Thursday, December 14, 2006


Financial Times COMMENT: Talks with Iran and Syria will not be an easy ride Robert Malley and Peter Harling
CSM Helena Cobban: US engagement with Iran and Syria
Defying Bush, Senator Visits Syria Democrat Talks With Leader of Nation Iraq Report Calls Key
Syria Comment
US Senators Defy Bush and Head for Damascus: Bush Says Asad Rules by Force
“Six Brutal Truths about Iraq,” By Gen. Odom
News Round Up (12 December 2006)
“Shi’ites and Shi’ism in Medieval Syria,” by Stephennie Mulder
Joe Conason, New York Observer A Real Exit Strategy: Talk to the Enemy
MIDDLE EAST AND AFRICA: US senators make overtures to Syria
Talking to Iran is a Mistake - Victor Davis Hanson, RealClearPolitics
Growing exodusMore and more Iraqis flee to Syria to escape increasing violence
More Than 800,000 Iraqi Refugees May Be in Syria
Syria's Assad Calls on West Not to Intervene in Lebanon
Bush Statement Highlights Plight of Syrian Political Prisoners
Lebanese Government Issues Own Warning
The government is mobilizing its sectarian constituencies as a veiled warning to Hezbollah and its Shiite Muslim followers not to go too far

Washington Post Joint Chiefs Advise Change In War Strategy Leaders Seek No Major Troop Increase, Urge Shift in Focus to Support of Iraqi Army
New York Times Democrats Plan to Tighten Reins on Iraq Spending
Guardian Bush has created a comprehensive catastrophe across the Middle East Timothy Garton Ash
Official: Saudis to back Sunnis if US leaves Iraq CNN
Newsweek Hirsh: More Troops for Iraq? Hearing wildly conflicting advice, Bush has postponed his speech on Iraq. That may mean he's considering sending more troops to Baghdad.
Sectarian battles spill beyond Iraq (Iason Athanasiadis)
James Baker's Fiasco - Daniel Pipes, Jerusalem Post

Washington Times Israel's nuclear strategy By Louis Rene Beres and Maj. Gen. Paul E.Vallely Unveiling capacity only one step
Israel worried Hamas and Iran developing strategic relations
Debka Tehran Seeks Ways to Capitalize on Olmert’s Nuclear Admission Print
BBC Hamas judge killed in Gaza Strip A prominent member of the Palestinian militant group Hamas is shot dead in the southern Gaza Strip.
Rivals: Fatah & Hamas
Spy terrorIsrael's agents bring fear and suspicion to West Bank
A new playerCan Europe revive stalled Middle East peace talks?
CSM Why Israel maintains nuclear ambiguity

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