Wednesday, December 13, 2006


US Will Not Allow Syria To Reassert Authority Over Lebanon: Rice A full transcript of Rice's interview
Daily Star Editorial Not much to rejoice about in Baghdad-Damascus ties
John Hughes: US may talk to Syria, but not Iran
Rice: Direct Talks With Iran, Syria Not on US Agenda
Al Awsat Nasrallah: Risking Siniora’s Blood and Violating Hariri’s : Tariq Alhomayed
Siniora Stands Fast By David Ignatius
WP Lebanon's Shiites Grapple With New Feeling of Power by Anthony Shadid
Syria blasts Israel over Golan water reservoir
Arab League tries to end Lebanon crisis

SPIEGEL INTERVIEW WITH EHUD OLMERT Israel Doesn't Rule out Military Strike on Iran
Israel eyes alliance with Sunni Arab states
Iran Pledges $250 Million to Hamas-Led PA
BBC PM dismisses Israel nuclear row Israel's PM reiterates his country's position of nuclear weapons ambiguity amid a row over an apparent slip-up.
Olmert: Iran seeking to develop nuclear bomb, 'like America, France and Israel'
Yedioth AhronothFundamentalist alliance US-Israel alliance currently based on pact between fundamentalists, Yossi Paritzky says
Israel assays Sunni 'allies' Israeli officials yesterday quietly welcomed a decision by several Persian Gulf states to consider a nuclear energy program as evidence the region's Sunni Arab governments are becoming more open in their opposition to a common enemy -- Iran.
Why Is It Always About Israel? - David Frum, National Post
A look at why the Baker-Hamilton report has Israelis nervous, but why is it always about Israel? Olmert: Iran seeking to develop nuclear bomb, 'like America, France and Israel'
Israel, Palestine, peace and apartheid Jimmy Carter: Americans need to know the facts about the abominable oppression of the Palestinians.

A review of Iraq Study Group By Tod Lindberg
Foreign Policy The List: Options for Iraq
Washington Post Experts Advise President Not to Reduce Troops
Donald Rumsfeld: The Exit Interview - Cal Thomas, Sacramento Bee
WP Beyond Baker-Hamilton One Approach to a Last Try at Stability in Iraq By Barry R. McCaffrey,
Christian Science Monitor Bush's rethink on Iraq He is crafting the 'way forward' by consulting everyone from Iraqi politicians to retired generals to historians.
America Can Only Delay Iraqi Civil War - Richard Cohen, NY Daily News
Los Angeles Times Pentagon plans to send more U.S. troops to Iraq Military officials argue that an intensified effort, including a confrontation with Sadr, may be the only way to provide a chance for victory.
BBC Ready or not?An assessment of the state of Iraq's army and police forces
Don't Blame The Iraqis, We Broke Iraq - Peter Beinart, The New Republic
An Ultra-Intrusive Approach To Iran By: Geoffrey Forden
PBS Experts Still Divided After Iraq Study Group Recommendations
SPIEGEL INTERVIEW WITH GERMANY'S FOREIGN MINISTER "Splitting Iraq Would Lead to Terrible Bloodshed"
George Perkovich Washington’s Iraq Dilemma: Why Engaging Iran Is a Good Idea
Le Monde Diplomatique Iran’s new power balance
The Big Lie About the Middle East - Lisa Beyer, Time

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