Thursday, April 30, 2009


Foreign Affairs The Ways of Syria Fouad Ajami As Washington considers a rapprochement with Bashar al-Assad’s Syria, Itamar Rabinovich’s commanding new book makes clear that change will not come quickly or easily -- and, if the past is any indication, it may not come at all. Read
Wall Street Journal U.S. Plans New Talks With Syria Obama is dispatching two high-level envoys to Syria for a second round of talks focused on securing the Iraqi border and supporting the Arab-Israeli peace process.
NATO member Turkey and Syria hold first joint military exercise
Turkish-Syrian exercise prompts Israeli review of sophisticated ... DEBKA file
Israeli Defense Minister: Joint Turkish-Syrian Military Exercise "Disturbing" (Ynet News)Turkey, Syria Pursue Defense Industry Cooperation (Zaman-Turkey)
Let Syria be First : Tariq Alhomayed
Assad appoints new Cabinet ministers (UPI) -- Syrian President Bashar Assad replaced several ministers in his Cabinet and created a new ministry in the second major shake-up of his administration.
How To Understand Syria's Assads by Marty Peretz
Jimmy Carter: U.S. and Syria to restore full diplomatic ties soon Carter, Assad to meet in June; Assad: Obama will face Mideast crisis if he does
Assad weighs in on Hezbollah, Hariri (UPI) -- Syrian President Bashar Assad weighed in on Egyptian allegations that Hezbollah was plotting attacks, saying such claims were baseless.
Barak: Israel must reach settlement with Syria Lieberman says ready for Syria talks, but without preconditions or focus on Golan pullout as starting point.
Israel Ready for Peace Talks with Syria Without Preconditions
Assad: No Talks Till Israel Cedes Golan
Israel Confuses Policy on Syria - John Lysons, The Australian
Lieberman Confronts Syria Over the Golan
BY: Vita Bekker The National Avigdor Lieberman, Israel’s new far-right foreign minister, stirred up fresh controversy over the weekend after stating that Syria was not a peace partner and warning the country’s northern neighbour that no talks would be conducted until it backed down from demanding the return of the Golan Heights
'Netanyahu will surprise us all with serious Syria talks' Minister Ben-Eliezer says PM will base plan for peace with Palestinians on two-state solution

Hezbollah, Allies Positioning to Win Election BY: Sam F. Ghattas Associated Press With quiet campaigning and moderate talk, Hezbollah is building its strength for Lebanon's June 7 parliamentary elections - and the militant Shi'ite Muslim group and its allies stand a good chance of winning.
Geopolitical Diary: Suspects' Release and a Syrian Comeback in Lebanon
In clearing its way out of a tribunal over former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik al-Hariri's assassination, Syria has gotten its wish to hold onto influence in Lebanon.
Time Lebanon Frees Hariri Suspects: Is the Cedar Revolution Over?
Generals released in Hariri investigation
(UPI) -- Four Lebanese generals held in connection to the 2005 assassination of former Lebanese premier Rafik Hariri were released from custody Wednesday.
Lebanon Beyond Sectarianism
BY: Chris Phillips The Guardian
The rise of two political blocs in Lebanon suggests a new non-religious electoral system is evolving in the country.
A new order emerges in Lebanon Calls for engagement with Hezbollah in Lebanon are increasing in Washington, Britain is opening dialogue with non-state players and the Syrians are back in the international arena. Steadily, the Middle East leftovers of the George W Bush era are being eroded, and people like Lebanese warlord Walid Jumblatt are preparing for the new alignments.
Acknowledge the Aggrieved Rami G. Khouri , Beirut, Lebanon
Lebanese Parliament Based on Sectarian Split
Israel raps US over Turkey, Lebanon arms deal

Apr 27 IA# 512 - Egypt: The Hizbullah Cell in Egypt – A Joint Conspiracy by Iran, Syria, Qatar, Hizbullah, Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood

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