Friday, November 16, 2007


Mystery still surrounds Israel’s Syria attack For more than two months, Bush has bitten his lip when asked about a September 6 Israeli strike on a mysterious Syrian site, angering some Republican supporters
In Annapolis, Damascus Is More Important Than RamallahYossi Alpher
OSC: Russia Seeks Political, Economic Dividends from Syria Ties
Russia to Israel: Syria will take part in regional meet Russia says Syria wants 'greater flexibility' from Israel; Moscow seeks to host post-Annapolis conference
Exclusive: US, Israel refuse to talk to UN about Syria strike
The Economist Iraq and Syria The plight of the refugees Syria is finding it hard to cope with the flood of refugees from Iraq
US, Israel refuse UN Syria probe
Turkey - Syria Trade to Reach $5 Billion in 5 Years, Insha’allah: Hamshou Hit

Who's listening? Lebanese campaigners seek an end to the political impasse Oh, That Hezbollah File What was Nada Nadim Prouty looking for on an FBI computer?
Bonnie Goldstein
Best city in the Middle East?
Faisal al Yafai: Holidays are increasingly turning into guilt trips. So you had better tell everyone how much you love Beirut. Or else

Palestinian Security Paradox
By David Ignatius, Palestinians can't meet their security obligations if the U.S. and Israel won't help them
Minister: PA must accept Israel as a Jewish state
Editorial: For equality's sake, Arabs should be 'Israelized'
Seth Anziska: Is the two-state solution still a viable option?
Amira Hass: For some Gazans, Hamas is now object of hatred
Hamas Cracks Down on Fatah in Gaza By: Rushdi abu Alouf and Ken Ellingwood Los Angeles TimesFatah leaders said a wave of arrests in Gaza targeted activists, including ranking party figures who had organized the rally marking the third anniversary of Yasser Arafat's death. The gathering erupted in gunfire, leaving seven people dead and dozens injured.

Washington Post Iraqis Wasting An Opportunity, U.S. Officers Say With Attacks Ebbing, Government Is Urged to Reach Out to Opponents
The Islamist tide in Iraq Have Iraq's Sunnis turned decisively away from Islamism? Will the Shiites follow the same path in time
McClatchy Embattled Baghdad shows signs of hope Taking advantage of a dramatic drop in car bombings and sectarian murders, Baghdad residents are once again venturing out to local markets and restaurants after dark in many parts of the city. They're celebrating weddings and birthdays in public places and eating grilled carp on the Tigris River late into the night.

Benn Get used to the Iranian bomb Instead of whining, it is better for you to talk to us about security arrangements in the era of Iranian nuclear power, say the Americans.


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