Thursday, October 05, 2006


Washington Institute Lebanon, Before and After the Israel-Hizballah War
Washington Institute Lessons and Implications of the Israel-Hizballah War: A Preliminary Assessment By David Makovsky and Jeffrey White
PINR - "Intelligence Brief: Internal Political Tensions in Post-Conflict Lebanon" Full text of report
Hezbollah: Fact and Fiction by Nir Rosen
Scott Sullivan, Conservative Voice Syria vs. Iran — the Real War. Could it be?
Syria peace a pipedream/ Avital
The Golan in the role of Sharm What is the Syrian president supposed to think when he hears Olmert declare that the Golan "will remain in Israeli hands forever?" Perhaps he will be tempted to follow Sadat's lead and initiate a limited military campaign that will cost us dearly.
Israel does not want peace with Syria By Gideon Levy
Assad: Peace Talks With Israel Would Take 6 Months
Syria has released 3 Kurdish activists from jail.
Jerusalem Post UNIFIL permitted to use force to prevent s. Lebanon clashes
Hezbollah listened in on IDF beepers and cell phones
Internal divisions threaten Lebanon just as much as external attack
After war in Lebanon, Israeli settlements growing again West Bank expansion may complicate US Secretary of State Rice's aim for Israeli-Palestinian talks.
Syria, Iran intelligence services aided Hezbollah during war Ha’aretz - Print Edition
More Israeli Analysts Now Consider Hezbollah 'Weakened,' War 'Successful'
Israel Sets Conditions for Syria Talks
Report: Hezbollah Received Intel From Russian-Syrian Listening Post During War
Concerns Mount over Hezbollah's Rearmament

An Arab-Israeli settlement: a global call to action openDemocracy
Rejected but necessary Moshe Arens on the Israeli National Security Council.
Not an internal Palestinian matter
Yedioth Ahronoth Israel, it's time for an apology
BBC Rice to meet Palestinian leader
Analysis: Bad for PA doesn't mean good for Israel
FT Editorial Not a nice neighbour Russia was one of many countries recently to accuse Israel of disproportionate retaliation for the capture of two of its soldiers but has now wildly over-reacted...
A struggle among losers The strength of the Palestinian groups currently at odds is about equal. The two movements, Fatah and Hamas, with their private militias in the Gaza Strip, are unable to overcome one another. It is clear to almost everyone in the territories that neither side will be able to emerge victorious from this fighting; a deal is necessary.
DEBKAfile Exclusive: Rice’s multiple ME mission: Stopping Iran, Hizballah and Hamas in their tracks and drawing Syria into the moderate Arab camp
Egypt, Jordan Want Hamas Government Toppled - Roee Nahmias (Ynet News)
Palestinian Rivals 'on Brink of Civil War'
Washington Post Rice Cites Concern for Palestinians, But Low Expectations Mark Visit By Robin Wright
Abbas Says Talks With Hamas on Unity Government Falter
Blockade of Gaza could be eased by Rice plans

PostGlobal Given the mess in Iraq, should the U.S. move toward "federalism plus" -- a plan that devolves power into Sunni, Shiite and Kurdish regions? What would be the consequences of such a de-facto partition for the rest of the Middle East?
Daily Star The troubling Green Zones of the US mind By Rami G. Khouri
Washington Post Reach Out To the Red Zone By David Ignatius My worry is that Condoleezza Rice is becoming a traveling version of Baghdad's 'Green Zone,' talking about hopeful strategies that are disconnected from events on the ground.
Editorial How to Lose a War The Bush administration's mismanagement of Iraq has been chronicled in shocking detail.
Asia Times Twenty-one reasons Iraq is not working - Tom Engelhardt
Accelerating the collapse of IraqOnline Journal
Daily Star What's next for the US in Iraq, and in a region with an eye for the weakness of strangers? By Fouad Ajami
Militia 'madness' stirs Iraq Abandoning an earlier policy of disarming all Iraqi groups for the sake of peace and reconciliation, the US is backing new Sunni militias, sparking widespread fears that the move will put more weapons into the hands of insurgents and fragment the population even further by fueling internecine tribal conflicts. - Ali al-Fadhily and Dahr Jamail
NRO RICH LOWRY: It is Don Rumsfeld who is perhaps closest to the Democrats’ preferred Iraq strategy. “Woodward's Real Revelation
Kissinger's 'Salted Peanuts' and the Iraq War by John Prados
Daily Star What's next for the US in Iraq, and in a region with an eye for the weakness of strangers? By Fouad Ajami
Ehsan Ahrari The American Way of Thinking About the Iraq War

Iran, Its Neighbours and the Regional Crises Chatham House
To End Iran Standoff, Plan for War - Michael Rubin, New York Daily News
The Times Chirac must lead resistance to Iran's latest nuclear offer World Briefing by Bronwen MaddoxThe latest Iranian brinkmanship on its nuclear hopes is ingenious. But it should be a non-starter.
Ehsan Ahrari Exploiting the Legendary Arab-Iran Divide
MIDDLE EAST: UK andUS revive threat of sanctions on Iran
Washington Times US wins a united front on Iran
Financial Times Total mistrust set to scupper chance of US and Iran talks The US and Iran appear to be on the brink of missing what analysts see as an historic opportunity to engage in comprehensive, high-level talks because of a complete lack of trust on both sides
Martin Indyk Responding to Iran's Nuclear Ambitions: Next Steps View Full Testimony (PDF—38kb).
Asia Times Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's performance for the past year has disenchanted some Iranians

Foreign Policy The Sons of the Fathers Saudi Arabia isn’t the only Arab country where economic and political success hinges on succession. These Middle Eastern scions have been groomed to continue their family’s rule. But are they as committed to reform as they seem?
If Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah is to stem the Islamist extremism that continues to inspire violence, he must quickly push reforms that will outlast his inevitably short reign
UPI Walker's World: Saudi Arabia and the Sunni-Shiite divide

The Forgotten Christians in the Middle East - Amnon Rubinstein
Financial Times MIDDLE EAST: Baghdad tries to bring security forces into line
Guardian Palaces and prisons Brian Whitaker Rice wants to meet with Middle Eastern moderates - but she's looking in all the wrong places.
UPI Arab Press Roundup: Rice's Middle East tour
Jerusalem Post Rice's swing Is it possible to walk a tightrope between clashing agendas, or are idealistic and practical considerations hopelessly in conflict?
Washington Post Reach Out To the Red Zone By David Ignatius My worry is that Condoleezza Rice is becoming a traveling version of Baghdad's 'Green Zone,' talking about hopeful strategies that are disconnected from events on the ground.
Christian Science Monitor Can Rice rally Middle East against Iran? On a trip this week, the secretary of State seeks a support network of Palestinian, Lebanese, and Iraqi moderates.


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