Monday, December 11, 2006


MERIA - Barry RubinWhy Syria Matters
WSJ How Syria May Hold Key to Iraq The Baker panel sparked calls for the U.S. to engage Syria, raising the possibility of a policy shift that could put Washington on a collision course with Israel.
What Motivates Syria? By Imad Moustapha, No party should feel defeated or excluded. All stakeholders in the future of Iraq should feel that it is in their own interest to help stabilize the situation.
Syria Comment
“The Case For Engaging Syria,” by Joshua Landis
Encouraging Sectarian War as a Means to Bring Down Asad
Why V.P. Sharaa’s Statement is Important
V.P. Farouq al-Sharaa on the Baker Report & Iraq, Lebanon, and Palestine
Asia Times Iraq heading the Lebanon way Saudi Arabia and Iran, Iraq's two most powerful neighbors with a direct stake in its future, could become a source of permanent instability for that country. It all sounds worryingly like a return to the travails experienced by civil-war-struck Lebanon. - Iason Athanasiadis
Washington realist A new US policy towards Iran and Syria
Faik Bulut A new US policy towards Iran and Syria
MI officer: Syria preparing army for war with Israel Says Al-Qaida may be planning attack on UNIFIL; IDF aiming for high level readiness in north by summer.
Jerusalem Post What's the chance of war with Syria? Top IDF officers appear confused
“Concentrate on the Syrian-Israeli issue,” by Murhaf Jouejati
Yedioth Ahronoth Lebanon deal in works Arab League envoy due in Beirut Monday after announcing he received positive response from Hizbullah-led opposition to proposals aimed at ending political crisis which paralyzed gov't, raised fears of return to civil strife
US Made Hezbollah Stronger, Analysts Say
Lebanon on the brink - but of what? Zaid Al-Ali
Independent Robert Fisk: Revolution in the air as Lebanon's rift widens
As Crowd Demands Change, Lebanese Premier Is Puzzled
Lebanon's President Refuses to Endorse Hariri Tribunal Accord, Returns It to the Cabinet
Hizbollah leads mass protest in Beirut
BBC Hezbollah chief 'plotting coup'
Lebanese Prime Minister Fouad Siniora accuses the leader of the Hezbollah militant movement of plotting a coup.
2 Million Protest Lebanese Government
Lebanese Premier Lashes Out at Hezbollah Leader
Lebanon's Shiites Grapple With New Feeling of Power Despite Gains, Sense of Vulnerability Persists - Through protests, community break a system that appears to be buckling under stress of country's most acute crisis since civil war ended in 1990
Protest Crowds Surge as Beirut Braces for Next Step: Hezbollah and Its Allies Hint at Tougher Moves Against the Government

Washington Post Iraq Strategy Focusing On Three Main Options Options considered include, securing Baghdad with surge of troops, utilizing military to hunt al-Qaeda, and strengthening support of majority Shiites.
CSIS Commentary on the Iraq Study Group Report BRZEZINSKI CORDESMAN FLOURNOY
New York Times 79 Steps to Victory in Iraq? Perle, Joffe, Ajami, Gelb, Diamond, Pape, Greenstock and others
Jerusalem Post Consensus to surrender? Will inviting Iran and Syria to join an "Iraq Support Group" reduce Iranian influence in the region?
Washington Times Iran-Saudi proxy war in Iraq feared
PostGlobal If the American era in the Middle East is ending, as argued by some analysts, what is likely to replace it? Chaos? Self-determination? Iranian hegemony? A new caliphate?

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