Friday, July 18, 2008


Al Awsat The Disengagement of Syria and Iran : Huda al Husseini
Triumph and tragedy in the Middle East Jonathan Steele: There was mourning in Israel and Lebanon today but most pundits see the exchange of prisoners and bodies as a victory for Hizbullah
Daily Star Hizbullah will keep on winning until Israel plays by a new set of rules
Can Resolution 1701 last much longer? By Michael Young
Prisoners’ Homecoming a Triumph for Hezbollah In a large celebration of the release of five prisoners from Israel, Hezbollah sought to rally Lebanon behind its yellow flag.
ANALYSIS / It took 2 years, but Nasrallah kept promise to free Kuntar
Nasrallah 'most admired' Arab leader 99% of Lebanese Shi'ites: Israel is weaker than it looks, only matter of time before it's defeated
Yedioth Ahronoth The war is now over/ Ben Reuven Despite Hizbullah’s ‘victory celebrations,’ it too paid a heavy price for war
Letter to Lebanese people
Newsweek What Israeli Prisoner Swap Could Mean for Hamas
Hezbollah celebrates prisoner swap, while Israel mourns
Israeli critics question lopsided prisoner swap...
WINEP Hizballah's Military Wing Under Pressure Despite Political Gains
Israel concerned by U.S. plans to meet with Iranian envoy Jerusalem source: Demand to end uranium enrichment as precondition to talks should stand
Here are the results of that war In two and a half years of Olmert's government, Israel has failed in four different campaigns

New York Times News Analysis: Policy Shift Seen in U.S. Decision on Iran Talks
A test of US flexibility toward Iran Laura Rozen: The Bush administration's decision to negotiate with Iran is a symbolic gesture but not necessarily a shift in US policy
Washington Post Iran and U.S. Signaling Chance of Deal
Guardian Talks are back on
Editorial: America's decision to send a senior official to meet with Iran marks a major, and long overdue, policy change,
US hints at Iranian diplomatic thaw Foreign minister Mottaki welcomes Washington's 'positive' stance prior to Geneva talks
Keep watch on the hawks Abbas Edalat: US policy on Iran seems to be softening, but the world must stay vigilant to avert the threat of war
The American dream invades Iran Masoud Golsorkhi: The US is popular with the Iranian people, and creating diplomatic ties will destabilise the regime more than any military attack
Taming the hawk Simon Tisdall: Washington's decision to talk to Iran is a significant shift in US foreign policy
Financial Times A gesture that Iran should not spurn The package of international economic support, security guarantees and help with its civilian nuclear programme now on offer is one that Tehran should embrace
The Times Bush U-turn opens way to talks with Iran
A senior American diplomat will meet Iran's nuclear negotiator this weekend, to the dismay of Washington's hardliners


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