Monday, August 14, 2006


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UPI - Salhani - Analysis: U.N. force in Lebanon? Yes, but
Dar Al-Hayat Difficult Decisions for Hezbollah Raghida Dergham
Los Angeles Times Security Council Approves Israel-Hezbollah Measure U.N. resolution calls for halting all attacks and would clear the way for 15,000 peacekeepers. Critics call it ambiguous.
The Ball is in Israel's Court Patrick Seale
Daily Star Drop the 'war on terrorism' metaphorBy Richard N. Haass
From LRB, an essay on Israel's IDF, an article on Hizbullah, and a letter from Slavoj Zizek on Jerusalem.
New Yorker Test Case Washington’s real interests in Israel’s Seymour M. Hersh
CNN Video: Hersh says Israel shared pre-war plan with US Bush Planned Lebanon War Months Before
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Financial Times Lebanon ceasefire comes into effect
Lebanon in disarray over how to implement resolution
Israel accepts UN resolution but steps up fighting
Daily Star Lebanon can emerge stronger from crucible of war
Disengage Lebanon from regional turmoil By Farid El Khazen
Hizbullah's Leader: Charismatic, Dangerous
Assessing Hezbollah's Strength
Lebanese analyst calls militant Shiite Muslim movement the "best guerrilla force in the world."
Washington Post More Fighting Expected Hezbollah leader says militia would keep battling Israeli troops as long as they remain in Lebanon, and Israel insists they would not withdraw.
Editorial How to cease the fire Israel has the right to carry on with its military offensive, so long as the other clauses of the resolution are not being implemented.
Benziman Letting the IDF win The use of the armed forces to make diplomatic gains is one of the fundamentals of statesmanship, certainly in the neighborhood in which Israel seeks to survive.
Analysis / The IDF must leave Lebanon at once
Schiff ANALYSIS: Delayed ground offensive clashes with diplomatic timetable
IDF and cease-fire / Synchronizing timetables
Legal Analysis / Chapter VII: The 'teeth' of the UN
Gideon Levy To failure's credit The bad (and predictable) news: Israel is going to come out of this war with the lower hand. The good (and surprising) news: This ringing failure could spell good tidings.
Eldar Olmert should stay Olmert's courageous decision to buck a large majority of the public, as well as the generals and pundits who argued against the cease-fire, makes up for all those mistakes, as well as for a long list of failures.
Oren A ridiculous idea Israeli diplomacy has neglected everything that isn't related to Washington and has found itself unable to wield any influence with respect to at least half of the American-French formula.
Yedioth Ahronoth Putting force into peace-keeping forces
The Region: Syria and Iran get off scot-free By BARRY RUBIN In the terrorism sponsorship business, it doesn't get any better than that.
Analysis: Why Israel ought to authorize a massive use of ground forces
50 newborn babies in the West Bank and Gaza Strip have been named after Hezbullah leader...
Comment: Cease-fire less impressive than the war's accomplishments By MK EFFI EITAM
BBC Lebanon falters over truce detail Lebanese talks on disarming Hezbollah are put off as fighting goes on just hours before a ceasefire deadline.
Wars by proxy Lebanon conflict exposes wider regional fault lines Der Spiegel Beirut's So- Called Army The Lebanese Army figures prominently in all postwar scenarios envisioned for Lebanon. Current plans call for Lebanon's army to help secure the border with Israel. But neither Israel nor Hezbollah takes the poorly trained, internally divided force seriously.
AFP US Planned Israel's Lebanon Invasion Long Before Sodiers' Capture (see also Helena Cobban)
Guardian Leader A war without winners This was a war which should never have happened and which should stop now. It does not need an even more tragic, ceasefire-breaking, final phase of the kind which Israeli military plans may still entail and which will prove no more successful than what has gone before.
Washington Post In Mideast, It's Condi's Fight Now By James Mann, If things really fall apart in the Middle East, so will Condoleezza Rice's political prospects and the ambitious ideas she has worked so hard to advance.
NYT Magazine Hezbollah’s Other War By MICHAEL YOUNG Israel may eventually stop Hezbollah from firing missiles across its border. But the radical Shiites are well on their way to destroying the creation of a new Lebanon, which may have been the point all along. Go to Article
Bitterlemons - Why a Hizballah defeat is more important for the US than Israel Henri J. Barkey
Financial Times Bush ‘believes conflict is a US-Iran proxy war’ Washington’s foreign policy elite is engaged in a bitter tussle between “neoconservatives” and “realists” seeking to influence George W. Bush’s stance on the Israel-Lebanon crisis. The neocons increasingly have the upper hand
How will post-war Lebanon change the political dynamics in the Middle East?
Stratfor Special Report: Israel at Odds With Itself
Daily Star Israel's political disarray threatens to prolong war
UN Security Council adopts cease-fire resolution Israel says it is 'satisfied' with revised resolution
PM's Office: Lebanon offensive will continue
Yedioth Ahronoth 'Offensive to be expanded' Despite UN resolution, military source tells Ynet army to continue movement towards Litani
Jerusalem Post UNIFIL and Lebanese army to deploy to south Lebanon Olmert to recommed cabinet approval of resolution; IDF to withdraw after 15,000-strong UN force arrives; offensive continues.
BBC Wearying of war? First signs of dissent emerge in Israel over the Lebanon conflict KR Longtime Hezbollah member provides glimpse into group
Hezbollah: Entrenched, Adaptive and Well-Equipped Stratfor
Carnegie Policy Outlook, “Hizbollah’s Outlook in the Current Conflict (Part One): Motives, Strategy, and Objectives,” by Amal Saad-Ghorayeb
New York Times U.N. Council Backs Measure to Halt War in Lebanon Olmert will wait until Sunday to obtain his cabinet’s approval of the resolution. Until then, the Israeli offensive will continue.
Editorial One Month Later in Lebanon The resolution that the United Nations Security Council finally passed will have to be put into effect as quickly and thoroughly as possible, and must lead to a lasting political solution that can avoid future conflicts.