Monday, June 04, 2007


Battling the Lion of Damascus: Syria's Domestic Opposition and the Asad Regime
Syria's Useful Idiots Why are so many commentators denying the obvious about Lebanon? By MICHAEL YOUNG
The Assad legacy Syrians don't expect Assad's son and successor to bring back the days of Hafez senior.
USIP Briefing: Syria’s Alliance with Iran
Der Spiegel The World From Berlin: 'Syria's Policy of Intimidation in Lebanon Has Failed'
Syria says it won't cooperate in international Hariri tribunalFM: Issue concerns Lebanon alone, and Syria won't concede its sovereignty; UN chief: resolution passed Wednesday is "binding."
Is Syria Working to Foment Civil War in Lebanon? - Mark MacKinnon
Washington Institute Global Anti-Terrorism Financing Group Challenged by Syria's Application Syria's application to join an international organization of financial intelligence units, despite Damascus's ongoing sponsorship of terrorism, jeopardizes the multilateral fight against money laundering and terrorism financing.
The Syrian surprise
The other war / Syria, not Gaza
Summer surprises in Syria and Palestine
Separate Ways By: Michael Young SlateAn increasingly pertinent question, albeit one only now beginning to provoke interest, is what the U.N. Hariri tribunal might mean for Syrian-Iranian collaboration in Lebanon.
Assad's Unsurprising Victory The Economist The Syrian president, Bashar al-Assad, has secured himself a second seven-year term in office with the near unanimous approval of the 11.7m Syrians that were eligible to vote in a referendum to endorse parliament's selection of him as the sole candidate
Hariri tribunal divides Lebanese Stricken by political paralysis and rocked by bombings and Islamist violence, Lebanon’s prospects for stability look bleak
UPI Analysis: Hopes high for Lebanon tribunal
Independent Robert Fisk: The scar of Hariri's murder will never heal in Lebanon
Robert Fisk: Can the Lebanese army fight America's war against terror?
Mixed Reaction in Lebanon to U.N. Assassination Tribunal
New Battles Seen at Lebanon Camp
Syria brands Hariri tribunal as harmful US ploy Damascus says UN move will destabilise Lebanon · Last chance for parliament in Beirut to end impasse
Jun 01 SD# 1606 - Syrian Government Press in Reaction to Security Council Resolution to Establish International Tribunal for Al-Hariri Assassination: Resolution Entails 'Great Dangers' and 'Dangerous Repercussions' for Lebanon
Lebanon's Prime Minister: Syria is Threatening my Country
Hezbollah Leads Criticism of U.N. Vote By: Alia Ibrahim The Washington PostHezbollah, the Shiite Muslim militia, and other opposition groups in Lebanon on Thursday denounced the U.N. creation of an international tribunal to prosecute suspects in the 2005 assassination of former prime minister Rafiq al-Hariri, calling it a violation of Lebanon's sovereignty.
Al Hayat The Court Creates A New Reality in Lebanon & the Region Raghida Dergham - ... The court stands as a precedent in the Middle East region, a pledge to encircle and contain those who once thought that the strategy of politically-motivated assassinations and sowing seditions would ever block the path of justice.
Justice for Lebanon Syria may at last pay a price for the Hariri assassination.
Palestinians in Lebanon A history of the hapless

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