Thursday, April 19, 2007


Renewed Negotiations with Syria: Currently Not in Israel's InterestGiora Eiland
Jerusalem Post Syria: Accept Arab initiative or we'll resort to violence Syrian information minister warns Israel that if peace negotiations fail, Golan Heights will return to Syrian hands by "way of resistance."
"Syria, the United States, and the War on Terror in the Middle East"Open Democracy
SYRIA: Liberalisation looks to domestic private sector
MEMRI Apr 13 IA# 343 - The Political Economy of Syria Under Bashar Al-Assad
SyriaComment “Why Don’t Arab Dictators Declare Themselves Kings?” by Ehsani
“Hizballah and Syria: Outgrowing the Proxy Relationship,” by Emile El-Hokayem
Yedioth Syria warns Israel over Golan Syrian information minister says Damascus wants peaceful solution to disputed territory but will resort to violence if Israel rejects Arab League proposal; 'any nation living under occupation has the right to resist,' he says
A Twin Iranian-Syrian Escalation Hassan Haydar - Both Iran and Syria have come to realize that their wager on 'reaping the fruits' of the US predicament in Iraq was premature and unjustified. Both countries have also come to realize that the diplomatic visits to Damascus have not succeeded in easing neither in form, nor in content, the intensity of the international demands on Syria.
MEMRI Apr 13 IA# 343 - The Political Economy of Syria Under Bashar Al-Assad
Syrian Kurdish Writers Declare Solidarity with Barzani
Russia warns Israel to be wary of conflict with Syria
Israel-Syria peace could be achieve in 35 minutes, says Bill Clinton

Asia Times Hezbollah's big challenge In Iraq, the US pits its Shi'ite collaborators against "other" Shi'ites and assorted Sunnis. In Lebanon, the US places its Sunni clients in opposition to Shi'ites, with help from jihadis linked to al-Qaeda. Hezbollah's challenge is to prevent this from developing into a regional Sunni-Shi'ite war. - Pepe Escobar
Al Hayat Ayoon Wa Azan (To Avoid Connivance Between France And The US Against Them) Jihad el-Khazen - President Assad believes that Iran can play a positive role in Lebanon, as a solution in Lebanon is not feasible without the participation of Hezbollah, in a reference to the joint Saudi-Iranian mediation in Lebanon.
DEBKAfile Exclusive: Tehran arms Lebanese Hizballah militia with air defense missile wing as part of war build-up
Christian Science Monitor
Hariri trial a bellwether of Mideast clout The fight over the tribunal for the killers of the former Lebanese prime minister is pitting Western powers against Syria and its allies.
Israel lauds UN plan to probe Lebanon NSC votes to send team to investigate reports of weapons smuggling from Syria.
Welch insists Syrians or Iranians arming Hizbullah
Aluf Benn: Olmert had two failures during the Lebanon War
UN bid to break Lebanon deadlock The UN steps up efforts to break a deadlock over a tribunal for the suspected killers of the ex-Lebanese PM.
Hizbullah says UN role could create 'chaotic Lebanon'
PM mulling Arab League talks on Saudi peace plan Senior officials: Gov't support for talks growing, 'initial contacts' made on follow-up to Riyadh summit
How committed is the United States to defending Israel?
Jordan's king invites Israeli, Palestinian, U.S. activists to talks Knesset Speaker among those invited; U.S.: Israel, PA could begin talks on final status issues by summer
Have We Become Afraid of Peace? By: David Kimche The Jerusalem Post The too clever by half Olmert knows that he could easily have circumvented Resolution 194. He could have said that we, too, believe there has to be an agreed solution to the refugee problem, and on that presumption we are willing to enter into negotiations on the basis of the Arab peace initiative.
EU official: 'New momentum' in Middle East peace process PR head Ferrero-Waldner notes progress marked by Saudi plan, PA unity gov't and promise of renewed regular Abbas and Olmert meetings.
Go Behind the Facade of Peace By: Uri Dromi The Miami HeraldGo one step behind the facade of peace, and there lies the catch: The original Beirut Declaration rejects ''any proposals aimed at settling the refugees anywhere else than in their original homes.'' In other words, with the millions of Palestinian refugees flooding Israel, that would be the end of the Jewish state.
Legitimizing terror/ Moshe Elad
Canadian publishes Mossad memoirJewish Telegraphic Agency A Canadian gentile who married an Israeli woman and who claims to have been a Mossad agent has written a book about his experiences.
Son of the spy Jerusalem Post

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