Wednesday, March 28, 2007


AL Hayat Syria's Declining Role Hassan Haydar
Khalilzad: Syria Invites More Talks
SyriaCommment Kurds Commemorate the “Intifadah” of 12 March 2004
Column One: As Syria prepares for war
Eldar The Syrian secret Sharon did not reveal to Olmert
Al Awsat Syria’s Critical Timing
Bar’el The Syrian-Arab rift Bashar Assad is trying to mend fences with the rest of the Arab League, but as long as Syria remains linked to Iran and the Lebanese opposition, he will only have limited success
Al Hayat Syrian Panic over Resolving the Shebaa Issue and the Progress in Brammertz's Investigation
Syria "More Accomodating" to Terrorists State Dept Adviser: 90% of Suicide Bombers Cross Syrian Border
Syria Comment “Farid Ghadry, Syria’s Chalabi: From Washington to Damascus,” by Salim Abraham
Presidential Hopeful Slams Bush for Stance on Syria
Al Hayat The Iranian Advice and The Syrian Request in Lebanon Walid Choucair - Will any escalation further complicate the Lebanese crisis and lead to more external rows over Lebanon? Perhaps more international decisions will be taken in this regard, added to the existing list of decisions that would force Syria to take additional steps in its relations with the international community?
Report: Syria rejected Israeli offers for secret talks
Syria's 'engagers' can't ignore Brammertz By Michael Young
Assad Says 'No Cloud' Over Syria, Saudi Ties
Brammertz V – Comments and Contextualization (by t_desco)
Report: Assad sees no progress in peace process in next 2 years In interview with Saudi newspaper, Syrian President calls U.S. main obstacle to Middle East peace
Sharon's Syrian secret Farkash, the former head of MI, says Sharon knew about Syrian-Israeli contacts.

A New Face of Jihad Vows Attacks on U.S. An Islamic militant has formed a new organization in Lebanon, becoming the new face of Al Qaeda.
MEMRI Mar 14 IA# 333 - Lebanese Media Discusses Hizbullah's Status in Lebanon
Yüksel Söylemez Lebanon under siege
Analysis: No end for U.N. Lebanon probe
Daily Star A new chance for Islamists in Palestine and Lebanon? By Rami G. Khouri
Europe can do much more for LebanonBy Dana Moss
Lebanon’s Ironic Democracy : Abdul Rahman Al-Rashed
Lebanese Army Tightens Security at Camp to Press Militant Group
Justice for Lebanon By: William Harris The Wall Street Journal (subscription required)Almost unnoticed by the global media, a crucial turning point has arrived in the U.N investigation into the murder of former Lebanese prime minister, Rafik Hariri, in February 2005. It is also a turning point for the credibility of the international community.
Lebanese parliament fails to convene Lebanon’s Parliament failed to meet on the first day of its summer session, exacerbating tensions between the assembly’s anti-Syrian majority and Hizbollah-led opposition
Washington Times Hezbollah's rearmament Ever since the the Israel-Hezbollah cease-fire ending last summer's war in Lebanon, the terrorist group, which receives close to $200 million a year in subsidies from Iran, has been rebuilding the military arsenal destroyed by the Israeli army.

Schiff A down-to-earth chief of staff It is also clear Ashkenazi is trying to avoid getting involved in the arguments between Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and Defense Minister Amir Peretz.
The only alternative is civil war
Hamas' regional game
Leader Talking to Hamas Forming a Palestinian unity government is a diplomatic achievement which caught Israel off guard. If it lasts, Palestinian unity is a potent source of international legitimacy.
Washington Post Rice's Mideast Minefield By David Ignatius, Condoleezza Rice is trying to broker the creation of a Palestinian state even if she has to differ with the Israelis to do it.
Israel to the rescue/ Bechor
Hamas: New Government to Respect Previous Accords, but Back Resistance Haaretz The new Palestinian unity government will "respect" previous agreements with Israel, as stated in the Mecca agreement that led to the formation of the government, but will also continue to support "resistance," according to excerpts from the new government's platform, published Thursday on two Hamas Web sites.
Arab Summit Contoured by Regional Crises Fears Over Iraq, Lebanon, Iran Become Backdrop for Renewed Peace Initiative

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