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Jerusalem Post Report: Assad flips out at Ahmadinejad on phone

Forward War Clouds Gather Over the Golan

While the world’s attention is riveted on the conflict in Iraq and a possible American attack on Iran, Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad may be quietly preparing for a war against Israel

CSM Syria seeks to gain from regional tumult The isolation of Syria appears to be breaking as Damascus seeks deals with the Saudis and the Lebanese.

Weekly Standard Give Abboud the Boot: Why Does Syria Need Two Ambassadors in Washington?

Syria opposes any change to Saudi initiative

Christian Science Monitor Helena Cobban: Time is ripe for US to engage Syria

Daily Star Deal with Syria, but first impose Lebanese sovereignty By Michael Young

France's Foreign Policy Will Not Change Randa Takieddin - It would be better for the architect of Syria's diplomacy to expect that France's foreign policy will continue unchanged, since it was founded on resolutions passed by the international community and endorsed by EU nations.

Syria Today: Online and Hard-Line By: Guy Taylor | The Daily Star Paradoxes abound when it comes to the Internet in Syria, and a closer look reveals an authoritarian state apparently obsessed with manipulating the content of independent Web sites. While the government claims to be intent on spreading information technology to the masses, its desire to extend traditionally heavy-handed media restrictions into cyberspace raises the question of whether Syria's rulers merely seek to use the Internet as a tool to enhance their own power.

Agreement Seen in Schism Between Governing Factions By: Krystal Knapp | The Washington Times
A deal to end the standoff between Lebanon's U.S.-backed government and Hezbollah, the nation's worst political crisis since its 1975-1990 civil war, is expected to be finalized within the next few days, key political figures say.

Syria Denies Arms Crossing Border Into Lebanon

Lebanese politicians pour cold water on hopes that Beirut crisis will end soon

PM: Plan for Lebanon war made months in advance PM to war probe panel: Plan for wide military response to possible abduction of soldiers made last March

Washington Takes a Chance on Tehran By: Georg Mascolo and Bernhard Zand | Der Spiegel Good news from the war zone: Syria and Iran -- both countries that have shown little interest so far in relieving tensions in Iraq -- will take part in a conference in Baghdad this weekend in a development that has taken many by surprise. The mood in Washington is astonishingly upbeat after this radical shift in strategy.

Iran tells Hamas' Meshal: Keep 'resisting' Israel

Rosner: More in U.S. have an opinion - they support Israel

Danny Rubinstein: This is the time to free Marwan Barghouti

Jerusalem Post Our World: Israel's man in Mecca By CAROLINE GLICK Rather than reject the Saudi plan Ehud Olmert and Tzipi Livni are embracing it.

Accept the Saudi initiative By GERSHON BASKIN Iran's possible support for the Saudi plan is an incentive to say yes. Now the ball's in Olmert's court.

DEBKAfile Exclusive: Improved Iranian surface missiles for Palestinian Hamas and Jihad Islami bring 250,000 more Israeli civilians within range

BBC First Israeli report on 2006 war Israel's public watchdog reports on the Hezbollah war, but refrains from releasing controversial findings.

Palestine's argument: Mecca and beyond | Khaled Hroub

Daily Star Give Israelis peace, but take from them By Rami G. Khouri

Israeli Poll: Talk with Palestinians Only After Quartet's Conditions Fulfilled

UPI Analysis: Lifting the veil between Israeli Arabs and Jews

IDF raids Fatah offices

Hamas vows full truce if Israel helps end boycott

Palestinians see food shortages The World Food Programme has boosted the number of beneficiaries by 25 percent in an effort to stave off 'food insecurity.'

A review of Target Iran: The Truth About the US Government's Plans for Regime Change and a review of Iraq Confidential: The Untold Story of America's Intelligence Conspiracy by Scott Ritter.

Guardian Sunnis will not be persuaded that Iran is their real enemy Azzam Tamimi: Washington's attempt to pave the way for another invasion by fomenting anti-Shia sectarianism in the Middle East will fail.

Reading from a different scriptSimon Tisdall: Iran appears to be patching things up with Saudi Arabia and the policy may be bearing fruit. But it's a wild departure from the line promoted by the US.

IHT Try talk. You can use the stick later

Daily Star Riyadh-Tehran talks open a door for others to walk through

An Odd Couple The Economist
Iran and Saudi Arabia are Muslim heavyweights, the one a Shia republic and a sworn foe of the United States, the other a staunchly Sunni monarchy and America’s oldest Arab ally. Decades of quiet rivalry between the two, echoing ancient Arab-Persian tensions, have lately intensified over Iraq, Lebanon and Iran’s nuclear ambitions, among other things.

Al hayat A Chance for Iran and the Region Ghassan Charbel - The gravity of the situation has pushed Riyadh to put its weight at the service of active policies to contain and extinguish the fire on the basis of dialogue and the respect for interests, constants and balances that safeguard stability.

Al Awsat Are the Saudis Playing With Fire? : Tariq Alhomayed

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