Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Bar’el The problem is Putin, not the missiles Israel and Syria are now at the center of the great strategic game between Russia and the United States
Asia Times Syria reaps a Russian reward After the Russian tanks rolled into Georgia, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad was the first world leader to visit the Kremlin. Moscow sees a good ally in Assad, a man who realizes that the Russians are back and intends to use this to advance Syria's interests. Foremost is the peace process with Israel, which, given the events in the Caucasus, the United States might now feel compelled to support. - Sami Moubayed
Al Awsat The Latest Syrian MiscalculationRussian embrace of Syria tightens, but for what purpose?
Assad: Next Round of Syria-Israel Talks Will Be 'Decisive'
Dangerous talks with Syria
A cynical PM has turned Israel's vital interests into playthings
SyriaComment Lebanese Sovereignty: Where Does Syria Stand?
Syria Shift on Lebanon Suggests Hard-Liner Softens
Daily Star The danger of viewing Syria through the prism of Lebanon
UN: Lebanon-Syria border still wide open to smugglers Hezbollah believed to have significantly upgraded its arsenal with arms from Iran transferred via Syria
Israel follows French FM's Syria trip
Syrian FM says Israel talks haven't progressed enough for parties to hold direct negotiations.
Syria-Israel Talks Focused on Border
Forward All of Lebanon Is Not Hezbollah Firas Maksad
In a very significant and potentially dangerous move, Israel’s security Cabinet recently decided to reverse its long-standing policy of distinguishing between Hezbollah and the democratically elected Lebanese government
U.N. troops offer lessons in peace in Lebanon Yoga, French poetry, pizza making -- the international forces stationed there give war-weary residents a respite from their cares