Friday, October 06, 2006


Ha’aretz What Assad needs to do There is reason for concern that even in a situation of peace with Israel, Syria would not reduce its ties with Iran and Hezbollah, and when push came to shove, would join them in a campaign against Israel, in the hope of realizing its longtime pan-Arab vision.
In Syria, Converting For Sake of Politics Admiration of Hezbollah fosters respect and a small but escalating number of politically sensitive conversions for the Shiite faith.
Lunch in Damascus by Uri Avnery
The Times UN force faces battle to secure peace They are better armed than before but some doubt the ability of Unifil soldiers to contain Hezbollah
Israeli Bomblets Plague Lebanon Officials say it will take more than a year to clear southern Lebanon of unexploded cluster bombs dropped by Israel.
Washington Times Lebanon's combustible mix

International Crisis Group The Arab-Israeli Conflict: To Reach a Lasting Peace Full report
Schiff Lessons of the Palestinian fighting
MIDDLE EAST AND AFRICA: Hamas accused of assassinating Fatah rivals
The Palestinian Authority King Mahmoud
UPI Analysis: Palestinian president's dilemma

RFE/RL Iraq Internally Displaced Flee Sectarian Violence
Washington Post Rice Pushes Iraqis To Defuse Violence Visiting Baghdad, Secretary Cites Urgency Of Improving Security, Reconciling Rivals By Robin Wright
New York Times Senator Says U.S. Should Rethink Iraq Strategy
Christian Science Monitor How Al Qaeda views a long Iraq war A letter found in Iraq shows the group sees the war as a boon for its cause.
Roadside, car bomb attacks in Iraq reach 'all-time high'
Attacks thwart US efforts to stem sectarian violence.

World Powers to Meet On Iran Sanctions Months of intense negotiations about nation's nuclear program have failed, U.S. and European officials say prior to talks on punitive actions
Gulf News The open secret of Rafsanjani's missives By Amir Taheri
PINR "China and Iran Strengthen their Bilateral Relationship" Full text of report
World Powers to Meet On Iran Sanctions Months of intense negotiations about nation's nuclear program have failed, U.S. and European officials say prior to talks on punitive actions

Boston Globe Charting a path in the Mideast (By Samuel Lewis and Edward S. Walker) There are five steps the United States should take that would have a significant, positive impact in the Middle East and on U.S. foreign policy
Arab nations should stop mocking and start helping Rice's efforts have shown up the reluctance of Arab governments to tackle problems on their own doorstep

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