devoid of military understanding
Sarid A friendship in disguise American-Republican interests push vital Israeli interests aside; and it seems like everyone is waiting for the inevitable violent outbreak that is on the way.
Schiff Countering Qassams / Why wasn't the air force used?
Bar’el A new colonialism
'Gates will uphold solid US-Israel ties'Jerusalem Post
Sneh to 'Post': 'IDF must stop Iran'Deputy defense minister says Ahmadinejad could "kill Zionist dream.
Olmert Warns US Not to Withdraw From Iraq
Rice: Palestinian deaths 'awful'
Daily Star Editorial Slow bleed: Israel has made death a way of life in Gaza
New Republic In Denial by Leon Wieseltier Existentialism in Palestine.
Guardian A profound pessimism has taken hold of Israel Jonathan Steele: The war in Lebanon and rockets from Gaza have reinforced a great mood swing. People no longer seem to want a peace deal.
Truce with Israel over, says Hamas head after Beit Hanoun deaths Israel's prime minister 'very distressed,' and calls Gaza shelling 'technical mistake.'
Gaza siege has ended but rockets still rain on Israelis Israel's controversial incursion into Gaza has failed to stem the tide of Palestinian rockets being fired into its territory
The Palestinians Talking, in a way

WSJ Rumsfeld's Ouster Transforms Iraq Debate
Independent After Bush's midterm defeat, what now for Iraq?
IHT Time to talk to the bad guys ANATOL LIEVEN The only way in which America can now extricate itself from Iraq with some honor, while limiting the conflict there, is to appeal to Iraq's neighbors for help.
Quentin Peel THE AMERICAS: Options limited in Iraq whoever calls the shots in US
And Now, Iraq by David Corn
COMMENT: Bush needs a way out on Iraq. But answers? I heard none The US Iraq story has been one of bold rhetorical posturing constantly overtaken by the grim truth that the administration had surrendered control of events, writes Philip Stephens.

Daily Star The four occupations smothering the Middle East By Ghassan Rubeiz

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