Wednesday, May 23, 2007


An Open Letter to President Bashar al-Asad Patrick Seale - Syria has come under great pressure from the US ever since the invasion of Iraq. There was a dangerous moment last summer when Israel seemed about to extend to Syria its aggression against Lebanon. The hostility of France was a further worrying factor. These pressures now seem to be easing. The world is beginning to recognize the crucial role Syria could play in resolving some of the region's conflicts, once its own interests are addressed.
U.S. gives Israel green light for Syria dialogue
U.S. policy turnabout may enable Israeli-Syrian talks
U.S. Policy Turnabout May Enable Israeli-Syrian Talks By: Ze'ev Schiff HaaretzWashington has given Israel the green light to accept Syrian President Bashar Assad's call for peace talks, in a change of position accompanied by several preconditions.
For Syria, the 1967 border remains sacred
Syria's Deception - Amir Taheri, New York Post
US warns Syria as fighting renews
U.S. policy change will allow Israel-Syria talks
SyriaComment “Ash’ari Islam Predominates in Syria,” by Anonymous
Uzi Benziman: Enough lip service, it's time for Olmert to talk to Syria
MEMRI May 22 SD# 1594 - Syrian Dissident Launches Campaign Against Presidential Referendum in Syria
May 18 SD# 1590 - Syrian Liberal Nidhal Na'isa On the West, Pan-Arabism, Islamism, and Al-Jazeera

Independent Robert Fisk: The road to Jerusalem (via Lebanon)
Regional conflicts join together to destabilize Lebanon By Rami G. Khouri
Lebanon is on the brink Gulf News By Amir Taheri
Asia Times Lebanon battles a new demon Militants from the recently formed Fatah al-Islam have emerged with guns blazing; they are now in their third day of fighting against the Lebanese Army. The al-Qaeda-inspired group has dramatically raised the stakes in Lebanon's parlous political landscape, threatening a complete breakdown of the country. And the Lebanese government's blaming Syria will not help matters. - Sami Moubayed
Slipping into chaos Ramsay Short: Is the latest trouble in Lebanon the result of American or Syrian meddling? Either way, it's obvious who loses.
Hezbollah Backs Lebanon Army in Standoff
Fight with militants agitates Lebanon's troubled camps Poverty and hopelessness have helped foster the emergence of radical Islamist groups in Lebanon's 12 Palestinian refugee camps.
50 killed in Lebanese fighting Northern city of Tripoli hit by worst violence for two decades as army troops fight Sunni militants.
Lebanese Troops Fight Islamists; Dozens Are Slain nThe battle left at least 22 soldiers and 17 militants dead and set off a military campaign to root out militants inside Lebanon’s Palestinian refugee camps.
Independent Robert Fisk: A front-row seat for this Lebanese tragedy
UN Security Council should create a tribunal for Lebanon A special tribunal to try the killers of Lebanon’s former prime minister can send a powerful message that assassins will not go unpunished
BostonGlobe Editorial The specter haunting Lebanon
THE WARFARE that erupted Sunday in northern Lebanon, in and around the city of Tripoli, illustrates the danger of another civil war in that beleaguered country.
BBC Lebanon fighting enters third day Fighting between Lebanese troops and Islamic militants continues into a third day, despite talk of a ceasefire.
“Lebanon Unrest Puts Hariri Tribunal In Peril” by Solomon
Strife rips at Lebanon In the worst internal violence since the 1975-90 civil war, at least 71 people have been killed in a Lebanese Army battle with Islamic militants.
Militants' battle engulfs Lebanon refugee camp Q&A: explaining the violence in Lebanon
Leader Syrian Blackmail
The Lebanese Army is in danger of falling into a trap

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