Monday, June 30, 2008


Washington Post A Surprise From Syria And Israel? By David Ignatius, What's going on between Syria and Israel?
Der Spiegel SYRIA TURNING TOWARD THE WEST? Assad's Risky Nuclear GameSyria and Iran may be better friends than many thought. Reports indicate that the two might have been cooperating on nuclear weapons research. Now, though, Damascus may be rethinking those ties and looking for friends in the West
Al Hayat Syria: Between the Brink of the Abyss and "Constructive" Ambiguity Abdullah Iskandar - While no one will risk offering a decisive interpretation of Syria relinquishing the brink-of-abyss policy, it is still difficult to predict how far the new Syrian approach will go.
CFR's Mohamad Bazzi says everyone gains if Syria returns to the center of the Arab world.
Al Ahram How strong is their alliance? The Syrian and Iranian regimes may have their differences, but their alliance is not going to end anytime soon, Basel Oudat reports from Damascus
French sources: Syria may 'rethink' ties with Iran
“What Syria stands for: The moral argument for US friendship with Syria,” by S. Farah
Al Awsat Syria: Between Tehran and Hezbollah
Watering the roots of peace Petra Marquardt-Bigman: An ambitious water project could help to bring reconciliation between Syria and Israel
IAEA Will Investigate Syrian Nuclear Mysteries By: Richard Weitz World Politics Review A delegation from the International Atomic Energy Agency will visit Syria next week to assess recent American claims that the installation attacked by Israeli warplanes last year was indeed a nuclear reactor in the final stages of construction.
Yedioth Ahronoth 'Proof Syria built reactor' Le Monde reports IAEA has evidence proving Damascus was developing nuclear reactor
German Intelligence: Bombed Syrian Reactor Was for Iranian A-Bomb Development (AFP)
Syria Nuclear Allegations Fuel New Cold War
UN visits Syrian 'nuclear site' UN nuclear watchdog inspectors reportedly examine an alleged nuclear site in Syria which was bombed by Israel last year
Israel makes Syria nuclear claim
Strategic expert says idea was to share plutonium from site bombed by Israel last September
Can Syria avoid sanctions with a U.N. nuclear inspection? An IAEA team visits the site of an alleged nuclear weapons facility bombed by Israel in September.
'Syria planned to supply Iran nuclear fuel' Israel continues to defend its raid on Syrian site as speculations grow over possible attack on Iran
“Language Atlas of Syria” reviewed by Nikaolas van Dam
Israeli and Syrian leaders set for talks Sources say Olmert and Assad could hold face-to-face talks for first time in their countries' history next month
'Israel-Syria direct talks not far away' Olmert tells French paper negotiations could open once precise agenda, issues to discuss decided on
IDF Intelligence: Syria Benefits from Peace Talks with Israel
Sami Moubayed: Syria's Uninspired Youth

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