Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Weekly Standard Hezbollah's New Mission The "resistance" takes aim at the Lebanese government.by David Schenker
Stratfor Syria, Israel: Al Assad Comments On Peace Talks
Al Hayat King Abdullah II of Jordan to Al-Hayat: "Let's leave Iraq to the Iraqis and Lebanon to the Lebanese. I cannot the least claim that the Jordanian-Syrian relationship is perfect. A potential military confrontation with Iran will be catastrophic. Regional parties are fomenting the confessional sedition." (By Ghassan Charbel)
Syria, Iran intelligence services aided Hezbollah during war

Commentary Magazine Israel's New Reality by Hillel Halkin The aftermath of Lebanon presents a need, and an opportunity, to rethink Israel’s situation in the world.
Ha’aretz - Print Edition
BBC Palestinian clashesTension on the streets runs high as Gazans bury their dead
Practical visionRice aims to court moderate Arabs during Middle East trip
Boston Globe Unwritten history (By Rashid Khalidi,
The challenges of writing Palestinian history reflect the larger challenges facing the Palestinians' quest for statehood

Iraqi Leader Unveils New Security Plan Amid Rising Violence
Jack Kelly It's Time to Set a Timetable for Iraq
UPI Outside View: Three myths about Iraq
PINR "Intelligence Brief: Al-Sadr's Rise to the Top" Full text of report

Stratfor Fourth Quarter 2006: Time for Iran's Close-Up - Part 1 - Part 2
Heritage Foundation Time for the Senate to Act on Iran Sanctions by James PhillipsSeptember 29, 2006 The Iran Freedom Support Act would extend the authority to impose sanctions on Iran.
Washington Times If and when Bush 'Iraqs' Iran By Arnaud de Borchgrave
U.S. wins a united front on Iran

Financial Times Rice under pressure to strike Mideast peace deal
Rice on new Mid-East tour The US secretary of state begins a regional tour to try to revive Israeli-Palestinian peace moves.

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