Friday, November 30, 2007


Syriana By: Michael Young The Wall Street Journal (subscription required) Foreign capitals are increasingly engaging Syrian President Bashar Assad, whether on Lebanon's future or on regional peace talks, as Syria's inclusion in yesterday's Annapolis conference shows. If this engagement is done clumsily -- as it has been so far -- we will soon be reading the Cedar Revolution's obituary
Jerusalem Post Analysis: How important is it for Syria to be at Annapolis? By SHLOMO BROMAt first, it seemed that the United States was not really interested in Syrian participation.
CEPS Bringing Syria into the Middle East peace process
'Launch Israel-Syria talks'
The Price America Will Pay for Condi's Syrian Photo-Op - Bret Stephens
Boston Globe Editorial A separate peace with Syria
Jerusalem Post Analysis: Does Syria want peace? By ELY KARMON Syria, not Iran, has provided the most important support for Hizbullah's terrorism.

FT Lebanon fails to resolve presidential deadlock Lebanon’s divided politicians have agreed to delay presidential elections beyond a midnight deadline, amid fears that the crisis could overshadow the Annapolis peace conference.
Hezbollah's latest recruitment drive Lebanon deadlock draws thousands to the militant group.
Syria's role at US talks may help Lebanon Syria's controversial presence at Tuesday's Middle East peace talks in Annapolis may boost stability in Lebanon, which is deadlocked over electing a new president
CFR Bazzi: Lebanon’s Presidential Politics—No Violence, More Haggling
UPI Analysis: Lebanon's un-independence By CLAUDE SALHANI The deadline set by the Lebanese Constitution for the country's Parliament to elect a new president expired at midnight Friday. No consensus was reached and the departing president, Emile Lahoud, handed the task of insuring Lebanon's security to the army. He called it a "temporary measure." But in Lebanon, temporary measures have a bad habit of being more than temporary.
Score This Round for March 14 By: Michael Young The Daily StarLebanon is looking into the abyss; it is in the throes of a political crisis that everyone has announced might bring on catastrophe. March 14 is on its final feet, wracked by division. If you think all this is true then here's a less apocalyptic account of what has just happened on the presidency.
WINEP Lebanon's Presidential Crisis
Lebanese rivals turn to army chief Politicians from the ruling anti-Syrian March 14 bloc reverse their position on General Suleiman, army chief, making him the frontrunner for Lebanon’s vacant presidency
Lebanon Enters a New Crisis
As term of current president nears end, factions seem unlikely to reach consensus on replacement
Lebanon president deadline looms Lebanon's political crisis looks set to deepen unless MPs can reach a last-minute deal on a new president.
Cobban Saudi-Syrian deal gives Lebanon a President?
Lebanon Fails to Elect New President Capital Peaceful As Army Deploys
Lebanese President calls out army and quits Emile Lahoud has charged the army with maintaining security in the country after Parliament failed to elect his successor
Lebanese army handed power Country plunged into uncertainty as former president Emile Lahoud declares state of emergency
BBC Lebanon faces power vacuum Lebanon is in limbo as the president leaves office and rival factions argue over who now takes control.
State of emergency declared in Lebanon Country braced for violence as pro-Syrian president declares a state of emergency and hands power to the army.
Lebanon in crisis as Lahoud leaves army in charge
Robert Fisk: Darkness falls on the Middle East
Beirut voices Views on the difficulty of selecting a new Lebanese president Political crisis deepens in Lebanon
President leaves office without successor


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