Thursday, September 07, 2006


Ephraim Kam The Ayatollah, Hizbollah, and Hassan Nasrallah
Israel Will Ease Grip on Lebanon Israel said it would end its blockade of Lebanon after being assured that international forces would stop arms from being smuggled to Hezbollah.
COMMENT: Fear and the two faces of France on Lebanon Attacks on the French and US contingents in Beirut in 1982 left a vivid mark on French decision-makers, writes Dominique Moïsi of France’s Institute for International Relations.
Schiff Top officers warned PM: War expansion a mistake Two General Staff officers opposed decision to expand ground offensive in Lebanon shortly before cease-fire.
Peres: Moscow asked Syria to explain why Hezbollah had Russian missiles
IDF already implementing some lessons of Lebanon war
Yedioth Ahronoth How to manage a crisis/ Leshem
Scheuer: Why Al-Qaeda Won the Lebanon War
Israeli-US Strategy: Lebanon and Iran Alarab online
Benn Itamar and the centrifuges in Natanz Since the end of the war in Lebanon, regional diplomacy has been conducted along two unrelated tracks. One is focused on stopping Iran's nuke program,the other on renewing Israeli-Arab talks.
Support for Hezbollah in Egypt Threatens Mubarak's Stability
Geopolitical Diary: Syria's Golan Gambit
Intelligence on Syria? No thanks
Syria Comment
Robert Kaplan - Why He is Wrong about Syria
Kanaan Speaks from the Grave? & Syria in Iraq
Syria Says "Yes" to 1701. Why?

New York Times Shiites Push Laws to Define How to Divide Iraqi Regions
CSIS Measuring Stability and Security in Iraq: The August 2006 Quarterly Report: Progress but Far from the Facts the Nation Needs and Deserves - Anthony H. Cordesman
IHT Get out of Iraq. Now DANIEL KURTZER American forces should be withdrawn from Iraq as soon as possible, even unilaterally if a regional accord proves to be impossible to attain
Stratfor Iraq: Tehran's Shiite Autonomy Solution

Christian Science Monitor Why Iran sees no rush for a nuclear deal Iran is emboldened by oil prices, its foes' involvement in other conflicts, and belief in its nuclear rights
Shlomo Ben-Ami The basis for Iran's belligerence

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