Tuesday, November 22, 2005


The Mehlis Report and Lebanon’s Trouble Next Door
Marlin Dick – Middle East Report
The UN-authorized investigation into the assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafiq al-Hariri, now well into a second phase of heightened brinkmanship between Damascus and Washington…
Assad of Syria: No More Mr. Nice Guy
Michael Young - The New York Times
BEIRUT In a speech last week, President Bashar al-Assad of Syria took his listeners into a time warp. Distilling the chorus of Arab nationalism, he offered circa-1970 Arab militancy to hint at how he might respond to Syria's most significant challenge of today:
UN Chief: Arab Leaders Worried Syria Could Become the Next Iraq
By the Associated Press
UNITED NATIONS - Secretary-General Kofi Annan, who just returned from the Mideast, said Arab leaders are worried that Syria could become the next Iraq. Annan said on Monday that the issue of Syrian cooperation with an investigation into the assassination of former Lebanese prime minister Rafik Hariri came up in every capital he visited.
Air Force Gen.: Some Iraq Deaths Staged
DUBAI, United Arab Emirates -- A top U.S. Air Force general said Sunday that reports of civilian casualties in Iraq as a result of American military action were exaggerated.
Damascus Journal: What if They Open This Hotel and Nobody Comes?
By Michael Slackman
DAMASCUS, Syria - The bravest man in Syria these days may well be a mild-mannered hotel manager named Markus W. Iseli.
Syria Questions Hariri Probe Credibility
United Press International
Syria's UN delegate Faycal Mokdad questioned the credibility of the inquiry into the slaying of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri.
Border Fighting After Mehlis Rejects Syria Offer
The Daily Star
Israeli troops killed at least three Hizbullah gunmen on Monday during clashes near the Lebanese border in which one Israeli was also killed, Israeli and Lebanese security sources said."Three or four" guerrillas died after storming the border village of Ghajar, exchanging fire with the Israeli garrison there, according to Israeli security sources.
Hezbollah, Israeli Forces Clash on Lebanese Border
By Scott Wilson
Washington Post Foreign Service
JERUSALEM, Nov. 21 -- Israeli forces fought with members of the Islamic group Hezbollah for hours Monday along the Israel-Lebanon border, Israeli military officials said, in the most sustained combat on the northern frontier in five months.
The U.N. Report on Lebanon you Probably haven't Heard of
by Patrick Clawson & Robert Rabil
The Daily Star
Lebanon's 62nd Independence Day has taken on a special significance, since it is the first time in over 29 years that the Lebanese are marking the occasion without the presence of Syrian troops. Because Syria's occupation of Lebanon has come to an end, the Lebanese are celebrating their Independence Day this year with a greater sense of freedom and sovereignty.
By Jessy Chahine
After decades of war, South Lebanon is now at peace. Yet, the land containing the hopes and dreams of a new Lebanon has been poisoned by an invisible enemy buried under the earth."Landmines stand-by for a lifetime waiting for their victim," said Jihad Samhat, Quality Assurance Officer at the United Nations Mine Coordination Center (MACC). "They are considered by some as the best soldiers because they never sleep.
Ariel Sharon, as the Centrist
New York Times - Editorial
The prime minister could not lead Israel toward its national goals as long as he embodied the Likud Party.
Campaign Season Begins in Israel (Part I): Ariel Sharon Bolts from Likud
Washington Institute
David Makovsky analyzes the rationale behind the Israeli premier’s party defection, the likely repercussions for Israeli politics, and the implications for U.S. diplomacy.
New Sharon Party 'Aims for Peace'
Israeli PM Ariel Sharon says he is starting a new party in order to lay the foundations for a peace deal.
What Sharon Has Done, Israel’s Political Tsunami
Joel Rosenberg, National Review
The “Bulldozer” Sends Tremors Through Israeli Politics
The Economist
Israel's Middle Way
Christian Science Monitor
Sharon has quit Likud to form a new centrist party ahead of spring elections.
Annan: Early Israeli Vote Could Freeze Peace Process
By Reuters
Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's call for early elections could lead to a temporary standstill in the Middle East peace process, UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan said on Monday.
Ariel Sharon Shatters the Israeli Mould
Ariel Sharon has become a mighty mould-breaker, a champion of settlements who eventually concluded that some were not worth the candle, a Likud stalwart who finally abandoned a party which was cramping his style.
Israel Still Abuses the 'No Partner' Myth
By Ron Pundak One year after the death of Palestinian Authority President Yasser Arafat, the biggest surprise is that nearly no one misses him. When Arafat vanished without collective grief and a transfer of power took place with dignity, it appeared that all his successor, Mahmoud Abbas, had to do was keep his promise: one authority, one law, one gun.
Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood Increases Election Gains Despite Arrests
The Daily Star
The Muslim Brotherhood built up its strength as the largest opposition bloc in parliament in Egyptian elections, winning 13 seats despite a crackdown by the authorities, results showed on Monday. The group has now won 47 seats, showing the weight of political Islam as Egypt's strongest opposition

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