Thursday, January 18, 2007


Ha’aretz Secret understandings reached between representatives from Israel and Syria Draft includes Israeli withdrawal to 1967 line; Syria would end support for Hamas, Hezbollah, distance itself from Iran. By Akiva Eldar From Turkey, via Europe, to Syria The full text of the document Timeline of talks
Yedioth Ahronoth Understandings reached' Document of understandings for peace deal formulated in series of unofficial meetings between representatives from Israel, Syria and Europe, Haaretz reports. According to document, Israel will withdraw to lines of June 4, 1967
Jerusalem Post 'There was no breakthrough with Syria'PMO, Steinitz, Shalom deny report of agreements in talks between 2004-06
Christian Science Monitor Syria-Israel backdoor talks emerge Hizbullah's growing threat may drive Israel to fashion a peace deal with Syria.
Boston Globe Editorial A vision of Syrian-Israeli peace
Independent Leading article: Israel and Syria: a deal that will have to be done
Editorial Syria now Olmert's response to publication of the document that was agreed on in the secret talks creates the impression that Israel is frightened by the peace signals coming from Damascus and prefers to frighten the public with Syrian threats of war.
Reactions to Revelations of Israeli-Syrian Unofficial Peace Negotiations
Daniel Levy on "Draft Israeli-Syrian Peace Deal Revelation"
Tentative deal would have returned Golan Heights to Syria
Christian Science Monitor Peace framework for Israel, Syria?
Both nations deny Haaretz report that two years of secret discussions led to an 'understanding.
'Syria peace unrealistic'
Hizbullah leader Nasrallah estimates there's not much chance for peace between Israel, Syria
Jerusalem Post Skip the astrology, probe Syrian seriousness
Wall Street Journal Bush Has Managed to Divide & Conquer Mideast - Edward Luttwak The Sunni-U.S. alignment in Lebanon, which interestingly coexists with the U.S.-Shiite alliance in Iraq, may yet achieve results of strategic importance if Syria is successfully detached from its alliance with Iran.
What Iran and Syria want
Syria diplomat: No preconditions to negotiations with Israel
Debka Syrian Armed Forces Revamped
Nasrallah: Israeli-Syrian Pact Unrealistic
Good soldier of Syria
Nasrallah will topple Lebanon's government just to prevent a probe into the Hariri murder.
FT Talabani seeks better ties in Syria visit
Talabani Meets With Assad in Landmark Visit to Syria

US, Saudi Arabia back Moussa's Lebanon plan

Washington Post A New Chance for Peace? By Jimmy Carter, Israel will never find peace until it is willing to permit the Palestinians to exercise their basic human and political rights.
Daily TelegraphDan Halutz - fall guy for Olmert's failure
It would be good to see an experienced soldier-politician, such as Ehud Barak, take over the Israeli defence ministry, and let us hope that he is the right man for the job as Lt Gen Halutz's successor.
Olmert, Peretz said likely to clash over Halutz heir
Schiff The next IDF chief / Mission: Iran
Jerusalem Post Analysis: Why Halutz had to go By MAJ.-GEN. (RES.) GIORA ROMHalutz did not fully comprehend the cultural differences between the air force and the ground forces.

The Times Give us guns – and troops can go, says Iraqi leader
The New Bush Strategy in Iraq: Is Victory Still Possible? Source: Center for Strategic & International Studies
Washington Times The Bosnia model By Michael Djordjevich Will it work in Iraq?
Text of Bipartisan Resolution Opposing Iraq War Escalation (pdf)
Senate FRC Securing America’s Interests in Iraq:The Remaining Options.Regional Diplomatic Strategy
IHT A bad plan for the Middle East JAMES DOBBINS
In refusing to combine coercion with communication in its dealings with Iraq's neighbors, the Bush administration is making peace in Iraq less likely, and increasing the chances for war throughout the region.

America, Supplicant to Iran? By: Hossein Askari National InterestSecretary Rice’s stated reason for declining a dialogue with Iran was the fear that the United States might appear to assume “the role of supplicant.” I think Secretary Rice has missed the point: the United States has more problems than appearing to be a supplicant.

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