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Guardian Hamas will make a deal Azzam Tamimi: If Israel withdraws from the territories it occupied in 1967, the movement will end armed resistance.
Analysis: Wave of democracy pits Israel against 'Arab street'
The Daily Star Hamas' triumph is a real opportunity By Rami G. Khouri, It has been particularly fascinating for me to be in the United States this week to watch the reactions to the dramatic victory by the Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas in Wednesday's parliamentary elections. Media and official comments both indicate that the historic nature of what has just happened in Palestine is unlikely to be grasped in the U.S.
The Daily StarA predictable victory in a failed Palestinian state By Shlomo Avineri, The victory of the fundamentalist Hamas in the Palestinian elections will have far-reaching consequences for the region, some totally unexpected. Two aspects, however, are already visible. The Hamas victory is, first and foremost, an indication of the total failure of the traditional Palestinian leadership to create a body politic.
Hamas faces European aid threat The EU will not fund the Palestinian Authority under Hamas if it does not recognise Israel, Germany's leader says.
BBC Gun-to-ballot Hamas's electoral success sparks soul-searching
Israelis Seek to Isolate Palestinian Authority Officials Urge Aid Boycott if Hamas Takes Role
Rice Rules Out Aiding Hamas-Led Government By Kevin Sullivan, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said Sunday the United States would not provide financial assistance to a Palestinian government run by Hamas
Al-Ahram Hamas victory redraws political map of Middle East Hamas swept to victory over the long-dominant Fatah party on Thursday in Palestinian parliamentary polls, and Israel immediately ruled out talks with any government involving the Islamic militant group
Al-Ahram A vote for change Palestinians go to the polls in the hope that their lives will change for the better, writes Graham Usher in Gaza City
Dar Al-Hayat "Hamas" and the Burden of Victory Ghassan Charbel - The whole world woke up yesterday to a huge, rocking blast, rather an earthquake - a depiction not the least overstated! Indeed, the near and remote capitals have received this news with a mix of shock and confusion.
Dar Al-Hayat Palestine: A Democratic Achievement…What Next? Maher Othman - The international and local observers attested to the integrity of the Palestinian legislative elections, which took place in a peaceful and organized atmosphere. Yesterday, "Hamas" partisans made a mistake by raising the flag of their movement at the Palestinian legislative council in Ramallah instead of the Palestinian flag. It was not a good start.
Gulf News Embark on policy of pragmatism
Hamas and the world community cannot ignore each other
Gulf News Test for Islamic parties
The Palestinian elections have emerged as an unprecedented experiment in modern Arab politics.
Al-Ahram The roots of Sharon's legacy Israel's policy towards the Palestinians was not only forged out of the experiences of European Jews at the hands of Nazi Germany, but it also replicates the brutality, writes Salman Abu Sitta
Hamas: The hardliners appear ready to share power, but will their rivals believe it?
Israeli ex-spy chief: Kill Hamas leaders
Jerusalem Post Hamas spells trouble for Egypt, Jordan By ORLY HALPERN These friends of the US (and Israel) are under the most pressure to follow US democratization plans.
Saudi Arabia promises PA $100mExclusive: Could compensate for money held back by Israel, EU after Hamas win
Israeli right may make gains
Hamas's victory is likely to influence parliamentary elections slated for March.
Despite Victory by Hamas, Control of Palestinian Security Forces Remains Uncertain
DAVID BROOKS The Long Transition Palestine is entering the most traumatic phase in its democratic transition, when a revolutionary people is compelled to transform itself into an ordinary polity.
Now the real test for HamasPalestine's majority party must swap terrorism for political strategies. Then perhaps real progress can be made towards peace.
KR Hamas' conservative brand of Islam stirs worry among Palestinians
Can Hamas Be Tamed? - Michael Herzog, Foreign Affairs
The World: How Hamas Rose From Wild Card to Power
Newsweek What Hamas Won: A Mess It Can’t Fix?
The Hamas revolution Peter Beaumont
Leader Victory for Hamas is a protest, not a call to armsFew states in the Middle East can boast elections peacefully conducted, with a high turnout and international recognition for fairness.
Fatah Protesters Demand Resignation of Faction Leaders By GREG MYRE, Gunmen and police officers affiliated with the defeated Fatah movement staged angry protests on Saturday, firing rifles into the air outside the Palestinian presidential compound in Ramallah and marching on the parliament buildings in Gaza and the West Bank.
In Hamas' s Overt Hatred, Many Israelis See Hope By IAN FISHER, Arie Schmidt stopped on Saturday to place a pebble on the memorial to the 21 dead at the Dolphinarium disco, killed in a suicide bombing by Hamas in 2001. The dead were mostly teenagers.
Hamas Leader Sees No Change Toward Israelis By STEVEN ERLANGER, The exiled political head of Hamas said that the radical Islamic group would not " submit to pressure to recognize Israel."
FT Olmert sees support for boycott of Hamas
Ehud Olmert, acting Israeli prime minister, said he had received wide international support for his decision to boycott the Palestinians if the new government formed included the victorious Hamas movement
Israel Rules Out Contact With Hamas By JOSEF FEDERMAN, Israel's acting prime minister on Sunday ruled out contacts with a Palestinian government led by Hamas unless the Islamic group......
Israel, Germany Agree on Hamas Refusal By ARON HELLER, Israel and Germany agreed Sunday that there should be no contacts with a Palestinian government headed by Hamas, the leaders of the......
Syria to Grant 300,000 Kurds Citizenship
The Dialogue in Lebanon
Abdullah Iskandar - Dialogue between the Lebanese sides remains the internal safety valve, regardless of its mechanisms and level, and the goals each side seeks.
Al-Ahram Ahmadinejad meets Al-Assad Syrians welcome the Iranian president to Damascus, taking heart from his show of solidarity and offering reciprocal support, writes Sami Moubayed
Al-Ahram Three become one The tripartite alliance of Syria, Hizbullah and Tehran will only get stronger in the absence of the broader Arab nation, writes Mustafa El-Labbad
Bush's Choice on Iran By Jackson Diehl, Would the Bush administration rather live with the consequences of a nuclear-armed Iran or an American strike against Iranian nuclear facilities?
BBC EU hosts last-ditch talks on Iran
The EU is set to hold urgent talks with Iran to try to resolve a stand-off over its nuclear programme.
The long road to Iran sanctions
Q&A: Iran's nuclear stand-off
Views in the streets of Tehran

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Hamas Considers Using Militants in Army By SARAH EL DEEB and RAVI NESSMAN The leader of Hamas suggested Saturday that the Islamic group could create a Palestinian army that would include its
Three Major Views on Hamas Win Lots of interesting viewpoints out there on the Hamas win, but most still seem to break down into one of three categories: 1. Hamas is a terrorist
It's the Regime, Stupid By Robert Kagan, If Iran's possession of a nuclear weapon is truly intolerable, then the only answer is a military invasion. If that sounds unappealing, we should
Hamas Is Resolute On Fighting Israel By Rhonda Roumani and Scott Wilson, Days after Hamas's victory in Palestinian parliamentary elections, the group's exiled political leader vowed Saturday to continue its
Some Palestinians See End of Secular Dream By Scott Wilson, The worshipers overflowed the mosque on Manger Square, covering the rain-slick stones with rows of prayer rugs and parked
Syria Comment Why Lebanon Should Repair Relations with Syria

Saturday, January 28, 2006


Israel After Sharon . . . And Palestine after Fatah. by Peter Berkowitz
Hamas Leader Reaffirms Stance on Israel
US threat to Hamas over $400 aidWashington tells Islamist group they must renounce terror. Israeli politicians condemn winComment: Gerald Kaufman
Jerusalem Post Column One: The anatomy of Hamas's victoryBy CAROLINE GLICKThe failure of Israel's leadership is a significant cause of Hamas's election victory.
The Tyranny Of Israel Over AmericaPalestine Chronicle
WSJ Hamas Has Won. What's Next? To ensure its vital interests, Israel will have to act unilaterally. By MICHAEL B. OREN
Half of Israelis say 'talk to Hamas'
Daily Telegraph Abbas should go Mahmoud Abbas has failed in his primary objective of reopening peace talks with Israel and has presided over the implosion of his own party, Fatah.
U.S. Policy Seen as Big Loser in Palestinian Vote Hamas victory suggests a failure of the Bush administration's strategy in the region
New York Times In One Village, Anger and a Hunger for Change Many Palestinian voters said they turned to Hamas out of exhaustion with Fatah's perceived corruption and incompetence.
Hamas Inherits Deficits, Threats and Anger
Hamas Is Facing a Money Crisis; Aid May Be Cut Hamas leaders face an array of threats: a huge government deficit, a likely cutoff of most aid, and international ostracism.
Abbas Entreats HamasFatah Youth Demand Leader's Resignation
Guardian A triumph for SharonGerald Kaufman: Hamas's victory is the inevitable result of the failure to do anything about the oppression which Palestinians suffer.
Washington Realist Hamas aftereffects, US/India and Iran
Washington Times Muslim states wary of Hamas' successYoung Palestinians ponder future under Hamas (Joshua Mitnick)
Hamas sets world a conundrum Challenges ahead Difficult balancing act awaits a victorious Hamas in office Young pretender A profile of Ismail Haniya, a leading Hamas 'moderate'
Hamas, the Mussolini Test and Iran - Richard Baehr, The American Thinker
Jerusalem Post Column One: The anatomy of Hamas's victoryBy CAROLINE GLICKThe failure of Israel's leadership is a significant cause of Hamas's election victory.
Diplomacy: Who's advising the acting PM? By HERB KEINONOne of Olmert's strengths is that he knows the Big World - and he knows it well.Slate
Fatah No Más, Hola Hamas: The international press analyzes the Palestinian elections.
How To Civilize Hamas: Will Wednesday's winners be too busy fixing potholes to wage jihad? Scott MacMillan
No Loss For Peace - John Podhoretz, New York Post Heritage Foundation
Hamas’s Victory: The United States Should Not Recognize or Aid a Terrorist Regime by James PhillipsWashington Institute
Surprise for Hamas, Anger within Fatah, and a Crisis for the Palestinian AuthorityNew Republic The rise of Hamas and the fall of Palestine by Yossi Klein Halevi
Jews For Jazeera: Is Al Jazeera a Mossad Front? Conspiracy PlanetH10 Weekly Standard I
ran or Bust The defining test of Bush's war presidency. by Jeffrey
The Times Hamas stands its ground as West demands change Mahmoud al-Zahar is widely regarded as the Hamas leader in Gaza, here he explains to The Times the Hamas worldview
Islam's Political Influence Gains MomentumHamas's election victory is resonating through the Arab world, offering evidence of the mounting political influence of Islam. The U.S. said it will review its aid program.
Hamas in charge By Beshara Doumani It gave the Palestinians God and hope. They gave it power.
U.S. Learns Elections Can Be Two-Edged Sword
Three Major Views on Hamas Win Lots of interesting viewpoints out there on the Hamas win, but most still seem to break down into one of three categories: 1. Hamas is a terrorist
What a Hamas Victory Offers The rush to breast-beating about the Hamas victory in Wednesday's Palestinian elections may be premature and unhelpful ["Hamas Sweeps Palestinian
U.S. Policy Seen as Big Loser in Palestinian Vote By Glenn Kessler, Standing in a sunny Rose Garden on June 24, 2002, surrounded by his top foreign policy advisers, President Bush issued a clarion call for
Abbas Calls for Hamas Cabinet By Scott Wilson, Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas said Friday that he would invite the radical Islamic group Hamas, designated as a terrorist
Israel Regrouping After Surprise Hamas Win By KARIN LAUB, Israel's government hunkered down Friday, caught off guard by the Hamas landslide after its vaunted intelligence services
BBC US wants end to Syrian 'bullying' The US tells the son of slain Lebanese ex-leader Rafik Hariri it wants an end to Syrian "intimidation" in Lebanon.

Friday, January 27, 2006


BBC Israel rules out talks with Hamas Israel says it will not deal with a Palestinian power including Hamas, following the Islamic militants' election triumph.
Driving Hamas to a dramatic win
Hamas win heralds new reality
A heavy burden on Israel It would be a grave mistake if it is decided in Israel or the West to punish the Palestinian people for electing Hamas - let the Palestinians decide for themselves in the nature of democracy what is good and what is bad for them.
Olmert: Israel, world will ignore Hamas-led gov't
Abbas suggests future talks with Israel would be held via PLO
Hamas: We won't relinquish Jerusalem, right of return
Radical Islam - with sovereignty
Jerusalem Post Analysis: Will Hamas turn moderate? By ORLY HALPERN Though democratic, the elections were the first in the Arab world to vote in an Islamist government.
MEMRI Jan 27 SD# 1079 - Hamas in Run-up to Elections: Relatively Pragmatic Statements Alongside Extremist Statements
Yedioth Ahronoth Arab revolution?
Living next door to Hamas/ Lappin
Der Spiegel The Fear of Hamastan
Leader - The West and Hamas must talk to each other A radical group dedicated to the destruction of Israel now has the responsibilty of political power. For there to be any chance of peace, Hamas and the new Israeli Prime Minister must be prepared to negotiate.
The rise of Hamas: A blessing in disguise? URI DROMI
Financial Times COMMENT: Hamas should be judged by its deeds Those who say we must never talk to terrorists should look back at the experience of the past half century. The path from violence to political legitimacy is heavily trodden.
Washington Post Editorial Hamas's Choice THE VICTORY of Hamas in the Palestinian elections creates fresh opportunities as well as dangers in the Middle East. The Islamic fundamentalist movement will now come under extraordinary pressure to cease all acts of terrorism, help restore order in the turbulent Gaza Strip
Living With Hamas's Victory By Jim Hoagland It is pointless to minimize the significance of the Palestinian election of the Hamas party. Instead, the U.S. and its allies should adjust their policies to recognize and influence the volatile new situation.
Two Elections and a Lesson By E. J. Dionne Jr Hamas's win shows that democratization is hard, complicated and frustrating -- not matter how certain the Bush administration was that it could remake the world with a few bold strokes.
Knight-Ridder Hamas' win will transform Mideast politics
Hamas' victory threatens Bush's policies in the Middle East
Washington realist Ramifications of Hamas victory
New Republic How Hamas will change Palestinian foreign policyby Joseph Braude
Hamas Victory Is Good News - Emanuele Ottolenghi, National Review Online
Washington Times Hamas and democracy Hamas' decisive victory in Palestinian elections Wednesday provides a sobering reminder of what democracy can and cannot achieve.
Middle East: Analyst Discusses Relations Between Iran And Hamas
Hamas: A reality Israelis, Americans and Europeans will have to accept
Hamas Sweeps Palestinian Elections, Complicating Peace Efforts in Mideast Radical Islamic movement trounces governing Fatah party in a contest that could reshape Palestinians' relations with Israel and the world.
Los Angeles Times Election Victory Shocks an Unprepared Hamas Now it's caught between continuing to call for Israel's destruction and endangering the peace or moderating its politics and losing its base.
Ha’aretz – Editorial A new complication Hamas movement's success in the elections for the Palestinian parliament is a turning point for the worse in the complex relations between Israel and the Palestinians and for the political complications facing the PA.
New York Times After Hamas Victory, Israel's Likely Course Israel will most likely pursue unilateral actions, drawing its own borders and separating itself from the Palestinians.
Editorial In the Mideast, a Giant Step Back If Hamas chooses to continue its campaign to destroy Israel, it's more than likely that it will not be around for long, and rightly so.
Hamas at the Helm By FOTINI CHRISTIA and SREEMATI MITTER If the Israelis are contemplating engagement with Hamas, it's time the Americans and Europeans did, too.
Hamas Victory Now a Major Issue in Israeli Election Campaign
Leader: After the Hamas earthquakeThe right response to this result is to insist that Hamas make clear that it is committed to negotiations with Israel.
Hamas Election Victory Shocks World By RAVI NESSMAN Islamic militant Hamas' landslide victory in Palestinian elections unnerved the world, darkening prospects for Mideast
Hamas Sweeps Palestinian Elections, Complicating Peace Efforts in Mideast By Scott Wilson The radical Islamic movement Hamas won a large majority in the new Palestinian parliament, according to official......
Israel Rules Out Talks With Hamas Leadersy MOHAMMED DARAGHMEH Israel ruled out talks and the vanquished Fatah rejected a joint government with Hamas after the Islamic movement's
Hamas Election Victory Shocks World By RAVI NESSMAN Islamic militant Hamas' landslide victory in Palestinian elections unnerved the world, darkening prospects for Mideast
A Look at Islamic Militant Group's Leaders By The Associated Press The leaders of the military wing of Hamas, responsible for suicide bombings and other attacks against Israelis, stay underground and out of
Violence Bloodies Hamas' 30-Year History By The Associated Press, Brief history of the Islamic militant Hamas groupNew Hamas Lawmakers Murky on Israel Issue By AMY TEIBEL Islamic Hamas militants who swept the Palestinian parliamentary election have a clear domestic agenda: purging government corruption
Hamas Win Raises Peace Process Questions By BARRY SCHWEID The way ahead appears bumpy and uncertain, but the Bush administration will resume its search for a formula to bring peace to the
Analysis: Hamas Victory a Message for Bush By ANNE GEARAN After making democracy a defining marker for American foreign policy, President Bush got a jolting message from Palestinian voters
Bush Says U.S. Won't Deal With Hamas By TERENCE HUNT Stunned by Hamas' decisive election victory, President Bush said Thursday the United States will not deal with the militantUPI Ahmadinejad's ploy Iran's dangerous partnership with Syria By CLAUDE SALHANI What can Iran and Syria do if the United States starts flexing its military muscle …
Rice Tells Hariri Lebanon Has Support By BARRY SCHWEID Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice assured the son of an assassinated Lebanese prime minister Thursday that the Bush administration......
SyriaComment Hariri in US: What will he Get?
Think Again: Iran is a Problem, Not an Emergency Center For American Progress
IHT William Pfaff: Iran's nukes are a non-issue
Washington Times A strategy for disarming Iran (Robert H. Scales)
Stopping the Iranian Bomb – Part II YaleGlobal Online George Perkovich

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Hamas Claims Group Won Majority in Vote
GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip -- Hamas' top candidate on Thursday claimed the group won a majority of seats in Palestinian legislative elections, despite......
Palestinian PM quits after poll
Palestinian PM Ahmed Qurei says he will quit, amid growing signs Hamas has won the general election.
Hamas Makes Strong Showing in Vote
By Scott WilsonRAMALLAH, West Bank, Jan. 25 -- Palestinians across the West Bank and the Gaza Strip began voting Wednesday in brisk, breezy weather to choose......
Filistin'de Hamas zaferiFilistin Parlamentosu seçimleri sonrası, Hamas'ın meclisin en az yarısını aldığı haberleri geliyor. Başbakan Ahmed Kurey istifasını verdi.
Bush: Hamas muhatabımız değil
BBC Tense wait for Palestinian result Votes are being counted in the Palestinian election, with Fatah and Hamas both claiming victory.
UPI Analysis: Waiting for Hamas in government
The Prospect The rise of HamasAlastair Crooke As the Palestinians go to the polls, a former middle east negotiator argues that Hamas and the younger generation of Fatah radicals are uniting to transform Palestinian politics.
UPI Walker's World: Palestinian elections will not bring peace
Hamas is born as political force Exit polls showed that the Islamist group Hamas was set to deprive Mahmoud Abbas’s Fatah faction of its majority in the Palestinian Parliament
Independent Palestinians show support for Hamas elections Fatah's monopoly of power over the Palestinian Authority was decisively broken last night after two exit polls showed Hamas within five seats of overtaking it in parliamentary elections
Analysis: How to deal with Hamas
Hamas Should Be Destroyed, Not Legitimated - Daniel Pipes, USA Today
Bush: U.S. Not Ready to Deal With Hamas By ANNE GEARANWASHINGTON -- President Bush said Wednesday the United States will not deal with Hamas until the radical Palestinian Islamist group renounces its......
Arabs Eye Palestinian Vote for Impact By LEE KEATHCAIRO, Egypt -- The Palestinian election is an important turning point in a cause dear to the Arab world's heart, the struggle with Israel. But......
A Look Parties in Palestinian Elections By The Associated Press,-- Brief profiles of the main parties in the Palestinian elections....
Don't Make Exceptions for HamasTo grant de facto legitimacy to Hamas would undermine Palestinian moderates, who know that the radical road would discredit all Palestinians. David Makovsky
Editorial warns of lawlessness in Palestine By Al Bayan Link to full text in primary source.
The daily comments on the question of armed Palestinian groups, noting that the state of lawlessness that exists in liberated Palestinian areas, namely Gaza, cannot be allowed to continue. It adds that mini states have emerged as the Palestinians appear to have lost sight of their main cause. The agreement that the two main groups, Fatah and Hamas, have reached to ban anyone from carrying weapons on elections day is a welcome development, although it came late and remains limited to a single day. The real test will be on election day. It is hoped the agreement will work and that it will be the start of an experience that can be built on.
Washington Institute How to Judge the Palestinian Elections
Der Spiegel A Test of Democracy for Palestinians In a test of maturity for the Palestinians, parliamentary elections will determine whether the Islamist Hamas movement can transform itself from a terrorist organization into a political party
Palestinians Vote at Political Turning Point By ending Fatah's monopoly and bringing Hamas into Palestinian politics, Mahmoud Abbas is taking an extraordinary risk.
Hamas Poised for New Role With a strong showing predicted in Wednesday's Palestinian vote, the militant group will face growing challenges.
Guardian Voters prepare to reject Fatah at polls Hamas is expected to break Fatah's 40-year domination of the Palestinian cause in elections today.
BBC Palestinian vote showdown opens Palestinians are voting in their first parliamentary election for a decade, with Fatah facing a strong challenge.
Ha’aretz – Analysis: A political milestone for the Palestinian people
It is clear that after almost 40 years, Fatah's monopoly over Palestinian affairs is coming to an end
New York Times Hamas Presses Fatah in Palestinian Vote, Surveys Say Hamas won a large share of votes in legislative elections, depriving the Fatah party of its longstanding power monopoly.
Hamas Makes Strong Showing in Election Exit poll shows party winning near-parity with Fatah in Palestinian assembly vote, but likely to fall short of majority by narrow margin.
Hamas campaign trail
Q&A: Palestinian elections
Who's who in the elections
Palestinian hopes Jeremy Bowen, BBC Middle East Editor, assesses the election
OpenDemocracy Palestine's moment Will Palestinians vote for rising Hamas or splitting Fatah?
MEMRI Jan 25 SD# 1077 - Palestinian Minister Muhammad Dahlan of Fatah and Hamas Leader Mahmoud Al-Zahar Debate on the Eve of Legislative Council Elections
Why Hamas is gaining in Palestinian polls Its more moderate tone, plus disillusionment with the ruling Fatah, will yield the group significant gains
From the Archive International Crisis Group Enter Hamas: The Challenges of Political Integration --- Click here to view the full report
Benn Entering the 'Third Republic' Israel is entering a new political era in which it is mainly expected to try to close the open files bequeathed to it by previous regimes.
SyriaComment "Islamism in Syria" by Ibrahim Hamidi
We would share power, says exiled leader Exiled leader of Syria's outlawed Islamist movement, the Muslim Brotherhood, says his group is ready to share power in a future government with other opposition figures.
Syria & Iran: differences and similarities By Sahar Baasiri Link to full text in primary source.
An Nahar, 1/20/2006 Baasiri comments on the visit by Iran’s President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, to Syria. She says both countries are facing problems with the international community and both of them are pursuing a policy of defiance. The writer notes, however, that there are differences in the position of each country. While Syria is under intense pressure to cooperate with the UN probe into the assassination of Rafic Hariri, the UN Security Council has yet to confront Iran over its nuclear program. And while Syria is trimming its regional role and lacks the needed resources to boost its confidence, Iran enjoys political and economic power regionally and on the international level.
Iran's threat, Bush's dilemma
By Max Boot Does he order a strike, let Israel do it, or allow an apocalyptic lunatic to arm a terrorist-sponsoring state?
Bush's Dilemma: Iran vs. Israelby Patrick Buchanan
Asia Times The Iran-Israel misconception There is an erroneous belief, especially in the US, that Tehran's road to peacefully engaging Washington travels through Jerusalem. Such misperceptions sow the seeds of conflict. - Kaveh L Afrasiabi
Israel's War with Iran Center for Research on Globalization
UPI Israel's acting PM outlines policies
West Bank withdrawals Ehud Olmert, acting prime minister, has committed Israel to piecemeal withdrawals from the West Bank so that permanent borders can be set up that would "ensure a Jewish majority" in Israel.
Olmert says Israel must relinquish additional West Bank territoryCompiled by Daily Star Staff Israel must withdraw from additional parts of the West Bank, acting Israeli Premier Ehud Olmert said Tuesday, preferring negotiated agreements but not ruling out further unilateral steps. On the eve of Palestinian parliamentary polls, President Mahmoud Abbas urged voters to turn out en masse as armed factions pledged to ensure. Heritage Foundation Confounding the Mullahs of Iran: It’s Time for Israel to Join NATO by John Hulsman and Nile Gardiner

Tuesday, January 24, 2006


TCS - Syria and Iran: The Perils of a Radical Bond The dubious alliance between Iran and Syria may offer self-satisfaction for the parties involved, but there are political costs to be sure. By Michael Young
Gulf News Return of the radical Syrian
UN Security Council Tells Syria to Disarm Lebanon Militias
Disarming questions Five years after Israel pulled out of southern Lebanon, Hizbullah's path is unclear, writes Rory McCarthy.
The release of Riyad Sayf is likely to provide fuel to the dormant democratic movement in Syria
Editorial – The Daily Star Syria's stance on the Shebaa Farms reflects its disregard for Lebanon On Monday, some 2,000 Lebanese took to the streets of Downtown Beirut to mark the passing of 40 days since the assassination of Gebran Tueni. Many of them expressed anger at the fact that their government has produced few solutions to the problems that plague them. Since Tueni's death, they have seen little progress in the country.Stratfor UK: Blair On Relations With Syria, Iran
Blair: Syria, Iran supporting terror Compiled By Daily Star Staff British Prime Minister Tony Blair urged Syria and Iran Monday to stop supporting terrorism and added it would be difficult for the West to negotiate with Hamas if they joined a government unless the group renounced terrorism.
BBC Palestinian campaigning ends
Watching the vote
Palestinian voters: Engaged but realistic
Given the fact that the January 25 election will occur on two levels, the exact outcome is difficult to predict.
Life for the hundreds of monitors checking the Palestinian poll
The Palestinians' Crisis of Leadership
By Aaron David Miller
More than 50 years after its creation, the Palestinian national movement -- in both its secular and Islamic guises -- lacks a coherent strategy......
Palestinian Candidates Condemn U.S. Program
By Scott Wilson and Glenn Kessler
The Bush administration's effort to increase the popularity of the Palestinian Authority and its governing Fatah party......
Factional strife could sabotage election for Fatah There is a tone of righteous indignation in the ruling Fatah party that the movement that spearheaded the Palestinian national struggle for more than four decades should be facing the loss of its political monopoly.
Fatah unable to dismantle militias Compiled By Daily Star Staff
The Fatah Movement will not be able to dismantle the militias of Hamas and Islamic Jihad despite a promise to do so by its leader Mahmoud Abbas, a senior official said on the final day of campaigning.Top Hamas officials Monday launched blistering verbal attacks on Israel but left the door open to negotiations, in a mixed message aimed at shoring up last-minute support.
Palestinians Wrap Up Parliamentary Election Campaigns By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS
A leader of the Islamic militant group Hamas today raised the possibility of negotiating with Israel through a third party.
In a Stronghold, Fatah Fights to Beat Back a Rising Hamas
By STEVEN ERLANGERWednesday' s vote will be the first time that Hamas has run in elections for roles within the Palestinian Authority.
U.S. Spent $1.9 Million to Aid Fatah in Palestinian Elections By STEVEN ERLANGER
The U.S. paid for dozens of projects before this week' s Palestinian elections to strengthen the governing Fatah faction against Hamas.
Israel Looks at Possible Elections Win by Hamas By STEVEN ERLANGER
The Israeli cabinet discussed policy toward the Palestinian Authority in the event Hamas does well or even wins the election for the Palestinian Legislative Council.
Hamas sees possible indirect talks with Israel
Reuters - A Hamas leader raised the possibility on Monday of indirect negotiations with Israel, softening the Islamic militant group's stance ahead
UPI Israelis warn of Hamas-Fatah clash
Guardian Hamas has arrived - but there are limits to its advance Hussein Agha and Robert Malley: The Palestinian Islamists will tomorrow reap the rewards of nationalist failure, Sharon's policies, discipline and integrity.
Fatah struggles with image Fatah corruption helps Hamas win support in Palestinian polls.
Editorial A Palestinian pivot
WSJ Regime Change in Palestine? A vote for Hamas isn't necessarily a vote for genocide. By KHALED ABU TOAMEH
Palestinian Democracy What to do when terrorists win elections.
Politics & Policies: US must engage Hamas By CLAUDE SALHANI
Boston Globe Hamas steps into a complex landscape (By Hussein Agha and Robert Malley)
Rice Urges Palestinians to Nix Terrorism
WASHINGTON -- Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice on Monday cautioned Palestinian voters, who will choose a parliament this week, that terrorism......
Hamas, Fatah Signal Interest in Coalition
GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip -- The ruling Fatah Party and the Islamic militant Hamas traded bitter accusations and made impassioned last-minute appeals......
Platforms in Palestinian Elections
By The Associated Press
-- The main issues in Palestinian parliamentary elections Wednesday....
Thumbnails of Top Palestinian Candidates
By The Associated Press
-- Brief profiles of the top candidates in the Palestinian elections....
Hamas Campaign Ad Focuses on Corruption
JERUSALEM -- The campaign ad opens with a black background and the word "corruption," which explodes into flames. The same thing happens to......
Yedioth Ahronoth Israel 2025: Pessimism rules
What Israel fears is Iran as a strategic regional rival By Trita Parsi
For more than 14 years, Israel has been the primary force countering Iran's nuclear advances. Though Israel presents the prospect of a nuclear Iran as a global rather than an Israeli problem, it has compelled Washington to adopt its own red lines and not those of the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT).
Iran Insists It Isn't Withdrawing Currency
TEHRAN, Iran -- For the second time in two days, Iran on Sunday said it was not withdrawing its foreign currency reserves from European banks,......
Rice: Time Is Now to Take Iran Before U.N.
WASHINGTON -- Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said Monday "the time has come" to send Iran before the U.N. Security Council over its disputed......
West' s Push to Refer Iran to U.N. Hits Snags
By STEVEN R. WEISMANRussia is resisting calls to press the case against Iran when the atomic energy agency board meets on Feb. 2.
The Gulf Between Us By FLYNT LEVERETT
During its five years in office, the Bush administration has turned away from every opportunity to put relations with Iran on a more positive trajectory.
U.S. and Europe Run Into New Obstacles on Iran By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS
Iran threatened full production of nuclear fuel and the U.N. atomic chief rejected a request for a report on Iran' s nuclear program.
Iranian Threatens Full Production of Nuclear Fuel By DAVID E. SANGER
The comments appeared to be part of an effort to warn the West of possible retaliation if Iran is referred to the Security Council.
Nuclear Deal and Iran Complicate Efforts by U.S. and India to Improve Ties By SOMINI SENGUPTA
New Delhi has had a flurry of Capitol Hill visitors, with the U.S. Embassy recording 10 Congressional delegations in 2005.
Iraqi Shiite Cleric Pledges to Defend Iran
By Ellen Knickmeyer and Omar Fekeiki
An Iraqi Muslim cleric who leads a major Shiite militia pledged to come to the defense of neighboring Iran if it were......
Iran Threatens Full-Scale Enrichment By GEORGE JAHN
VIENNA, Austria -- Iran upped the ante Monday in its nuclear standoff, warning that it will immediately begin developing a full-scale uranium......
Asia Times Why the West will attack Iran Tehran's quest for nuclear weapons is based on its goal of imperial expansion through the oilfields of Southwest Asia, something the West and its allies will do anything to prevent.
Ha’aretz – The real conflict with Iran
Game theory developers prepare for the likely scenario in which Iran will have nuclear weapons. By Amir Oren
Washington Times The complexities of nuclear Iran By Tod Lindberg Diplomacy, acceptance or war?
Newsweek Dickey: Will Iran Meetings Stop Armageddon?
Dan Drezner, Brad deLong and Fareed Zakaria on Iran
Christian Science Monitor Why US doesn't trust Iran on nukes Iran has threatened a full- scale enrichment program - if it is 'referred' to the UN.

Monday, January 23, 2006


'Beirut Spring' Put Syria on Right Track - Austin Bay, San Antonio Express-News
'Israel killed Arafat' The Syrian president Bashar al-Assad has caused outrage by accusing Israel of murdering Yasser Arafat.
Syria Today COURT IN THE MIDDLE Islamic laws applied in Syria too often do little or nothing to protect the rights of women. As Dalia Haidar reports, activists are now calling for widescale reforms.
Syria Comment Who Killed Hariri? The "Pushed Against the Wall" Thesis" as elaborated by Nasrallah and Asad
Syria decries Hariri probe 'bias'
Swiss Bank UBS Halts Iran, Syria Business
ZURICH, Switzerland -- Swiss banking giant UBS AG said Sunday it has stopped doing business with Iran because of the company's economic and risk......
Assad Indicates Rejection of U.N. Request
DAMASCUS, Syria -- President Bashar Assad indicated Saturday he was rejecting a second request by U.N. investigators to interview him about the......
Christian Science Monitor Syria supports Iran in standoff with West Show of solidarity comes as US asks for a quick referral of Iran to UN Security Council.
RFE/RL Iran-Syria Increasingly Isolated Leaders Seek Mutual Support
Washington Times A dangerous escalation The whirlwind of events in recent days involving Iran, Syria and Israel is ominous, suggesting that the rogue regimes in Tehran and Damascus may have made a strategic decision to escalate the level of conflict with the Jewish state -- and perhaps with Washington and the European Union as well.
Gaza hopes--- Palestinians in Gaza look to the election to cure many ills
USIP Khalil Shikaki Willing to Compromise Palestinian Public Opinion and the Peace Process
The Economist Palestine's election Hamas ahoy!
Extremists who pose a new threat - at the ballot box Hamas, the deadliest Palestinian militant movement, is poised to make a serious electoral impact
Report: Hamas hires PR man to improve movement's image
Leader Confronting the spectre of Hamas
In a Stronghold, Fatah Fights to Beat Back a Rising Hamas Fatah, the mainstay of the Palestinian Authority, is in trouble in Nablus, one of the West Bank's largest and toughest cities.
U.S. Spent $1.9 Million to Aid Fatah in Elections
U.S. Enters Fray in Palestinian Elections
The Bush administration is spending roughly $2 million to support the Palestinian Authority against the radical Islamic group Hamas.
Leader Between zeal and pragmatism Bombs and bullets have historically played a far larger role in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict than ballots - as Steven Spielberg's new film about the Munich massacre and its vengeful aftermath reminds us. But that is about to change. Barring surprises, the Islamist movement Hamas will win a third or more of the vote in Wednesday's elections to the Palestinian parliament, the first time it has taken part in a democratic contest.
Analysis: PA's Dahlan and Hamas locked in personal vendetta
Jerusalem Post Israel gears up for possible Hamas victoryFM: World distinguishes between terrorists in parliament and in government; fears that Europe would see Hamas as political organization.
Independent Guns or politics? Now Hamas must choose With 48 hours to go before the first Palestinian parliamentary elections in a decade, the likely success of Hamas poses a dilemma for the West
Editorial Palestinians' Risky Elections
UPI Walker's World; Israel's new dependence Israel, a country that has learned the hard way never to rely on anyone's decisions but its own, now finds itself in the uncomfortable position of dependence on the choices of others. Having always, in diplomatic as in military affairs, preferred to seize the initiative, it must now wait on the actions of others to shape the new security environment in which Israel must operate.
Newsweek - Time to Face Reality on Iran By Fareed Zakaria - At best, a military strike would set back Iran's program a few years, inflame public opinion there and unify the nation in its bid to go nuclear
Carnegie Endowment - No Military Options on Iran By Joseph Cirincione
Washington Post We Should Strike Iran, but Not With Bombs By Ivo Daalder and Philip Gordon
The World: Why Not a Strike on Iran? If diplomacy fails, does America have a military option when it comes to slowing, much less stopping, Iran's presumed ambitions to get the Bomb?
Editorial Next Steps on Iran
If Russia and China are the champions of multilateral nuclear diplomacy they have long claimed to be, now is the time to show it.
COMMENT & ANALYSIS: Talking to Iran is a better idea than more sanctions Norman Lamont
JERUSALEM -- Legislative elections in the Palestinian territories on Wednesday are expected to usher the militant group Hamas into the political process for the first time
Israel v Iran Family feud
Legislative elections in Palestine are expected to usher the militant group Hamas into the political process for the first time -- possibly upending relations with Israel and posing thorny problems for the U.S.
BESA - The Imperative to Use Force Against Iranian Nuclearization by Efraim Inbar
Iran presents dicey challenge for U.S.
Iran’s Next Steps: Final Tests and the Construction of a Uranium Enrichment Plant David Albright and Corey Hinderstein Institute for Science and International Security
Iran & the Bomb 1: How Close Is Iran? --- Iran & the Bomb 2: Iran's Missiles (Arms Control Wonk)
In Iran, Power Written in Stone
By Karl Vick
PERSEPOLIS, Iran -- Wearing a stocking cap and an air of indignation, Mohammad Ahmadi pointed to the wall in front of him. It bore a splendid......

Saturday, January 21, 2006


PolicyWatch #1070 A Tale of Two Countries: Defining Post-Syria Lebanon By Michael YoungWhen Shiite ministers recently “suspended” their participation in the Lebanese cabinet, though without resigning, it highlighted an increasingly apparent reality in post-Syria Lebanon:
State Dept. to Iran, Syria: Get in Step
WASHINGTON -- The State Department, reacting negatively to Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's meeting in Damascus with leaders of militant......
The U.S. tries to grasp Iran's great leap backward By David Ignatius
The very different meanings of America's Iraq 'withdrawal' By Gordon Robison
The wolf, the goat, and Iran's revived nuclear program By Mark Perry
Israel Blames Iran, Syria for Bombings
GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip -- Israel's defense minister accused Iran and Syria on Friday of masterminding a suicide bombing in Tel Aviv that wounded 20......
Palestinian Security Forces Begin Voting
GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip -- Palestinian security forces cast ballots for parliamentary candidates Saturday in the official start of this week's......
Iran Pulling Foreign Reserves From Europe
TEHRAN, Iran -- A defiant Iran announced Friday it has begun pulling its foreign currency accounts out of European banks to protect its assets......
Iran President Meets Palestinian Leaders
DAMASCUS, Syria -- Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad met Friday with the leaders of the Palestinian groups Hamas and Islamic Jihad in Syria,......
Ahmadinejad meets with Nasrallah in Damascus
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, on a visit to regional ally Syria Friday, met with Hizbullah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, who made a surprise visit to the Damascus. No statement was given following the meeting. Lebanese Speaker Nabih Berri also headed to Damascus for a meeting with the Iranian president, heading.

Friday, January 20, 2006


Al-Ahram Khaddam's deal
Controversy over the comments of Syria's former vice-president persists, as does the bitter aftertaste of his treachery, writes Ibrahim Nafie
Al-Ahram Syria in the firestorm
That Khaddam's remarks on Syria may have been driven by revenge does not change the fact that he endeared himself to no Syrian, leaving question marks as to why he spoke out, writes Hassan Nafaa
TCS From “The Beirut Spring” to Toppling Assad by Austin Bay Syria’s future is uncertain, but specific factors make external reform pressures more likely to bear fruit.
Syria vs. democracy
Miami Herald - FL,USA... days. The Bush administration blames him for assisting insurgents in moving from Syria into Iraq and supplying them with arms.
BBC Iran shows solidarity with Syria
Syria Supports Iran in Nuclear Standoff
DAMASCUS, Syria -- Syria asserted Thursday that Iran had a right to atomic technology and said Western objections to Tehran's nuclear ambitions......
Iranian President Cements Syrian Alliance
DAMASCUS, Syria -- Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad began a visit to Syria Thursday to consolidate an old alliance made increasingly crucial......
Syria and Iran back each other against allcomers
Compiled by Daily Star Staff
Syria backed Iran Thursday in its confrontation with the West over its nuclear program, and both countries voiced support to Lebanese Hizbullah's resistance to Israeli occupation.The Syrian support came at a summit of the nations' two presidents to coordinate policies and consolidate their alliance under the shadow of U.S.
Gulf News Syria and Iran discuss ways to strengthen old alliance
Gulf News Bashar pledges support for Iran's N-programme as Ahmadinejad visits
Gulf News Sharon's legacy 'I don't hate Arabs, I don't want them'
His cruel policies in the Gaza Strip after 1967 are the other part of his landmark legacy.
Gulf News Iran's moves can be suicidal
It can challenge the US policies in the region but cannot afford to confront the Security Council.
Gulf News Can the US recover its position in the Middle East?
Instead of understanding that resolving conflicts on the basis of justice is the only way to address Arab and Muslim grievances, the Bush administration is compounding it with its unjust policies
Jordan Times Tehran warns of oil crisis in case of sanctions
Jordan Times Syria, Iran close ranks
Haaretz Mofaz: Iran-Syria 'Axis of Terror' to blame for blast
Iran funded TA bombing and Islamic Jihad HQ in Syria ordered Nablus cell to carry it out, Mofaz says.
Syria criticizes US move against Damascus official
DAMASCUS (Reuters) - Syria said on Thursday that a US move to freeze the assets of a Syrian military intelligence chief showed Washington's bias toward Israel. ...
Syria: US asset freeze shows arrogance - Qatar
Syria has condemned the US government's decision to freeze the assets of Assef Shawkat, Syria's military intelligence chief, as an "arrogant" attempt to impose ...
For the First Time: Shiites and Sunnis in Lebanon
Daoud Shirian - It is the first time in the history of modern Lebanon that a political confrontation takes place between the Shiites and the Sunnis.
Al-Ahram A post-Sharon Middle East
To what extent will Sharon's absence from the scene affect the Middle East equation, asks Mohamed Sid-Ahmed
Bomber Wounds at Least 24 in Tel Aviv Restaurant
By Scott Wilson
JERUSALEM, - At least two dozen Israelis were wounded Thursday when a suicide bomber detonated explosives he was carrying in a commercial......
Yedioth Ahronoth 'Iran, Syria behind attack' Defense minister says 'conclusive evidence' shows suicide bombing in Tel Aviv Thursday afternoon was funded by Iran, planned in Syria; Israel to present damning information to Americans, Europeans,
Tel Aviv Bombing Comes a Week Before Vote
TEL AVIV, Israel -- A Palestinian suicide bomber posing as a peddler blew himself up in a Tel Aviv fast-food restaurant Thursday and wounded 20......
Al-Ahram The non-secular solution
Hamas is working hard to consolidate its hold on Gaza, traditionally the base of the Islamist resistance movement, reports Erica Silverman from Gaza City
Al-Ahram Playing by the rules
As Palestinians go to the polls Hamas projects propriety and Fatah disarray, writes Graham Usher in Nablus
The Crisis of "Fateh" and the Palestinians
Maher Othman - The current crisis rocking the National Palestinian Liberation Movement, "Fateh", is the most sizeable crisis in the history of the great national movement, which led the political and armed struggle of the Palestinian people since the mid 60's.
Containing Tehran
By David Ignatius
The U.S. needs to do more than stop Iran from making a bomb. It needs to change the character of a regime that has swerved onto a new and......
The wolf, the goat, and Iran's revived nuclear program
By Mark Perry
To help explain the Middle East, a senior leader of an organization that the United States government describes as "terrorist" recently told me a parable. "There were once a wolf and a goat," he said. "The wolf was guarding a spring and the goat was drinking from the pond below. The wolf growled at the goat: 'I'm going to kill you because you're drinking my water.
Ha’aretz – Ze’ev Schiff - From Iran, a nuclearized Mideast? The declarations by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad about Israel and the Jews have, ironically, done Israel a good service.
MEMRI Jan 20 IA# 261 - The Arab Boycott of Israel in the Globalization Age
Defusing Iran with democracy
By Shirin Ebadi and Muhammad Sahimi
LOST IN THE international fury over Iran's partial restart of its nuclear energy program, and the deplorable statements by President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad regarding Israel, has been the fact that respect for human rights and a democratic political system are the most effective deterrent against the threat that any aspiring nuclear power, including Iran, may pose to the world.
Slate How Do You Solve a Problem Like Ahmadinejad?: Reader, do you have a solution to the Iranian nukes dilemma? Fred Kaplan
Asia Times Iran's master puppeteerThe tactical maneuvering of Iran's Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei will see him emerge as a moderate voice arbitrating between ideologically driven President Mahmud Ahmadinejad and the West. This will win him his long-awaited support both from domestic parties who seek to contain Ahmadinejad and from the international community. - Sanam Vakil


ŞAM/VİYANA, 19/01(AFP)(BYE)--- İran Cumhurbaşkanı
Mahmud Ahmedinejad ile bugün katıldığı bir basın
toplantısında Suriye Devlet Başkanı Beşşar Esad, İran'ın
"barışçıl amaçlı nükleer teknoloji edinme arzusunu
desteklediğini belirtti ve İran'a yapılan tüm baskıları
Ahmedinejad ile Şam'da gerçekleştirdiği görüşmenin
ardından Esad, "İran'ın barışçıl amaçlı nükleer teknoloji
edinme hakkı vardır" dedi.
Esad, "Barışçıl amaçlı nükleer teknoloji edinme
politikasında İran'a olan desteğimizi dile getirdik ve
uluslararası taraflar arasında diyalog fikrini destekliyoruz.
İran'a uygulanan tüm baskıları da kınıyoruz" dedi.
Beşşar Esad ayrıca, Suriye ve İran'ın, Filistin
halkının, bir "devlet kurmak" amacıyla İsrail'e karşı
"direnişini" desteklediklerini belirtti.
Esad, "Sığınmacıların geri dönüş hakkı ve bağımsız
bir devlet kurma arzusunda Filistin halkına destek olmak
üzere mutabakata vardır. Filistin halkını İsrail'e karşı
direnişinde destekliyoruz" şeklinde konuştu.
Öte yandan, AB'nin Avusturya dönem başkanlığı bugün
yaptığı açıklamada, Suriye'den "tüm" siyasi mahkumları
serbest bırakmasını talep etti.
Yayımlanan bir bildiride, "AB başkanlığı siyasi
mahkum olan Riad Seif, Maamoun Homsi, Habib İssa, Fawaz
Tello ve Walid Bounni'nin serbest bırakılmasını
memnuniyetle karşılamıştır ve Suriye'deki tüm siyasi
mahkumların serbest bırakılması dileğini dile
getirmektedir" denildi.


ANKARA, 19/01(BYE)--- Suriye'de Arapça yayımlanan
Teşrin gazetesinin 19 Ocak 2006 tarihli sayısında,
İzzeddin el Derviş imzasıyla ve yukarıdaki başlık altında
bir başyazı yer almıştır. İnternetten sağlanan başyazının
özet çevirisi şöyledir:

Zaman, gelişmeler ve Hariri suikastı soruşturmasının
seyri şunu gösterdi ki, işin başından beri gerçeklere aldırış
etmeksizin, Hariri suikastının sorumluluğunu -her ne şekilde
olursa olsun- Suriye'ye yüklemek isteyen bazı Lübnanlı
çevreler ve isimler var.
Suriye'yi suçlamanın peşinde olan bu çevreler ve isimler
işin başından beri, bu konuda Washington ve Paris'te hazırlanan
planlarla uyum içinde gerginliği tırmandırma gayreti içinde
Bu konuda olup bitenler kesin delillerle şunu gösteriyor
ki, bu kin kusan Lübnanlı isimlerin istemeyeceği tek şey,
gerçeklerin ortaya çıkmasıdır. Hatta gerçeklerin Suriye'yi
suçlamaktan başka derdi olmayan bu isimleri rahatsız ettiğini
söylersek abartmış olmayız.
Suriye'nin ise kimseden beraat belgesi almaya ihtiyacı
yoktur. Hariri suikastı soruşturmasının sürmesini ve
gerçeklerin ortaya çıkmasını herkesten çok Suriye istiyor.
Çünkü bu, Suriye'nin yararına olup Lübnan ile daha iyi
ilişkilerin önünü açar. Suriye'nin bu konuda arzuladığı
tek şey, soruşturmanın şaibesiz ve profesyonelce yürütülmesidir.
Bu arada sözünü ettiğimiz Lübnanlı siyaset adamlarının,
Suriye'nin ismini cinayetle ilişkilendirmeye çalışmaları
gözardı edilmemelidir.
Sevindirici olan şey, Lübnanlıların, artık gerçekleri
bildiklerini iddia eden insanların nelerin peşinde olduğunu
anlamaya başlamasıdır. Çünkü bu insanların oyunları,
soruşturma ile sınırlı değil. Lübnan ile oynadıkları gibi
bütün bölgenin güvenliği ile de oynuyorlar.


ANKARA, 19/01(BYE)--- İran Haber Ajansı'nın (İRNA)
19 Ocak 2006 tarihli sayısında, yukarıdaki başlık altında
bir yazı yer almıştır. İnternetten sağlanan yazının çevirisi

Suriye Başbakanı Muhammed Naci Otri dün gece İran'ın
Şam Büyükelçisi Muhammed Hasan Ahtari ile yaptığı görüşmede,
Şam'ın Tahran ile ilişkilerinin daha da gelişmesini istediğini
Bölgesel ve uluslararası arenada İran ve Suriye'nin
ortak menfaatlerine işaret eden Otri, önemli siyasi
ilişkilerin yanında çok yakın teknik ve ekonomik işbirliğinin,
iki ülkenin önündeki kaosları atlatmaları için gerekli olduğunu
İran Büyükelçisi de Tahran-Şam ilişkilerinin üstün
düzeyde olduğunu belirterek, İran üst düzey yetkililerinin
ikili işbirliğinin sağlanması üzerinde durduklarını ifade
Otri ve Ahtari, İran Cumhurbaşkanı'nın perşembe günkü
Suriye ziyaretinin ayrıca şubat ayında iki ülkenin ekonomik
işbirliği toplantısının yapılmasının önemi üzerinde durdular.
İki taraf, başta çimento fabrikasının kurulması, beton
silo yapımı, demir yolu ile Banyas santralinin onarılması
konusunda işbirliği olmak üzere İranlı şirketlerin Suriye'de
uygulamaya koyduğu sanayi projelerin kolayca gerçekleşmesi
yollarını incelediler.
Görüşmede Ahtari, yılda 300 İranlı hacının Suriye'yi
ziyaretine işaret ederek, hacılar için kolaylık sağlanmasını
İran Büyükelçisi ve Suriye Başbakan Yardımcısı Abdullah
El Derderi, Tahran ve Şam'ın ekonomiyi geliştirme projeleri
konusundaki işbirliğini değerlendirdiler.
Bu görüşmede El Derderi, ülkesinin başta ekonomik büyüme
olmak üzere birçok alanda İran deneyimlerinden yararlanmak
istediğini belirtti.

Thursday, January 19, 2006


Uncertain future Syrians wonder how they will fare in a changing country
Daily Star Syria and Iran, an axis of upheaval By Michael Young
U.S. Blocks Syrian Intel Chief's Assets
WASHINGTON -- The Bush administration acted Wednesday to financially clamp down on Syria's military intelligence chief, Assef Shawkat....
BBC Syria frees opposition activists
Syria releases opposition politicians in bid for support Two prominent Syrian opposition legislators were released from jail as the regime in Damascus tried to rally domestic support in the face of international pressure
Daily Telegraph Assad releases rebels President Bashar al-Assad has freed five of Syria's most prominent dissidents, raising hopes of an imminent large release of political prisoners.
Assad disappoints West
Syria Frees 5 Political Activists
By Rhonda Roumani
DAMASCUS, Syria, Jan. 18 -- The government freed five prominent prisoners Wednesday, including a former parliamentary leader and activist who......
Zaman Graham Fuller: Turkey Smarter than US on the Subject of Syria and Iran
Peres Proposes Talks With Palestinians
WASHINGTON -- Israel would be ready to open negotiations with the Palestinians on a permanent peace accord after the country's elections on March......
Palestinian Leader Vows to Quit if His Program Is Blocked After Election
Palestinian Leader Says He May Resign
RAMALLAH, West Bank -- Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas said Wednesday he'd rather resign than let extremists block his peace agenda,
Hamas poised to be #2 Palestine party
EU prepares to work with Hamas after Palestinian election
Sami Moubayed has written an important article, Iran and the art of crisis management
CSIS president John Hamre on administration strategy on Iran:
BBC Iran 'wants nuclear compromise' Iran's top nuclear negotiator, Ali Larijani, says his country is ready to compromise over its nuclear programme
Analysis: Iran nuclear issue long way from U.N. council
IHT Philip Bowring: Who's afraid of big, bad Iran? The West should be careful not to exagerate the importance of Iran's nuclear developments
Washington Times editorial Targeting Iran's nuclear threat In technical terms, the U.S. military has the ability to inflict major damage to Iran's nuclear weapons program, potentially setting it back for years.
Clinton Calls for Sanctions Against Iran
PRINCETON, N.J. -- Sen. Hillary Clinton called for United Nations sanctions against Iran as it resumes its nuclear program and faulted the Bush......


RİYAD, 18/01(AFP)(BYE)--- Süleyman Nimr bildiriyor:

Suudi ve Lübnan kaynaklarına göre, bölgeyi ziyaret
etmekte olan ABD Başkan Yardımcısı Dick Cheney dün
Kuveyt'e hareket etmeden önce Riyad'ta Suudi Arabistan
Kralı Abdullah ve Lübnanlı milletvekili Saad Hariri
ile görüştü
Bir Suudi yetkiliye göre, Suudi Arabistan Kralı
Cheney ile görüşmesinde özellikle Suriye-Lübnan krizini,
25 Ocak'ta yapılacak olan Filistin seçimlerini ve Irak'ı
Adının açıklanmasını istemeyen bir yetkili AFP'ye
yaptığı açıklamada, adı geçen iki liderin Suriye-Lübnan
krizini ve "bölgede bir gerilimi önlemek için Mısır ve
Suudi Arabistan'ın ortaya koyduğu çabaları" gözden
geçirdiklerini söyledi.
Söz konusu yetkili, Suriye'nin, (eski Lübnan Başbakanı
Refik Hariri'nin öldürülmesi konusunda) Güvenlik Konseyinin
kararlarına uygun olarak BM Soruşturma Komisyonu ile
işbirliği yapmasının gereği (...) ve bölgesel güvenliğin
korunmasının lüzumunda görüşlerin uyum arz ettiğini bildirdi.
Suudi Arabistan, Mısır ile işbirliği halinde, Refik
Hariri'nin öldürülmesinden sonra Lübnan ile Suriye
arasındaki gerilimi gidermeye çalışıyor.
Suudi Arabistan Dışişleri Bakanı Suud el Faysal,
Financial Times'a verdiği mülakatta, Riyad'ın Lübnan'a
ve Suriye'ye gerilimi gidermeye yönelik bir plan teklif
ettiğini söylemiş, ama fazla bilgi vermemişti.
Suud el Faysal, Suudi Arabistan'ın, Şubat 2005'te
öldürülen ve Şam'ın sorumlu tutulduğu Hariri hakkında
BM'nin yürüttüğü soruşturmanın mahiyetini bozmak niyetinde
olmadığında ısrar etti.
Suudi yetkili AFP'ye yaptığı açıklamada, Filistin
meselesiyle ilgili olarak, "Filistin seçimlerinin seyrini
kolaylaştırmak için ABD'nin ortaya koyduğu gayretlerden
memnun" olduğunu bildirdi.
Kral Abdullah ise yaptığı açıklamada, "Filistin
topraklarında güvenlik ve istikrarın tesis edilmesinde
Filistin Hükümetine ve Başkanına (Mahmud Abbas) yardım
etme gereğini" vurguladı. Açıklamayı yaparken Cheney
de yanındaydı.
Abdullah, Washington'u da "yol haritasının
(uluslararası barış planı) uygulanması için gayretlerini
sürdürmeye" ve "Amerikan Başkanı'nın (George W. Bush'un)
bağımsız bir Filistin Devleti kurulması hedefinin hayata
geçirilmesine" davet etti.
Irak ile ilgili olarak Kral Abdullah ve Cheney, bu
ülkede "siyasi sürecin başarıya ulaşmasını temin etmek
için Arap ve bölgesel planda" yürütülen temasları gözden
Söz konusu yetkili Abdullah ve Cheney'in, İran nükleer
krizini de masaya yatırdıklarını ve Suudi Arabistan-ABD
ilişkilerini incelediklerini dile getirdi.
Bir Suudi yetkili, terörizmle mücadele konusunda
işbirliğinin de menüde olduğunu daha önce AFP'ye söylemişti.
Mısır'dan hareket ederek Riyad'a öğleden sonra gelen
Amerikan Başkan Yardımcısı, akşam saatlerinde Kuveyt'e geçti
ve pazar günü vefat eden Kuveyt Emiri Şeyh Cabir el Ahmet el
Sabah için başsağlığı dileklerini sundu.
Refik Hariri'nin oğluna yakın çevreden öğrenildiğine
göre, Kuveyt'e hareket etmeden önce Cheney Riyad havaalanında
Lübnanlı milletvekili Saad Hariri ile, "BM Soruşturma
Komisyonunun gayretlerini ve Lübnan ve bölgedeki gelişmeleri"
Saad Hariri, zamanını, hayatına yönelik tehditler sebebiyle,
babasının Şubat 2005'te öldürülmesinden bu yana vatandaşı olduğu
Suudi Arabistan ile Fransa arasında geçiriyor.
Cheney, Kuveyt'te Başbakan el Ahmed el Sabah ile görüştü
ve Emir'in vefatı münasebetiyle başsağlığı dileklerini sundu.
1991 Körfez Savaşı sırasında Savunma Bakanı olan Dick Cheney,
"İyi bir adamdı, ABD'nin dostuydu. Onun bize dost olması
bizim için bir şerefti" dedi.
Cheney'in Kahire'de Mısır Cumhurbaşkanı Hüsnü Mübarek
müzakerelerine de Lübnan-Suriye krizi ve İran nükleer dosyası
damgasını vurmuştu.


ŞAM, 18/01(REUTERS)(BYE)--- Rasha Elass

İran Cumhurbaşkanı Mahmud Ahmedinejad yarın Suriye'ye
resmi bir ziyarette bulunarak dünyaya, Birleşmiş Milletler
Güvenlik Konseyi'ne sevkedilme tehdidi ile yüz yüze olan
iki müttefikin baskılar karşısında sinmeyeceği mesajını
Analizciler Ahmedinejad'ın göreve geldiği ağustos
ayından bu yana yapacağı bu ilk dış gezinin, uluslararası
toplumla farklı nedenlerden ötürü karşı karşıya gelen Suriye
ve İran'ın yoğun baskı altında bulunduğu bir döneme denk
gelmesinin tesadüf olmadığını belirtiyorlar.
Lübnanlı İran uzmanı Talal Atrisi konuya ilişkin şunları
söylüyor: "Bu ziyaret Ahmedinejad'ın göreve gelmesiyle
uygulamaya koyduğu bir dizi politikanın bir parçası. İran
zaten Suriye Devlet Başkanı'na destek verdiğini duyurdu. Bu
ziyaret de aynı şekilde yoğun baskıların yapıldığı bu dönemde
İran'ın Suriye'ye desteğini göstermektedir. Ayrıca İran
dünyaya, nükleer faaliyetleri nedeniyle ABD ve Avrupa
Birliği'nden gördüğü baskıların, Suriye-Lübnan-İsrail
cephesine duyduğu ilgiyi azaltmayacağı mesajını vermek
Uzmanlar esasen ne Suriye'nin ne de İran'ın yakın bir
askeri harekat ya da BM Güvenlik Konseyi'nin geniş kapsamlı
yaptırımlarıyla yüz yüze olduğunu, ancak her iki ülkenin de
tüm cephelerde daha ağır diplomatik baskılarla karşılaşacağını
Atrisi, "İran, uluslararası baskılar karşısında çok da
endişe duymadığı, ellerinin bağlı olmadığı zira ABD'nin ve
Avrupa Birliği ülkelerinin İran'a yönelttikleri tehditlerin
arkasının nasıl getirileceği konusunda görüş ayrılığı içinde
oldukları mesajını vermek istiyor" diyor.


ANKARA, 18/01(BYE)--- İran'da yayımlanan Kuds gazetesinin
18 Ocak 2006 tarihli sayısında, Şadi Kandahari imzasıyla ve
yukarıdaki başlık altında bir yazı yer almıştır. İnternetten
sağlanan yazının çevirisi şöyledir:

Eski Sovyetler Birliği Cumhuriyetlerinin bağımsızlığı
ve Orta Asya ile Kafkaslar'da her gün şahit olduğumuz siyasi
ve ekonomik gelişmeler, Moskova yetkililerinin tepkisine yol
açtı. Bu cumhuriyetlerde Batı'nın müdahalesi ve bölgede ABD'nin
üstlendiği rolün, Moskova'nın kaygılanmasına yol açtığı
görülüyor. Rusya ve Ukrayna'nın doğalgaz fiyatları konusundaki
sözlü tartışmaları da bu yüzden. Ancak Rusya, Orta Asya ve
Kafkaslar'da ABD'nin günden güne artan baskılarına karşı
durmak için ne tür bir kapasiteye sahiptir? Bu konunun daha
iyi incelenmesi için Rusya konularında uzman Dr.Cihangir
Kerimi ile bir söyleşi yaptık:

KANDAHARİ: Dr.Kerimi, Rusya çevresindeki cumhuriyetlerin
özel durumu, ayrıca bölgede birçok getirisi olan renkli
devrimlerin patlak vermesi göz önüne alındığında, sizce
Batı'nın müdahaleleri ve baskıları karşısında Rusya'nın
kozları neler olacak?

KERİMİ: Bu cumhuriyetlerin bağımsızlıklarından bu yana
yaklaşık 15 yıl geçmesine rağmen Rusya'nın bölgede bu 14
cumhuriyeti kontol altına alabilecek farklı kozlara ve alt
yapılara sahip olduğuna dikkatleri çekmek gerekiyor. Ancak
bunlar siyasi, askeri ve kültürel enstrümanlardan oluşuyor
ve bu enstrümanların gücü, bu cumhuriyetlere yapılan baskıdadır.
Yani üç Baltık ülkesi gibi bazı cumhuriyetlerde bu materyaller
çok zayıflamıştır. Ukrayna, Beyaz Rusya, Gürcistan ve Kazakistan
gibi diğer bazı cumhuriyetlerde bu materyallar hâlâ güçlüdür.
Ancak Rusya bazı enstrümanlara sahip ve bunlar aracılığıyla
bazı cumhuriyetleri kendi yörüngesinde korumuştur. Tabii
Rusya bu cumhuriyetleri "yakın yurt dışı" ve "uzak yurt
dışı" şeklinde tabir etmektedir.

KANDAHARİ: Sizce Orta Asya havzasında şu anki şartlarda
Rusya'nın ABD ile yaşadığı kaos nedir?

KERİMİ: Genel olarak uluslararası politikada dört temel
bölgemiz var. Uluslararası jeopolitik bölgelerin önem dereceleri
değişmektedir. Ancak kesin olarak uluslararası politika için
önem taşıyan bölgeler, Atlantik, Pasifik, Avrasya ve Orta Doğu.
ABD, Atlantik ve Orta Doğu'nun asıl gücüdür. Pasifik'te
de asıl gücü oluşturuyor. Fakat orada Çin de nüfuz ve varlık
gösteriyor. Ancak Çinliler bu bölgede Amerikalıların gücünü
kabul etmiş durumda. Avrasya'da asıl güç Rusya'nındır. Tabii
Amerikalılar son 15 yıl içinde Rusya'yı bu bölgede zayıf
düşürmeye, söz ve güç sahibi olmaya çalıştı. Bu jeopolitik
ve jeostratejik dava, son 15 yıl boyunca Moskova ve Washington
arasında devam ediyor. Bu davada Amerikalılar, bazı bölge
ülkelerini Batı kuruluşlarına ve NATO'nun yapılarına yöneltmeyi
başardı. Bu rekabette Ruslar da, bu süreci önlemek için kendi
kozlarından yararlandı. ABD'ye doğru hareket eden ülkeleri ya
baskı altına aldı ya da onlarla çatıştılar.

KANDAHARİ: Rusya ve ABD, bölge sorunları konusunda acaba
bir pazarlık yapabilirler mi? Diğer bir deyişle Washington,
Orta Asya, Kafkaslar ve Rusya'nın arka bahçesine daha az
müdahale edebilecek ve buna karşılık Rusya da İran'ın Batı
ile olan nükleer sorunlarından geri çekilebilecek mi?

KERİMİ: İran-Rusya ve Rusya'nın diğer ülkelerle ilgili
konumlarını incelemek istersek ilk olarak Rusya'nın dış
politikasında bunlardan hangisinin öncelik taşıdığını görmek
gerek. Mevcut belgelere ve özellikle 2000 yılında hazırlanarak
onaylanan Rusya'nın dış siyaset belgesine göre beş öncelik
vardır: Yakın yurt dışı (Sovyetler'den ayrılan cumhuriyetler),
ABD, Avrupa, Asya ve Orta Doğu. İran, Rusya'nın önceliklerinde
beşinci sırada yer alıyor. Öyleyse Moskova için Rusya'dan
ayrılan bölge ilk sırada; İran ve Orta Doğu da beşinci sırada
yer alıyor. Eğer bir pazarlık söz konusu olursa ilk sıra
öncelikli önem taşıyor.