Friday, March 13, 2009


World Agenda: why Syria key to US hopes of unlocking Middle East Times Online
The NATIONAL Time for Syria to come in from the cold Opinion When Damascus hosted the annual summit of the Arab League a year ago, tense relations between Syria and many Arab countries, prominently Saudi Arabia and Egypt, led to barely half of the serving Arab heads of states attending.
Al Hayat Syria and the Restoration of its Role Elias Harfoush - When Barack Obama's administration assigns the man who served as the U.S ambassador in Beirut during the period of Syrian-American antagonism, to re-engage Damascus, does this suggest an American apology, in the manner seen by Syria's allies in Beirut? Or does it reaffirm the fundamentals of American policy in Lebanon, basically centred on UNSC resolutions 1559 and 1701?
Saudi-Egyptian-Syrian summit in Riyadh Wednesday - first Obama ME breakthrough
Syrian Opposition Dying with Dissident - David Schenker, L.A. Times
Saudis Seek Syrian Ties to Thwart Iran
Syria launches stock exchange Trading on the DSE will be indirectly supervised by the government, which is shifting from decades of socialist policies toward a more market-oriented system
Assad Says US Could Mediate Syria-Israel Talks
Bashar al-Assad is having the best week ever
INTERVIEW-Netanyahu aide sceptical of Syria talks prospects
Saudi Summit Will Not Break Iran-Syria Tie: Analysts
Why Syria and Saudi Arabia are talking again It's about Iran, Iraq, and Israel. The two foes planned to meet in Riyadh Wednesday to solidify Arab unity amid regional volatility.
Turkey says willing to continue Syria mediation Ynetnews
Larijani calls for improved Syrian ties
TEHRAN, March 12 (UPI) -- Tehran supports a stronger bilateral relationship with the Syrian government in Damascus, the speaker of the Iranian Parliament said.
U.S. Cannot Ignore Secret Syrian Nuclear Facility - Daveed Gartenstein-Ross and Joshua D. Goodman (Jewish Policy Center)
Syria prepares for a Lebanese vacation By Michael Young
Fabulous Beirut at a Crossroads - Melik Kaylan, Forbes
Beirut, day two: The unanswerable question Michael Tomasky: Could US engagement with Syria and Iran help pro-democracy forces in Lebanon?
'Special Relationship' Strained: US Slams UK's Vow to Talk to Hezbollah
Los Angeles Times U.S. disagrees with British decision to engage Lebanon's Hezbollah
The Obama administration doesn't believe there are separate military, political and social wings of the Shiite militia group
Britain’s Contacts With Hezbollah Vex U.S.
U.S., U.K. Divided on Hezbollah Talks Britain's decision to open a direct dialogue with the political arm of Hezbollah, the Lebanese militia and political party, has rankled the Obama administration.

Is a right-wing government the answer? By Henry Siegman A good case can be made for the counter-intuitive notion that only a right-wing government of the kind now being formed by Netanyahu holds the remaining hope for viable Palestinian statehood.
Netanyahu's vow to Syria: Israel won't provoke war
Hamas: PA persecutes us in W. Bank
Hamas official asks 'Post': "How can we talk about unity when our men are in Abbas's jails?"
'Peace most likely with Syria, not PA'
WSJ Mideast Peace Can Start With Economic Growth By Daniel Doron There are better ways of helping the Palestinians.
Israel Launches New 'Soft War' BY: Mel Frykberg The Middle East Times
Shortly after the guns fell silent over Gaza, during Operation Cast lead, Israel's three-week bloody onslaught over the coastal territory which left over 1,400 Palestinians dead and over 5,000 wounded, most of them civilian, the Israeli Foreign Ministry stepped up its 'soft war.'
Is Dealing with Hamas in the Cards? - Ron Kampeas
Sources: Israel agrees to free all 450 Hamas prisoners for Shalit
IDF chief heads to Washington to stress Iran dangers to U.S. Ashkenazi scheduled to meet U.S. National Security Adviser, chairman of U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff.
Gideon Levy / Everyone agrees: War in Gaza was a failure Hamas is stronger, the Palestinians are even more hateful toward Israel, and Israel is viewed as a pariah
The Arab-Israeli-Persian Conflict - Claude Salhani, Middle East Times
WINEP Palestinian Perspectives on a Unity Government Despite their differences, intervention by Arab states, Hamas pressure, and Fatah's own needs may be sufficient to produce an interim Palestinian "unity government" to facilitate Gaza reconstruction. Whether it can endure will depend largely on international reactions.
Jerusalem Post 'Ahmadinejad to attend Sharm summit'
Paper quotes Syrian minister saying "real, positive change" to come in Arab countries ties with Iran.
Yedioth Ahronoth Israel’s ‘tips’ for America Senior Israeli officials advise Clinton on desirable US approach vis-à-vis Iran
An Open Debate on Israel - Los Angeles Times Obama's appointee to lead the National Intelligence Council withdrew, blaming the Israel lobby. To shape U.S. policy, many voices must be heard.
INTERVIEW-Netanyahu aide sceptical of Syria talks prospects
Hamas threatens rocket militants Hamas says it will act to stop rocket attacks by militants from Gaza into Israel, which it describes as ill-timed.
U.S. Complains of Blocked Gaza Aid The U.S. complained to Israel over holdups of aid shipments to Gaza, which U.S. officials say are being trapped amid an erratic decision-making process.
Palestinians Seek Unity Government
Palestinian talks on forming a unity government have snagged over disagreements on peace talks with Israel.
Netanyahu Aide Says Obama Agrees on Iran, at Least
Palestine: A Phantom Ship in Fog, Sailing Nowhere : Amir Taheri
Turkish ambassador: Relations with Israel of 'regional importance'

Newsweek Iraq Pullout Plan Challenged By Fragile Security

Obama Plots Opening of Iran Ties The Obama administration is considering lifting a ban on diplomatic contacts with Iran and looking at ways to develop a line of communication to Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei.
IHT Iran's nuclear deception By WILLIAM H. TOBEY
The report that Iran has produced more low-enriched uranium than previously reported should cause the U.S. and its European partners to deal cautiously with Iran.

The Middle East: Life After the Oil Bust Source: Knowledge@Wharton Read articles individually or download full report (PDF; 1.02 MB).
Guardian America's ideal Middle East ally Stephen Kinzer: Turkey is a regional peacemaker and close to key combat zones. So when Obama visits next month, will he make friends?

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