Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Washington Post Editorial Israel's Syria Card Talks with Damascus about a peace deal are worth trying, but a breakthrough is probably a long way off.
Upbeat in Syria The Economist Syria's president, Bashar al-Assad, is reaping substantial benefits, both economic and political, from the Lebanese political deal agreed in Doha last month, for which he has modestly claimed much of the credit.
Ha’aretz Turkish, Israeli sources: Israel-Syria talks set to resume this week PM: Syria must be faced with a different alternative; Talks to start in Turkey, remain indirect
Israel-Syria talks to resume this week
Olmert's spokesman tells Post: "Moving to direct talks will be a sign of real progress."
'Israel-Syria talks to resume' Jerusalem, Damascus teams may meet as early as next week to resume direct peace talks
“An Israel-Syria deal is strategically vital for both,” by Shlomo Ben-Ami
Asia Times Iran fumes as Syria nods to Arab world Syria's rapprochement with "moderate" Arab states may be the rebirth of Syrian-Arab relations and a stepping stone for dialogue between Damascus and Washington. Considering Syria's indirect talks with Israel, it is also a step away from Tehran, which is not pleased, fearing a break between Syria and Iran on one front, and Syria and Hezbollah on another. - Sami Moubayed
Ha’aretz Turkey: U.S. backs mediation bid for Syrian-Israeli peace Turkish FM 'happy' over what he says is U.S. support for indirect peace talks between Jerusalem, Damascus
Syria Arming Hizbullah Despite Israel Talks
Assad Says Syria May Open Embassy in Lebanon
Justice Dept. Investigating Deportation to Syria
US presence blamed for Iraq woes Syrian Writer Says Peace Talks With Israel Threatened By "Incomplete Solutions"

Daily Star Hearing echoes of the 1970s in LebanonBy Rayyan al-Shawaf
Sarkozy's Shebaa Farms gambit has much to recommend it
Lebanon's Hezbollah Agrees to "Diplomatic" Solution to Shab'a Farms - Al-Arabiya
Iran on the Med? How Iran's influence in parts of Lebanon is growing

McClatchy U.S. seeking 58 bases in Iraq, Shiite lawmakers say The Iraqi government rejected the proposal during talks on a Status of Forces Agreement that would allow the U.S. to stay in Iraq after its U.N. mandate expires at the end of the year. Another U.S. demand the Iraqis say was rejected would let the U.S. decide when a hostile act had been committed against Iraq. Lawmakers said they feared it would trap them in a war between Iran and the U.S
Christian Science Monitor Talks to keep U.S. troops in Iraq provoke ire Proposal to extend America's military role years into the future meets lawmaker resistance, from Washington to Baghdad
Iran and Iraq agree defence pact
Iran and Iraq agreed to boost defence cooperation during a visit of Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to Tehran, Iran’s official IRNA news agency said, giving few details on the content of the agreement

New York Times Editorial Threatening Iran Saber-rattling at Iran is not a strategy and an attack on it by either the United States or Israel would be disastrous
Cannot Be Ruled from Iran Dar Al-Hayat
Asia Times Iran shadow over US-Iraq security pact Ideally, the United States wants a long-term security agreement with Iraq that would allow US soldiers to remain indefinitely in the country and without restrictions. The Baghdad government's reluctance to sign onto such an accord reflects opposition at home as well as in Iran. But Tehran is prepared to deal, provided it gets a slice of the Iraqi security pie. - Kaveh L Afrasiabi
Pentagon blocked Cheney's attack on Iran United States Vice President Dick Cheney's plan in August 2007 to launch airstrikes against the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps was blocked by the Pentagon over concerns about Iran's retaliation capabilities. But Cheney's close alliance with Centcom chief General David Petraeus gives him the option of ignoring his opponents in Washington during the final months of the George W Bush administration. - Gareth Porter
Mother Jones The Cocktail Napkin Plan for Regime Change in Iran by Dave Wagner and Laura Rozen


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