Friday, February 24, 2006


The New Republic Hamas and Usby the Editors What Russia and France don't understand about the Palestinian government.
Q&A: Hamas and the Middle East - David Remnick & Amy Davidson, The New Yorker
Brzezinski - Türkiye’nin Hamas girişimi mükemmel
Rice Makes Suprise Visit to Lebanon: Secretary Does Not Meet With Pro-Syrian Lahoud
Rice takes aim at Syria meddling on visit to Beirut
Iran: Is There a Way Out of the Nuclear Impasse? International Crisis Group
UPI Analysis:U.S. dusts off old plans for Iran
Christian Science Monitor
Back in the regime-change business Promoting democracy alone won't help the US contain Iran's extremism. By Daniel Schorr
All at sea in the Middle East's perfect storm Simon Tisdall: Sectarian revenge attacks and widening divisions in the wake of the Samarra mosque bombing have intensified fears of irreversible descent into all-out civil war in Iraq.
Los Angeles Times As Iraq Sinks Into Violence, Its Clerics Are in Charge By Borzou Daragahi ANALYSIS: Since the blast at a Shiite shrine, Iraqi politicians have been practically impotent.
Guardian Exit without a strategy Sami Ramadani: The popular response to Iraq's latest atrocities has been to blame the occupation, not rival sects.
Editorial Outrage in Samarra
Before things spiral further in the wrong direction, responsible Iraqi leaders from all religious groups and communities need to exert a calming influence.
Daily Telegraph Iraq's enduring agony and fatal choice Despite having a permanent constitution and a National Assembly with a four-year mandate, political vacuum and violence have become a familiar agony for Iraq.

Thursday, February 23, 2006


Washington Times A Palestinian state ahead By Louis Beres World likely to dismiss Israel's concerns
WSJ The Limits of Exit PollsAs polls closed in last month's landmark Palestinian elections, pollsters who interviewed voters announced -- incorrectly, it would turn out -- that the Fatah ruling party scored a narrow victory over Hamas. How did they get it wrong?
CSM US policy dilemma: dealing with Hamas Ramifications of how the US handles the militant group's rise are huge.
An open letter to the Palestinian Prime Minister designate Ismail Haniya - Alon Ben-Meir
Ha’aretz – Hamas and the 'Irish Model'
Between Hamas and Kadima
Israel's Hamas policy could boost Iran, deepen Palestinian woes
Daily Star Israel's tactics show it's more afraid of dialogue than terror
To deal with Hamas, Israel might consider NGOs By Yossi Ben Ari
Waiting for Al-Qaida Israel's refusal to talk with Hamas will only strengthen Palestinian radicals.
Guardian Arab democracy is exposing the blind spot of US policy David Hirst: The resurgent Palestinian rejectionism of Hamas can only be halted by checking the persistent rejectionism of Israel.
Debka The Bush Plan Vs the Algerian Formula to Contest Hamas
UPI Analysis: Demise of the Palestinian left By CLAUDE SALHANI The once powerful, secular Palestinian left had all but disappeared by the recent elections, when conservative, religious Hamas took power.
Washington Times The 'new' Hamas
Russia's Hamas gambit Its offer to host talks with the group may reflect a desire to boost its global status
Egypt, U.S. Differ on Hamas
Rice rebuffed in bid to win international support for a clampdown on aid to Palestinian Authority
Jerusalem Post Hamas, Fatah consider forming a unity government
Jerusalem Post Gillerman to UNSC: Iran, Syria, Hamas are 'axis of evil'
Yedioth Ahronoth 'Qaeda will strike this year' Growing threat: Security officials estimate international terror network aims to carry out mega-terror attack in Israel in 2006; authorities concerned about strike that would eclipse September 11 attacks
Weekly Standard Republic of Caution In Syria, public discontent with the Baath regime is empowering the Islamist movement. by Soner Cagaptay
Islamist revival Secular Syria witnesses the return of political Islam
Syria Comment
"Protecting Civil Society in Syria" by Joe Pace
"Hugo Chavez Economics For Syria?" By EHSANI2
Syrian Political Attitudes Poll by George Ajjan
Recent Articles of Interest (Feb. 20, 2006)
MEMRI Feb 23 SD# 1100 - Iraqi Shi'ite Leader Muqtada Al-Sadr: Arab and Islamic Forces in Iraq Would Also Be Considered Occupation; If Asked by Syria and Iran, We May Confront the American Forces in Iraq
CSIS Iranian Nuclear Weapons? The Threat from Iran's WMD and Missile Programs Cordesman and Khalid Al-Rodhan
Washington Post Contain Iran: Admit Israel to NATO By Ronald D. Asmus Leading Europeans have called for NATO to embrace Israel. The U.S., Israel's main ally, needs to put its weight behind the idea.
NRO - A Mullah's-Eye View of the World Iran Is Acting on its Assessment of the West's Strength and Resolve By Michael A. Ledeen
Guardian Reaction to Hamas victory is gift to Iran's leaders Simon Tisdall
Is Iran changing its nuclear negotiations strategy?
Washington Post Iran's Gift: New Unity In the West By Jim Hoagland
The Cost of Stopping Iran - Ralph Peters, New York Post
Iran: No Welcome For President's New Elite
Iran: Playing The Bargaining Game To The Full
US urging political reform in Egypt
Touring the Middle East, Condoleezza Rice is also talking tough on Hamas

Monday, February 20, 2006


Let Hamas Sink or Swim on Its Own By Thomas L. Friedman Link to full text in primary source. - Friedman urges the US and Israel not to seek to drive Hamas from power, as recent news reports have claimed. He advocates letting Hamas succeed or fail in bringing good governance and security to Palestinians on its own, as any perception of coercion would only generate greater support for Hamas among Palestinians. In the short term, the US and Israel should expect Hamas to adhere to the cease fire, not announce its recognition of Israel as some have advocated.
Washington Post Palestinians Face Funds Cutoff Israel readies to deprive Palestinian Authority of revenue as Hamas joins government.
Washington Post Don't Punish the Palestinians By Jimmy Carter, Collusion between Israel and the U.S. to undermine the elected Hamas government is likely to incite violence, alienate innocent Palestinians and increase the international esteem of Hamas.
BBC Hamas dismisses Israeli sanctions The newly named Palestinian PM plays down the effects of Israeli financial restrictions and drops in Western aid.
Will Hamas recognise Israel?
Daily Telegraph Sanctions on Hamas Israel held back from imposing an all-out embargo on the incoming Hamas-led Palestinian administration but has announced sanctions that are still likely to cripple the authority.
The Region: Hamas is in for the long run By BARRY RUBIN Palestinian Islamists are ahead of schedule, so they can afford to be patient.
Time How Will Hamas Rule? As the world threatens to cut off aid, Palestinians are bracing for life under a faith-based regime
Editorial Confused on Hamas Though they are pretty sure they disagree with the French, neither the Bush administration nor the Israeli government is clear about many of the other questions Hamas's ascendance has raised.
BBC Forced dealings Hamas is quietly doing business with mutual enemy Israel Israel postpones Hamas decision
Jerusalem Post Fatah-Hamas power struggle looms
Daily Star Israel faces a tough decision that will affect the lives of many in the region
Israel threatens to wage economic war as Hamas takes over
The happiness gap By Rosa Brooks
IT'S BEEN A rough couple of weeks. Hamas won the Palestinian elections; protests over cartoons representing the prophet Muhammad raged around the world; more Americans and Iraqis were killed by suicide bombers; new Abu Ghraib photos were released; and, here at home, the vice president got violent.
WSJ Friends of Hamas Democracy must be respected, but that doesn't make the terror group respectable.
With Hamas Europe Reaps What It Sowed Hamas's victory should not have come as a shock. By CHARLES TANNOCK
Jerusalem Post EXCLUSIVE: Hamas working on 'new charter'
UPI Walker's World: Hamas on the diplomatic offensive
Ha’aretz – Rice warns Iran not to finance Hamas-led PA
Hamas politburo chief says group is misunderstood by West
What does the Hamas victory mean for nearby Jordan? By Omar Karmi
A Lesson From Hamas: Read the Voting Law's Fine Print Sometimes the framers of an election law can wildly miscalculate, allowing one faction to game the system and gain power far out of proportion to its share of the vote.
Milliyet Yasemin CONGAR ABD'nin gözünde Hamas ziyareti
Muqtada al-Sadr on Aljazeera "Ready to attack the Americans if they Attack Iran or Syria" "In a Democratic Iraq, Kurds will not need Own Region"
US to Finance Syrian Opposition
Syria slams US fundingSyria has condemned America for funding opposition groups, just as Condoleezza Rice begins a Middle East tour to push efforts to spread democracy and counter Iran's increasingly aggressive uranium enrichment policy.
Washington Post A Bomb-Builder, 'Out of the Shadows' Syrian Linked to Al Qaeda Plots Describes Plan to Attack Cruise Ship in Turkey
Syria Comment
Syrian Political Attitudes Poll by George Ajjan Syrian Political Attitudes Poll by George Ajjan
Why Invest in Syria? A Debate between Idaf and Ehsani
Los Angeles Times Who's Winning in Iraq? Iran Because of the war, the Islamic state is at the height of power in the region and bold in its nuclear dreams.
Asia Times Ahmadinejad on the warpath In consolidating his power around a hard core of "second-generation" revolutionaries, Iranian President Mahmud Ahmadinejad has placed himself in opposition to both the conservative clerical establishment and the liberal and reformist camp. Neither of these groups wants Iran to be dragged into a war with the US - unlike Ahmadinejad, who sees conflict as an opportunity. - Mahan Abedin
Michael Ledeen: How does Iran perceive the West?
Iran: Why Return To Revolutionary Values Is Temporary
Al Watan - Bush to attack Iran nuclear targets before 2007?
Editorial Aid to Iran . . . IS IT A SIGN OF increased wisdom -- or is it a sign of increased desperation? If the Bush administration had announced its intention to spend $75 million on promoting democracy, student exchanges and independent media in Iran several years ago, as part of a wider policy of promoting democracy in...
UPI Report: Iran wants 20 nuclear power plants...
Newsday - US missed an opportunity with Iran Iran said to have notified State Department in ‘03 of willingness to negotiate over WMDs, but ex-officials say Bush team didn’t want to deal
Iran's Defensive Strategy - John Quirk, RealClearPolitics
Irreconcilable Differences With Iran - Salena Zito, Pittsburgh Trib-Review
Newsweek Russia: Making Moves in the Middle East

Friday, February 17, 2006


The Washington Institute The Security Implications of a Hamas-Led Palestinian Authority By Moshe Yaalon “The only way to address the problems created by a Hamas-led PA is to undermine its authority as soon as possible. Indeed, time is running out.”
U.S. Digs In on Withholding Aid to Hamas Government By STEVEN R. WEISMANThe U.S. is struggling to maintain a united front with its allies to stick to a warning to cut off aid to the Palestinian Authority if Hamas does not renounce its anti-Israel positions.Pragmatic Figure Is Likely to Be Next Premier
BBC Israel cabinet to discuss Hamas
The Israeli cabinet meets to consider its approach as Hamas takes control of the Palestinian administration.
Israel threatens to cut PA ties
Israel warns Abbas on Hamas
Who are Hamas?
Al-Ahram Why not Hamas? By Salama A Salama
UPI Israel to consider Hamas restrictions By JOSHUA BRILLIANT, Israel's inner security cabinet is to consider Friday a series of harsh measures against the Palestinian Authority that would be implemented
Haaretz What the Palestinians have to lose by Ze'ev Schif, If relations deteriorate between Israel and the Palestinian government under Hamas control, the main point of conflict between the sides will be the border crossings between Gaza and Israel.
Gulf News Abbas and Hamas may jostle for control of key posts
When the new Palestinian legislature is sworn in tomorrow, Hamas's installation as the new majority will be hailed as an electoral milestone for the fledgling Palestinian democracy.
Fatah-Hamas power struggle looms By KHALED ABU TOAMEH, Conflict expected to rise during the PLC swearing-in session.
Jerusalem Post Hamas working on 'new charter' Exclusive: New document still calls for the destruction of Israel.
Hamas to Choose Top Gaza Figure As Prime Minister
JERUSALEM, Feb. 16 -- Hamas leaders say they have agreed to nominate Ismail Haniyeh, a powerful party figure in the Gaza Strip, as prime minister when the Palestinian parliament convenes Saturday for the first time since the radical Islamic movement's electoral victory last month.
Haaretz Hamas nominates Ismail Haniyeh as Palestinian prime minister
Al-Ahram Countdown to government Hamas accuses outgoing Palestinian law-makers of blatantly tampering with the will of the public as new powers are afforded to President Abbas, reports Khaled Amayreh in the West Bank
'Our model is Muhammad' Hamas candidate for PA parliament speaks to Ynet about his views of the future
Yedioth Ahronoth PA: Abbas will dictate government policy Two days before the swearing in of the new Hamas-led Palestinian parliament, consultations to find the best way to deal with the Islamic group are underway in Jerusalem, Washington and capitals around the globe.
Jerusalem Post Olmert reviews recommended sanctions on Hamas-led PAEfforts to 'tighten noose' around PA to press Hamas to recognize Israel may include ban on Palestinian workers entering country.
Haaretz Olmert expected to reduce ties with PA
Haaretz The Three Musketeers Yoel Marcus, Kadima and its supporters believe that the die has been cast. The party will win even if Caligula's horse sits at the helm.
Turkey hosts Hamas; Israel furiousSenior Hamas members embark on first official visit to non-Arab country; Turkey
Hamas Visits Ankara: The AKP Shifts Turkey’s Role in the Middle East The decision to receive Hamas leader Khalid Mishal illustrates Turkey’s break with its traditional stance as an honest broker in the region. Soner Cagaptay writes.
How to fight Hamas, not civilians?Defense minister to meet Thursday with heads of defense establishment in order
Dar Al-Hayat Rafik Hariri: "Jumblatt refused Lahoud's becoming president. He left without having dinner . . . I spend $150 million a year, and I'm not concerned with entering the club of the world's richest people." Ghassan Charbel - In unpublished interviews that were awaiting completion or approval for publication (PART TWO)
A Year After Hariri
Abdullah Iskandar - If Rafik Hariri survived the assassination attempt on the 14th of February 2005, would Lebanon have witnessed what it did during the past year?
Al-Ahram The not-so-simple truth A year after Al-Hariri's death and Lebanon is increasingly haunted by the ghosts of its past, writes Omayma Abdel-Latif from Beirut
Syria and Iran are Responsible by Jihad el Khazen - Syria and Iran are responsible, but not those who drew the cartoons or the magazine that published these caricatures, and everyone who defended it and them?
Al-Ahram Strengthening the line A presidential cabinet shake-up leaves Syria's Baath Party more firmly in command, writes Sami Moubayed
Syria Comment Making a Mockery of Democracy
France Alleges Iran's Nuclear Plan Is for Military Use By ARIANE BERNARDFrance's comments that reflect mounting European frustration with Iran's resumption of uranium enrichment.
MSNBC France: Iran military nuke program? French Foreign Minister Philippe Douste-Blazy said Thursday that Iran was pursuing a clandestine military nuclear program.
Der Spiegel The Cost of War: Air Strikes against Iran Would Kill Thousands
Gulf News Why Iran's enrichment rattles the West
To begin enriching raw uranium into fissile material, as Iran now may have done, is to take a fateful step down the path of nuclear capability.
MEMRI Feb 17 SD# 1096 - Reformist Iranian Internet Daily: A New Fatwa States That Religious Law Does Not Forbid Use of Nuclear Weapons
MEMRI Feb 17 IA# 266 - Tariq Ramadan - Reformist or Islamist?
Raw Politics in Iraq By David Ignatius
Foreign Policy The Clash of Caricatures By Cem Özdemir The reactions to the depictions of the prophet Muhammad in the European press have fanned the flames of dangerous stereotyping. The European right and Islamist fundamentalists use the controversy to promote cartoonish depictions of each other that fuel their political agendas. Instead of deepening the divide, Europe’s leaders should reach out to moderate Muslims for practical ways to heal the wounds.
In the Mideast, the Third Way Is a Myth by Shibley Telhami, The notion, popular in Washington over the past few years, that American programs and efforts can help build a third alternative to both governments and Islamists is simply a delusion.

Thursday, February 16, 2006


Anatomy of the Cartoon Protest Movement A cultural divide transformed an almost incidental decision to publish a dozen cartoons in the inside page of a small newspaper in Denmark into a global conflagration.
How the Cartoon Protests Harm Muslims - Daniel Pipes, New York Sun
Widespread Outrage Over Cartoons : Anger Grew in Months Following Publication in Danish Newspapers By Anthony Shadid
U.S. Condemns Violent Response to Cartoons: Anger Spreads in Middle East Over Depictions of Muhammad By Philip Kennicott
UPI Analysis: Cartoon spat a culture clash? By GARETH HARDING, Is the cartoon war the first battle in Samuel Huntington's prophesized clash of civilizations?
Gulf News West should change its attitude
Europe and the US need to reconcile themselves to the fact that Islam is a growing religion.
Asia Times The clash of fundamentalisms By Ehsan AhrariReligious fundamentalists and their secular counterparts are both convinced that they are right. Yet fundamentalists of both sides are equally at fault. The secular fanatics are as much responsible for fanning the current flames of hatred and turbulence in Europe and other Muslim countries as their Muslim counterparts.
Newsweek Hirsh: Islamic Democracies Just Might Work
IHT Editorial Dealing with Hamas Hamas will only grow stronger if the U.S. and Israel try to starve it out of office.
Thomas L. Friedman: The weapon of democracy NYT Hamas wins in the Palestinian legislative elections and confusion reigns.
Los Angeles Times The West as Scapegoat - Max Boot WHY ARE SO many Muslims so enraged by a handful of cartoons published in an obscure Danish newspaper? It's not enough to point out how the governments of Egypt, Syria and Iran are stoking the protests in a cynical ploy to deflect Western pressure for democratic reform and to curry favor with Islamic radicals.
IHT Sharon's legacy and Hamas HENRY A. KISSINGER Sharon's personal intellectual odyssey is a metaphor of Israel's history and even of its biblical past: Like Moses, he caught a glimpse of the promised land.
BBC Hamas win prompts US aid cut vote The US House of Representatives votes to cut aid to the Palestinians after Hamas' election victory.
Christian Science Monitor Palestinian factions vie for spoils
President Abbas and Hamas are expected to jostle over who controls key government posts.
BBC Israel threatens to cut PA ties
Haaretz Hamas official says Israel must accept new reality
MSNBC Hamas set to name Cabinet before Israeli vote
FT Hamas fills first parliamentary postsHamas has made its first parliamentary appointments as Israel prepares to decide on its strategy towards the Palestinians after the Islamic militant group takes up the reins of power.
Gulf News Fatah sets terms for joining Hamas-led government
A senior Palestinian official yesterday set three conditions for his mainstream Fatah movement to join a government led by the Islamist group Hamas which won last month's polls.
Jerusalem Post Fatah reportedly willing to join gov't coalition with Hamas Israel to discuss sanctions on Palestinian Authority ahead of Hamas taking office Saturday.
Haaretz PA police: Hamas government will not meddle with our force
MSNBC Hamas assails U.S., Israel
Yedioth Ahronoth Democracy? Not here by D. Friedman
Hamas, haredim share fundamental opposition to democracy
Gulf News Hamas denies receiving money and training from Hezbollah
Palestinian movement says reports are Israeli 'leaks' and it is capable of financing itself to reach legitimate goals
Haaretz Kadima maintains commanding lead as Labor, Likud slip in poll
Yedioth Ahronoth Poll: Kadima down, Right up Yedioth Ahronoth election poll shows Kadima down to 41 Knesset seats, Likud and Labor stable. Meanwhile, right-wing parties get boost, merger between National Religious Party, National Union nets eight Knesset seats
Jerusalem Post Mandates stay stable in weekend pollsKadima gets 39-41 votes; National Union-NRP merger allows them eight.
Haaretz Editorial Go for the political approach Olmert is subject to a lot of pressure when dealing with the PA, but he'll do best taking a long-term approach.
The Washington Institute Miscommunication between Iranian Society and the West on Iran’s Nuclear Program By Mehdi Khalaji The West faces major barriers in explaining to the Iranian public why it is against Iran’s decision to resume uranium conversion and enrichment.
NYT Rice Is Seeking Millions to Prod Changes in Iran By STEVEN R. WEISMANThe Bush administration proposed to spend $85 million to promote political change inside Iran by subsidizing dissident groups
FT US will ‘actively confront’ Iranian policies The Bush administration set out a tougher policy towards Iran, asking Congress for an extra $75m this year to support opponents of the Islamic regime and fund the first 24-hour official US television station broadcasting in Farsi.
Christian Science Monitor Why Iran's enrichment rattles the West
Once it masters the difficult technique, a nuclear bomb is not far away.
Rice Asks for $75M to Pressure Iran
Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice asks Congress to provide $75 million in emergency funding to step up pressure on Iranian government, including expanding radio and television broadcasts into Iran.,
Antiwar Having 'Fixed' Iraq, Hawks Eye Iran by Geov Parrish
Iran ready to counter any US aggression AFP
BBC Beirut divided Many came to remember Hariri, but many stayed away
Newsweek Dickey: Is Lebanon’s Jumblatt the Next Target?
FT UN presses Lebanon over Hizbollah weapons claimThe United Nations has called on the Lebanese government to explain allegations that the Lebanese army aided the transfer of weapons from Syria to Hizbollah, the Iranian-backed militant Islamic group.
Syria Comment Hariri Commemorated: Syria Cracks DownMEMRI Feb 16 SD# 1094 - Syrian Gov't Daily Suggests Israel Created, Spread Avian Flu Virus
Radical Cleric Rising as a Kingmaker in Iraqi Politics By ROBERT F. WORTH and SABRINA TAVERNISEThe man who twice led the Mahdi Army against American troops now controls 32 seats in Iraq's Parliament, enough to make him a kingmaker.
The Lessons of Counterinsurgency The last time the 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment served in Iraq, in 2003-04, its performance was judged mediocre, with a series of abuse cases growing out of its tour of duty in Anbar province.
Newsweek U.S. Handover to Iraqis Marked By Mistrust The American military wants to help Iraqi soldiers get control over their country—but it's a delicate mission, marked by mistrust. An Iraqi view of the U.S. effort.
Der Spiegel Moscow's Mideast Challenge to America Following the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia seemed to cede much of its influence in the Middle East to the United States. No longer. Now, Moscow appears eager to present itself as a counterbalance to Washington in the region -- with major geopolitical consequences. By Charles Hawley
US Plan for the "Great Middle East": The Kurdish Pipeline
Foreign Policy - What Next for Middle East Peace?

Wednesday, February 15, 2006


THOMAS L. FRIEDMAN The Weapon of Democracy Hamas wins in the Palestinian legislative elections and confusion reigns.
In the Aftermath of the Palestinian Parliamentary Elections: How to Deal with Hamas? German Institute for International Politics and Security
Debka Pinning Dubious Hopes for a Hamas Ouster on Sanctions and Abu Mazen
MEMRI Feb 15 SD# 1092 - The Covenant of the Islamic Resistance Movement – Hamas
New York Times Editorial The Right Way to Pressure Hamas A Hamas that could explain continued Palestinian misery by a deliberate American-Israeli plan to reverse the democratic verdict of the polls would be likely to become only stronger.
U.S. and Israel Deny Plans to Drive Hamas From Power
US and Israel 'trying to destabilise Hamas' · Report claims west plans to block Palestinian funds · Islamist group defiant as government takes shape
Ha’aretz – Mubarak: Hamas' threats to destroy Israel insignificant Says Egypt will not tell Hamas to recognize Israel; believes peace with Hamas possible in future
Jerusalem Post Yishai: 'Greater Israel' outdated Shas chairman tells 'Post' that territorial compromises are inevitable.
BBC Israel issues Hamas warning
President Moshe Katsav, on a landmark visit to Greece, says Israel will not tolerate violence by Hamas.
A review of The Bomb in the Basement: How Israel Went Nuclear and What That Means for the World
COMMENT: Join the dots for a collective strategyon Iran The US must enlist help in the Persian Gulf By John Newhouse and Thomas Pickering
OpenDemocracy Iran vs the United States (again) The Bush administration's confrontational rhetoric and wishful thinking is fuelling Tehran's own hardline rulers, says Fred Halliday
New Statesman Iran: the next war John Pilger Bush and Blair are gearing up for it, and they are preparing us, too - just as they did before attacking Iraq. But where is the threat? [read article]
Iran Before the Security Council? German Perspectives and Goals German Institute for International Politics and Security
OpenDemocracy The next Iranian revolution Behind the nuclear theatrics, Nazenin Ansari of Kayhan finds Iranians ready to embrace freedom Plus: The fissures inside Iran create a space for "regime change" from within, argues Nasrin Alavi
Christian Science Monitor Why enrichment in Iran rattles the West Once it masters the difficult technique, building a nuclear bomb is not far away.
A Strategic Choice American Chronicle, Alon Ben-Meir - Hamas’ rise to power provides the United States and Israel with a strategic opportunity to shift their attention to Israel’s northern front with Syria.
Lebanon remembers Hariri A year after the prime minister's death, the country remains divided.
Analysis: The Hariri killing one year on
Half a million mark Hariri's death Reuters
Lebanese mark PM's death with anti-Syria demo
Syria Switches From Dollars to Euros

Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Jerusalem Post The Region: Appeasement redux By BARRY RUBIN, Is this the 1930s, or 2006?
Haaretz PA parliament expands powers of Abbas in final session By Arnon Regular, Approves amendment to give Abbas authority to unililaterally appoint judges to constitutional court.
Jerusalem Post Abbas 'coup' in the PLC outrages Hamas By ORLY HALPERN, New laws give president veto over legislature; Hamas calls them 'immoral.'
Abbas now controls Palestinian media By KHALED ABU TOAMEH
Haaretz Israel cuts Jordan Rift from rest of West Bank Palestinian residents of the West Bank are prohibited from entering Jordan Valley, Dead Sea.
Israel 'has annexed Jordan Valley and shut out Palestinians'
Obsolete security asset Haaretz Editorial, It's difficult to understand why the Jordan Valley is considered a security asset. It's difficult to expect Iranian missiles to be halted by the Jordan River.
Jerusalem Post Strapped Hamas courts Muslim cash By ORLY HALPERN, US, EU withhold aid to exert pressure on party.
NYT U.S. and Israelis Are Said to Talk of Hamas Ouster By STEVEN ERLANGER, The U.S. and Israel are discussing ways to destabilize the Palestinian government to produce a Hamas failure and new elections.
The plan: Oust Hamas New York Times says U.S., Israel discussing destabilization of Palestinian government so Hamas officials will fail and elections will be called; intention is to starve PA of money to point where Abbas forced to call new elections
Haaretz It's up to Hamas By Amir Oren, Russian President Vladimir Putin's offer to talk to Hamas is like a key to a lock for the Americans, a blessing and not a curse.
MSNBC Sharon’s recovery chances dim
MSNBC Israel slams Putin for invitation to Hamas
U.S., Israel talk ways to destabilize Hamas - NYT
Yediot Ahranot 'Most Americans back Israel' Gallup poll: Support for Israel in U.S. highest since Gulf War; support for Palestinians drops
Venezuela welcomes Hamas Vice President Rangel says: What is the problem? They've just won an election
Haaretz Hamas collects militants' weapons in northern Gaza Mahmoud Al-Zahar says group unswayed by threats to cut off aid, says no plans to recognize Israel
PINR "Intelligence Brief: Recognizing Hamas, Iran Welcomes Shi'a Control in Iraq" Full text of report
Yedioth Ahronoth Hope in the Middle East Israelis, Palestinians have a lot to learn from Lebanon's hopefulness, Ray Hanania says
Sharon Undergoes Intestinal Surgery
A farewell to Sharon By Yoel Marcus, Sharon's greatness was that at every stage he recognized the turning point. His attitude toward the settlers changed when he recognized the limits of force, and the international pressure to put an end to the occupation.
BBC Katsav in historic Greece visit Israeli President Moshe Katsav is due in Athens, becoming the first Israeli head of state to visit Greece.
UPI Israeli Defense Minister Mofaz to Egypt
Christian Science Monitor Russia and France reach out to Hamas
The diplomacy could help the new Palestinian government fend off radical influences.
Putin's Disturbing Invitation to Hamas - Richard Cohen, New York Daily News
Dar Al Hayat Rafik Hariri: "Assassinating me is improbable; it is a big decision, one that is dangerous and costly. They want to keep the country sick. No one has an interest in killing a sick person . . . and they reject curing him."
Ghassan Charbel - In unpublished interviews that were awaiting completion or approval for publication
Saudi-Syrian Relations after Hariri Tony Badran - Beneath the veneer of cordial diplomatic exchanges, Saudi policy toward Syria is fundamentally adversarial.
Lebanon still haunted by Hariri assassination
Daily Star Carrying the torch of Hariri's legacy into the future
Greater than the sum of its deaths By Michael Young
Gulf News Hariri's murder has killed Lebanon
One year ago, the world was shocked by the killing of Rafik Hariri. The murder of Mr Lebanon, as the five-time prime minister was known, was an attempt to assassinate the country.
New report blames Syria
BBC Lebanon marks Hariri anniversary
A huge rally is planned in Beirut to mark the first anniversary of the killing of ex-Prime Minister Rafik Hariri.
Revolution's bitter aftertaste
Gulf News Sa'ad Hariri refuses to forgive father's killers and vows to get justice
BBC Syrian leader reshuffles cabinet
Newsweek Zakaria: Islam and PowerIs President Bush's plan to spread democracy turning into a fiasco
FT Arab TV show seeks to ease cartoons angerA popular Arab television talk show is taking a group of young people to Denmark in an effort to channel Muslim anger over the cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed into more constructive dialogue.
Islamic Chauvinism and the Mohammed Cartoons - Joseph Tartakovsky, RCP
Under Siege By Howard Kurtz
Der Spiegel Cartoon Conflict Shows Cracks in the EUWhen Danish embassies began going up in flames last week, some in the European Union wanted a firm response. But nothing happened. The most the EU could agree on were a few wishy-washy statements. By Hans-Jürgen Schlamp
NYT Iran Delays Talks With Russia on Enrichment of Its Uranium By NAZILA FATHI and MARK LANDLER, Iran also signaled that it was resuming the enrichment of uranium at one of its main nuclear sites, according to diplomats.
UPI Corridors of Power: Iran defies IAEA By ROLAND FLAMINI, Iran has resumed uranium enrichment in defiance of the International Atomic Energy Agency's call to halt all nuclear development
Antiwar Sanction the IAEA, Not Iran: Gordon Prather
MEMRI Feb 14 SD# 1091 - Iranian President Ahmadinejad on the "Myth of the Holocaust" & a Message to "Aggressive European Governments...and the Great Satan": "You Should Be Grateful That Our People has Acted Nobly Towards You so Far, and has Been Patient... Don't Make Us Lose Our Patience..."
Iran May Have Begun Uranium Enrichment Iran reportedly has taken an initial step in the long process toward making civilian fuel or nuclear weapons, Western diplomats said Monday.
Iran, Iraq, Hamas Make 2006 Year Of Crisis for Bush - Mort Kondracke, Roll Call
MEMRI Feb 10 IA# 265 - Unemployment in the Middle East – Causes and Consequences
FT Middle East to dominate oil export market Europe and the US are set to become increasingly dependent on the Middle East for refined petroleum products over the next 10 years, new FT research shows.

Monday, February 13, 2006


Syria Comment The New Syrian Cabinet (Feb. 11, 2006)
Syria Fills Vacancies in Cabinet Ministries
Iran, Syria Welcome Iraq's New Govt
BBC Leaving Lebanon Border village struggles after Syrian occupation ends
Joining Politics, Hezbollah Discovers Price – Disarmament and Fewer Ties to Iran, Syria
Turkey: Osama ok'd Syrian's bombings Syrian Charged With Masterminding Bombings
Enter al-Qaeda Al-Qaeda will be fighting for a share of the booty from the turmoil of Iraq, from the expected collapse in Syria and from the anarchy reigning in the Palestinian Authority. Ehud Yaari writes in Jerusalem Report
Daily Star Expect democracy to delay any peace with Israel By David Hirst
Moscow invitation to Hamas angers Israel Israel has accused Russia of stabbing it in the back after President Putin invited Hamas leaders to visit Moscow.
France Backs Putin on Speaking to Hamas
Talking with the guys from Hamas By Rami G. Khouri
Israel and US on back foot over Hamas
Caught Between Ballots and Bullets By Jackson Diehl, Hamas and Hezbollah, once firmly in al Qaeda's camp, have joined in parliamentary elections. Both have ceased acts of terrorism for the past year while refusing to give up their militias.
Hamas triumph sparks bout of soul-searching in Washington
KR Islamic University is the intellectual center for Hamas
Editorial Good sense from Moscow and Paris about holding talks with Hamas
Fury at Hamas talks Israel has reacted furiously to Russia's plans for talks with Hamas, the movement that won last month's Palestinian election but which Israel wants shunned as terrorists.
Ha’aretz – Don't boycott the Palestinians Hamas leaders say that the problem is not whether they will recognize Israel, but whether Israel will recognize the rights of the Palestinians.
Analysis: Will pressure on Russia work?
Jerusalem Post Israel uses Hamas-Chechen link to affect Russian opinion
Palestinians face up to a cabinet of bombers, bourgeois and academics
Guardian Thousands would die in US strikes on Iran, says study · Report warns of effects of American or Israeli strikes· Military operations would mean long confrontation
Would Iranians rally 'round the flag? By Edward N. Luttwak THERE MAY BE good reasons to oppose an air attack on Iran's nuclear installations at this time, but one of the arguments that is advanced most often is seriously flawed.
Washington Institute Miscommunication between Iranian Society and the West on Iran’s Nuclear Program By Mehdi Khalaji
Analysis: Looming Iran sanctions threaten German trade
Force Debated Amid Diplomacy on Iran
Iran restarts nuclear site Iran's Natanz uranium processing plant has restarted the sophisticated equipment that could enable it to produce material for nuclear warheads, according to reports received by Western intelligence.
Sunday Telegraph US prepares military blitz against Iran's nuclear sites
Cato Dubious Assumptions About Iran by Ted Galen Carpenter
UPI Outside View: A strategy for Iran By DALIA DASSA KAYE
US strikes on Iran, says study · Report warns of effects of American or Israeli strikes· Military operations would mean long confrontation
Iran: The Next War by John Pilger
Iran Denies Encouraging Protests
Iran on Sunday rejected accusations that the government had inflamed and encouraged last week's violent protests about caricatures of Islam's prophet Muhammad.
Shiites Nominate Jafari As Iraqi Prime Minister Nelson Hernandez,
Interim leader selected for new four-year term; decision is a setback for some Iraqis and U.S. officials who wanted a more secular leader.
Why Not Publish These Cartoons? By Deborah Howell
FT COMMENT: Islam offers a role model of the most modern kind The illiberal character of Muslim protest is astonishingly modern in form, writes Faisal Devji, author of Landscapes of the Jihad
Beneath the Rage in the Mideast The widespread feeling that the region's governments deny their people justice has been instrumental in the increased support for Islamists
The Islam the Riots Drowned Out By EMRAN QURESHI How the Danish cartoons were used to silence dissent.
Why I reject the anarchists who claim to speak for Islam Fareena Alam: Violence in the name of Islam has done more to damage the Prophet than any Danish cartoon.
Middle Eastern Islam, Darwin and Terrorism - Ralph Peters, Armed Forces Journal
Islamic Radicals Take Advantage of Western Liberalism - John Leo, RCP

Friday, February 10, 2006


Hope Beyond Muslim Rage? By David Ignatius, Non-Muslim wondering how the cartoons could possibly give such offense should think about American reactions to a word we hesitate to write, calling it instead the "N-word."
Curse of the Moderates By Charles Krauthammer, As much of the Islamic world erupts in a studied frenzy over the Danish Muhammad cartoons, there are voices of reason being heard on both sides. Some Islamic leaders and organizations, while endorsing the demonstrators' sense of grievance and sharing their outrage, speak out against using violence as a vehicle of expression.
NYT David Brooks: Drafting Hitler , A clash of cartoons, and civilizations
IHT Don't yield to extremists MONA ELTAHAWY, The cartoon controversy is as much about freedom of expression in the Muslim world as it is about freedom of expression in Europe.
Andres Fogh Rasmussen speaks to Al-Ahram Weekly
INTERVIEW WITH MUSLIM LEADER TARIQ RAMADAN ON THE CARICATURE CONFLICT "We Have to Turn Up the Volume of Reason" With unrelenting Muslim anger over the Muhammad caricatures, sentiments between Islam and the West once again have all the delicacy of a powder keg. SPIEGEL ONLINE spoke with Tariq Ramadan, Europe's leading Muslim scholar, about the overreaction of the Muslim world, rampant anti-Semitism and the frustrations of Muslim immigrants in Europe.
Al Ahram Editorial: Touch of hypocrisy
Slate Does the media present Muslims as fanatics? By Geoffrey Wheatcroft
Al-Ahram Grapes of wrath By Salama A Salama
The Economist The limits to free speech Cartoon wars There should be limits to free speech, but the principle is a central value in western societies, and some governments have defended it only feebly
Slate Where protesters get those Danish flags Daniel Engber
Al-Ahram Racist depictions By Raouf Mosaad
UPI Analysis: The blame game over the cartoons By ROLAND FLAMINI, After a week of violent rioting against European citizens and embassies in the Islamic world over the Mohammed cartoons the Muslims have lost the moral
Al-Ahram From Damascus to Kandahar Global anti-Danish protests take on a darker tone, Serene Assir writes
NYT A Startling New Lesson in the Power of Imagery By MICHAEL KIMMELMAN, Why a cartoon can sometimes be enough to provoke violence.
Gulf News Controversy rages The furore over the offensive Danish cartoons continues to dominate news in the Arab world. Manal Alafrangi discusses comments from various Arabic newspapers
The Ayatollah Joke Book by Michael Kinsley, The problem with denying the Holocaust and portraying Muhammad is that the offended Muslims do not want a world where people are free to do both. They want a world where you may not portray the prophet but you may deny the Holocaust.
FT Cartoons controversy spills over into UN The international furore over cartoons depicting the Muslim Prophet Mohammed has spilled over into the creation of a new UN Human Rights Council, one of the flagship reforms demanded by world leaders last September.
Danish Premier Faults Iran, Syria By Kevin Sullivan, Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen of Denmark said Thursday that the governments of Iran and Syria had intentionally
Newsweek Bush told to ‘shut up’ over cartoons Hundreds of thousands of Shiite Muslims transformed a religious ceremony in Lebanon on Thursday into an emotional but peaceful protest against cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad.Muslim Leaders Urge Calm Over Cartoons By DONNA ABU-NASR, Many Arab governments, Muslim religious leaders and newspapers have been calling for calm in the protests over the Prophet
BBC Mass anti-cartoon rally in Beirut Hundreds of thousands rally in Lebanon as protests continue over cartoons satirising the Prophet Muhammad.
MSNBC U.S. Muslims calm amid cartoon storm
Dar Al-Hayat I Think They Neglected the Most Important Thing by Jihad el Khazen - Muslims can respond in various ways, most importantly, showing the true Islam, as a religion of tolerance that rejects terrorism. They can ally with churches that show awareness on the issue - many of these churches oppose Israel - to head off the neoconservatives, the Jewish lobby, and other Likudniks like Daniel Pipes, Barbara Lerner and Frank Gaffney.
Gulf News Playing with religion can be dangerous
The genuine anger displayed by people over the offensive cartoons may have been exploited by some governments in the region
Cartoon Fury Hardens East-West Lines By PAUL HAVEN, The images have been shocking: a mob pouring over the ruins of a fire-gutted Danish Embassy. Bullets cutting the air as thousands
Jerusalem Post 'Assad may attack if pressure escalates' IDF to Post: Syria may feel pushed into a corner due to int'l pressure.
MEMRI Feb 10 SR# 40 - Expatriate Syrian Salafi Sheikh Al-Tartusi Comes Out Against Suicide Attacks
Asia Times Iraqi visions on the road to Damascus by Sami Moubayed, Iraqi Shi'ite leader Muqtada al-Sadr has been knocking on Syria's door, promoting himself as a politician and not just a resistance leader, and trying to enrich his pan-Arab contacts. The Syrians have proffered a friendly hand. But Muqtada does not fit their, or the US's, idea for Iraq.
Syria Comment Where are the Jihadists Comming From? - Syria is Not a Transit Center for Jihadists in Iraq - Republicans Question their Syria Policy - Khaddam and Muslim Brothers Team UP
Haaretz Does Israel have a strategy? By Ze'ev Schiff, The idea behind this interim strategy is that Israel cannot be the cause of a humanitarian disaster in the territories while Abbas remains in office.
Yedioth Ahronoth Hamas good for Israel/ Ben-Yisrael
Daily Star On the evidence, corruption is rule of Palestinian politics
New Republic The world misread Fatah. Will it misread Hamas? by Barry Rubin Carnegie Endowment Aftermath of the Hamas Tsunami By Nathan Brown Full Text (PDF)
Al-Ahram Problem or solution? Hamas, writes Hassan Nafaa , could well turn out to be the latter
The Washington Institute Can Hamas Be Tamed? By Michael Herzog, Much has happened in the decade between the first parliamentary elections for the Palestinian Authority (PA), in 1996, and the second, this year.
UPI Political vacuum sees Gaza out of control By JOSHUA BRILLIANT, Thursday, an Israeli soldier at the Erez Crossing from the Gaza Strip noticed something strange. The stream of Palestinian laborers heading
Jerusalem Post Rattling the Cage: Panicking over Palestine By LARRY DERFNER, Israel should be exploring the ground between war and peace with the PA once Hamas moves in.
Al-Ahram Hamas and the conditions of funding Joseph Massad writes on the implications of the Hamas funding dilemma
Gulf News Israel is defining its borders unilaterally The Israeli Defence Minister Shaul Mofaz has made it clear that Occupied Jerusalem and colonies in the West bank "will set the State of Israel's borders".
Al-Ahram Handling defeat Fatah's defeat in the Palestinian elections is no less significant than Hamas's victory, writes Graham Usher in Gaza
Al-Ahram To be decided The policy architecture of the new Palestinian government is yet to be formed while Hamas is standing strong on its long-held refusal to negotiate with Israel, reports Erica Silverman
Al-Ahram Strategic pragmatism Ahead of forming the new Palestinian government, Hamas is working hard to allay the fears of international actors and Fatah competitors, reports Khaled Amayreh in the West Bank
Putin to Issue Invite To Hamas Leaders By Scott Wilson, Russian President Vladimir Putin indicated Thursday that he would soon invite the leaders of Hamas to visit Moscow, signaling
Haaretz Minister Sheetrit: Russia stabbed Israel in the back Putin says he plans to invite Hamas leaders to Moscow, despite Quartet call for renunciation of terror.
Jerusalem Post US demands clarification of Putin's invitation to Hamas Israel, Russia edge toward diplomatic crisis when Putin invites Hamas to Moscow, says Hamas not terror organization.
U.S. Says Russia Must Stand Firm on Hamas By ANNE GEARAN, The United States reminded Russia on Thursday that it is on record condemning Hamas' violent tenets, but did not criticize Russia's
Relations Between Russia and HAMAS
BBC Egyptian diplomat seized in Gaza An Egyptian diplomat has been abducted on a street in Gaza City by masked Palestinian gunmen.
Hamas floats Palestinian 'army'
Gulf News Israeli foreign minister wants world to isolate Hamas government Israel's new foreign minister urged the world on Wednesday to isolate a Hamas-led government in the Palestinian territories, saying the militant group would turn them into a "terror state."
Times Ariel Sharon forgotten but not gone From Stephen Farrell in Ein Karem, Ariel Sharon’s successor, Ehud Olmert, has struck the right note of pragmatic sorrow by preparing Kadima for the March 28 ballot shorn of its founder
Two Allies' Tacks On Hamas Dilemma By Glenn Kessler, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni struck quite a tableau as they met yesterday with reporters in the
Haaretz Editorial In praise of revamping This Knesset will be completely different from the current one.
Reuters NATO Secretary General: Israel's membership is 'not on the table'
Al-Ahram This is not according to law While almost assured to be referred to the Security Council for punitive measures, Iran still has right on its side, writes Mustafa El-Labbad
Foreign Policy How to Keep Iran Honest By Dan Badger, The referral of Iran to the UN Security Council apparently leads either to economic sanctions or military action. But neither option solves the problem. Although it won’t make hawks happy, helping Iran build its civilian nuclear program may just be the best way to keep it from building bombs.
Christian Science Monitor 'New populists' vs. the West Can the leaders of Iran and Venezuela forge a political counterweight to US power?
IHT Evil deeds in Iran? British are suspects No. 1 By MICHAEL SLACKMAN / NYTTo understand who it is that Iranians distrust most of all, one need only to visit Bobby Sands Street. Named after the Irish republican who died of a hunger strike in 1981, the street runs right past the British Embassy in a busy neighborhood of Tehran.
Asia Times China's energy insecurity and Iran's nuclear crisis China is in a bind. Its burgeoning energy and business ties with Iran make Tehran a vital partner that Beijing can increasingly ill afford to lose. But side with Iran over its nuclear program, and the consequences on the global stage will be just as dire. The United States is exploiting the situation to the full. - Kaveh L Afrasiabi
For Americans, It Can Pay to Play in Iran's Court By Karl Vick, Making himself as inconspicuous as a 7-foot-2 black man can be in Iran, Garth Joseph sidled up to the store counter. His air was at once
Newsweek China Walks Tightrope on Iran’s Nukes

Thursday, February 09, 2006


Violence Spreads Over Cartoon Controversy Mohamed Nimer, Mohamed Nimer, Ph.D., research director at the Council on American-Islamic Relations, discussed the controversial cartoon depictions of the
NBC 4 more deaths in cartoon protests As violent protest flared throughout Muslim populations on Tuesday, taking more lives and for the first time targeting an American facility, the United States accused Iran and Syria of deliberately stoking the anger.
BBC Iran and Syria 'incited violence' US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice says Iran and Syria are fuelling Muslim anger in the cartoon row.
Slate Depicting Mohammed: Why I'm offended by the Danish cartoons of the prophet.
Reza Aslan
WSJ Editorial Page Moral Atomic Bomb BY BERNARD-HENRI LEVY, In the midst of a planetary intifada, let us stand by the moderate Muslims.
Daily Star Let's admit to a growing Islamist problem By Michael Young
Gulf News Cartoon row could complicate relations The controversy can be the beginning of a long misunderstanding between the West and East.
Der Spiegel All Cartoon Politics Are Local Muslim outrage reflects specific national conflicts -- most of them exacerbated by Bush's policies. By Juan Cole
Cartoon Jihad: Rotten Judgment in the State of Denmark
Comic Kampf: Jyllands-Posten Rejected Jesus Satire
Guardian Our media must give Muslims the chance to debate with each other Timothy Garton Ash: We used to say 'When in Rome do as the Romans'; but Rome is now Tunis, Cairo and Tirana, while London is all the world.
Turmoil Over Cartoons Began Quietly Among Danes By Kevin Sullivan, The global furor over cartoons of the prophet Muhammad can be traced to one day last September when newspaper editor
E-Mail, Blogs, Text Messages Propel Anger Over Images By Kevin Sullivan, Mohammad Fouad Barazi, a prominent Muslim cleric here, received a text message on his cell phone last week. It was a mass...... Weekly Standart Fear Factor by Edward Morrissey, Giving in to radical Islam won't help moderate Muslims.
Christian Science Monitor Cartoon furor deepens divisions Muslim anger escalated after European newspapers chose to republish the drawings.
A Cartoon's Portrait of America By Anne Applebaum, The Islamic world is learning that we don't respect religion in the same manner they do. Slowly, we are learning that they feel differently about
Cartoons, Free Elections, & Combat Operations - Austin Bay, RealClearPolitics
Opportunists Make Use of Cartoon Protests By Griff Witte, Like tens of thousands of protesters this week, the crowd that gathered Wednesday in the southern Afghan town of
Bush Shifts on Muslim Protests By Jim VandeHei, The Bush administration yesterday condemned the violent response to European cartoons mocking Islam and accused Iran and Syria of exploiting the
Bush Urges Nations to End Violence; Rice Accuses Syria and Iran By DAVID E. SANGER, The U.S. secretary of state accused Iran and Syria of fueling the protests for political gain, and said "the world ought to call them on it."
Independent Violent protests are a 'growing global crisis' The violent uproar over the publication of cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohamed has become "a growing global crisis", the Prime Minister of Denmark said.
Bush Rebukes Muslim Violence, Chides Press By TERENCE HUNT, President Bush condemned the deadly rioting sparked by cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad on Wednesday, and his secretary of state. NYT A Cartoon's Portrait of America By Anne Applebaum
Rice Accuses Iran, Syria in Muslim Violence By TERENCE HUNT, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice accused Iran and Syria on Wednesday of instigating Muslim protests triggered by drawings of
Cartoon Protesters Direct Anger at U.S. By NOOR KHAN, Police killed four people Wednesday as Afghans enraged over drawings of the Prophet Muhammad marched on a U.S. military base
AP Protests Use of Photo in Controversy The Associated Press protested Wednesday the misleading inclusion of an AP photograph in a pamphlet purporting to show
FT Cartoon controversy: Middle East blogwatch Bloggers in the Middle East have been attempting to make sense of the furore that followed the publication of cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed. Fiona Symon offers a selection of some of the best.
BBC Militant stance Hamas faces question whether to accept Israel's legimacy UPI Analysis: Israel's woes and the Likud By MARTIN SIEFF, Everything Benjamin Netanyahu warned about has come to pass -- yet he has gained no benefit from it in the Israeli election campaign: Why not?
Jerusalem Post Hamas plans independent economy By ORLY HALPERN AND AP, A-Zahar: Separate from Israel in agriculture, industry, health issues.
Gulf News How Hamas will manage its victory
The road ahead remains murky but with foresight and international goodwill, the Palestinians can come up with a workable solution.
The Hamas Tightrope - Ralph Peters, USA Today
Hamas Leader Tells Abbas Not to Act on His Own By GREG MYRE, Hamas warned the Palestinian president not to revamp the Palestinian Authority or make cabinet appointments without their approval.
Guardian Hamas, the peace party Aluf Benn: Once they sent suicide bombers to Israel; now they bring discipline and a sense of realpolitik.BBC Hamas 'ready to talk to Israel'
Haaretz poll: Hamas win, transfer of funds to PA hurts Kadima Hamas Warns Abbas Not to Make Changes By MAAMOUN YOUSSEF, Hamas warned Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas on Wednesday not to make changes in the government without consulting it _ the......
Haaretz The next political move By Israel Harel, Israel's leaders, including the commanders of the Israel Defense Forces - who for some reason have also jumped on Olmert's wagon - hold the key to reconciliation.
Christian Science Monitor Palestinians probe the depth of graft Hamas's campaign to end corruption may have spurred the inquiry into millions in stolen aid.
The Daily Star Editorial A weak Palestinian government is not in anyone's interest In the wake of Hamas' election victory, the world is threatening to cut funding to the Palestinian government. Both the United States and the European Union have said that they will stop giving aid to the Palestinian Authority if the ruling Hamas Party fails to renounce violence and recognize Israel.
Gulf News Islamic Jihad to stay out of government Islamic Jihad on Wednesday ruled out joining a new Palestinian government following Hamas's election victory or forging any long-term truce with Israel.
Two Allies' Tacks On Hamas Dilemma By Glenn Kessler, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni struck quite a tableau as they met yesterday with reporters in the
We in Hamas demand that Israel agree a package deal By Ghazi Hamed
Haaretz We are not alone in this struggle By Avraham Tal, Israel is not alone in dealing with aggressive fundamentalist Islam. It's now being made tangible to European countries - by the street rioting and the torching of embassies - that their culture and the lives of their citizenry are in real danger.
Jerusalem Post Hamas's problem Israel is acting as if it wishes to save the PA from collapse even if Hamas is behind it.Palestinians Attack Gaza-Israel Checkpoint Three armed Palestinians attacked a checkpoint between Israel and Gaza before daybreak Thursday, the military said
Jerusalem Post Netanyahu on offensive against Olmert Says funds to help poor are ready, but Olmert is not authorizing them.
UPI Analysis: The Netanyahu conundrum Everything Benjamin Netanyahu warned about has come to pass -- yet he has gained no benefit from it in the Israeli election campaign: Why not?
Iran Remains Defiant on Nuclear Program Dafna Linzer, Washington Post staff writer Dafna Linzer discussed Iran's continued defiance over their nuclear program
IHT Thanks, Iran, for the reminder DAVID HOWELL AND CAROLE NAKHLE, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran has done more to ensure that the green revolution moves forward than a dozen presidential speeches or a score of low-carbon targets.
NBC: For Iran, nukes a national issue
Jereusalem Post Ahmadinejad - incitement deserves indictment By R. BLUM, G. STANTON, E. RICHTER AND I. CHARNEY
Asia Times US fuels Iran's nuclear policy by Gareth Porter, The dominant view of the US intelligence community in recent years has been that Iran's fear of a US attack has driven its desire for a nuclear program, which could potentially lead to a nuclear weapons capability. Yet the US has steadfastly refused to stop rattling sabers.
IHT Facing down Iran Washington deserves credit for agreeing to the modest compromises necessary to build a broad diplomatic front against Iran for its troubling nuclear behavior.
Saudi Ambassador Decries Iran Nuke Program By AMANDA LEE MYERS, The Saudi Arabian ambassador to the United States on Wednesday denounced Iran's uranium enrichment program and what he called
Haaretz Syrian ex-VP, Muslim Brothers team up in bid to topple Assad Yoav Stern, Syria's elite republican guard goes on high alert in light of Khaddam's recent statements against Assad.
Voice of America Syria Should Not Serve Iranian 'Strategic Interests' Says Former Vice President of Syria Abdul-Halim Khaddam told the Voice of America (VOA) in an exclusive interview that he is opposed to President Assad's
FT Alleged transit of fighters from Syria to Iraq slows Alleged infiltration of foreign militants into Iraq through Syria appears to have dramatically slowed down, according to US military officers on the Iraqi-Syrian border.
Gulf News What's happening to Lebanon? The ruling elite has so far failed to show leadership or the ability to run the country

Wednesday, February 08, 2006


Haaretz Olmert: We must separate from Palestinians, draw final borders In first interview as acting PM Olmert says major settlement blocs, united J'lem to remain in Israeli hands.
Jerusalem Post Olmert oulines country's future borders Ariel, Ma'aleh Adumim, Gush Etzion blocs are 'inseparable' part of Israel."
Jerusalem Post Hamas: Olmert must accept less Top Hamas leader laughed at Olmert's plans for Israel's final borders.
Israeli PM Plans to Keep Main Settlements By AMY TEIBEL, Acting Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said Tuesday that Israel will give up territory and relinquish control over most of the West Bank's
IHT Israel to encircle Palestinian state Acting Israeli PM, Ehud Olmert, says he will keep control of Jordan valley.
NYT Olmert Says Israel Will Keep 3 Large West Bank Settlement Blocs
Haaretz Olmert: Israel will separate from West Bank
FT Olmert plans further withdrawals Israel plans further withdrawals from the West Bank but will hold on to large settlement blocs and the eastern border with Jordan, Ehud Olmert, acting prime minister
Haartez Olmert facing dissent within Kadima over unilateral pullout
BBC Hamas chiefs discuss government
Jerusalem Post 'Hamas must back peace or go broke' By ORLY HALPERNP, A minister tells 'Post' Hamas must change its ideology or PA will disappear.
Gulf News Hamas seeks to include Fatah in new government, say officials
Gulf News Hamas likely to control many security agencies
Times Hamas moderates its rhetoric on Israel By Simon Freeman
Hamas today hinted that it may suspend its commitment to the destruction of Israel as the militant organisation's leaders convened in Cairo to begin constructing a new Palestinian government.
Graham E. Fuller - Hamas Comes to Power: Breakthrough or Setback? Strategic Insights, Volume V, Issue 2
BBC Taking stock Palestinians consider the social effects of the Hamas victory
UPI Israeli-Palestinian fighting flares up By JOSHUA BRILLIANT, Ten Palestinians were killed this week as Israel resumed its policy of 'zero tolerance to terror' and responded to Qassam rocket attacks and attempted
Newsweek Extreme Victory Hamas emerges victorious in a Palestinian election that stuns the world. But what did the militants win? A mess—and they can't fix it alone.
Newsweek The Polls: What the Palestinians Really Voted For
Haaretz Responses to Hamas 40% of Jewish Israelis believe that Hamas legitimately represents the Palestinians.
Weekly Standart Hamas's Rock Star by Todd Bensman, By day he was an engineer working for the city of Dallas. On weekends he entertained at fundraisers for a terrorist group.
Newsweek White House Had Intel Warnings on Hamas
NYT Israel to Cooperate With Palestinian Authority for Now
BBC Ehud Olmert'in 'sınır' vizyonu İsrail'de başbakanlığa vekalet eden Ehud Olmert mart ayı seçimlerinde lideri olduğu Kadema Partisi kazanırsa İsrail'in gelecekteki sınırlarının nasıl çizilmesini isteyeceği konusunda ipuçları verdi.
BBC World figures deplore cartoon row
UN, EU and Muslim leaders call for calm in the wake of violence sparked by the Muhammad cartoons.
Rights and responsibilities
Are protests justified?
UPI Analysis: Tit-for-tat in cartoon spat By GARETH HARDING, Lurid newspaper headlines might refer to the recent violent protests at Danish drawings of Mohammed as "Cartoon Wars," but few people in Europe
WP: Cartoon furor began quietly
Asia Times Why can't Muslims take a joke? The Mohammed cartoon affair is even worse than it looks, yet the images are tame compared with other topics that the mainstream media avoid. With freedom of choice and access to information come doubt. Christianity and Judaism are bloodied - indeed, drained almost dry - by nearly two centuries of scriptural criticism; Islam's turn barely has begun.
Der Spiegel THE CARTOON JIHAD 'Satanic Verses Taught us a Lesson' In her work as a social anthropologist, Professor Pnina Werbner of Britain's Keele University, has written extensively about the "Satanic Verses" affair and the tumult Salman Rushdie's novel created between western and Muslim cultures. In an interview with SPIEGEL ONLINE she compares the greatest literary debate of our time to the outrage over Danish caricatures of Muhammad.
IHT When dignity is at stake by RIK COOLSAET, European non-Muslims must understand that the Danish cartoons degrade the dignity of Muslims.
Newsweek Essay: Islam's Cartoon Schism
IHT A 'dangerous moment' for Europe and Islam
The Danish cartoons: a neo-colonial slap By Rami G. Khouri
Cartoons and Islamic Imperialism - Daniel Pipes, New York Sun
NYT Muslim Protests Against Cartoons Spread
FT UN, EU and Muslims link in call to curb protests The United Nations, the European Union and the Organisation of the Islamic Conference issued a joint appeal for an end to violence around the Muslim world, following the publication of cartoons deemed offensive to Islam.
Controversy May Affect U.S. Efforts By Glenn Kessler, The outrage over cartoons depicting the prophet Muhammad poses a challenge for the United States at a time when the Bush administration is
The Uses of Cartoons EXTREMISTS AND political opportunists across the Muslim world are rushing to exploit the controversy over the publication of cartoons of the
Protests Spread in Afghanistan By Griff Witte, Violent protests spread Tuesday across Afghanistan, where at least three demonstrators died in a clash with NATO
Time Why the Cartoon Clash Is Escalating
Independent Authorities backed Damascus riots, say protesters
Syrian protesters who burnt and looted the Danish and Norwegian embassies in Damascus at the weekend were encouraged to organise by the Syrian authorities, and received text messages from Islamic study centres urging them to gather, according to participants in the riot.
Washington Times Syria seen as instigator
Strong Leads and Dead Ends in Nuclear Case Against Iran By Dafna Linzer, Iranian engineers have completed sophisticated drawings of a deep subterranean shaft, according to officials who have examined classified
WSJ Assad and the Ayatollah Their very different reactions to the Danish cartoons.
Asia Times Making enemies friends over Iran by Dmitry Shlapentokh Institutionalized revolutionaries such as those in Iran and radical Islamists such as Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda do not have much sympathy for one another. Yet extreme pressure on Iran would push these opposite forces into an odd alliance, reducing, not increasing, the overall security of the US.
The Globalist: Can the U.S. Use Iraq to Get Through to Iran?Poll: Growing Number of People Fear Iran By WILL LESTER, Americans' fears about Iran have grown sharply over the last few months as efforts by the United States and Europe to slow Tehran's
Daily Star Is Iranian power the Arab world's worst nightmare? By Iason Athanasiadis
Dar-Al Hayat Between Negotiation and Rebellion by Abdel Wahab Badrakhan - The political calculations seem to reveal to Iran that it still has ample time for challenge.
Haaretz The umbrella and its circumstances By Aluf Benn, In political life there are no free lunches, and President Bush's statements of protecting Israel remove the possibility of it taking matters into its own hands with Iran.
IHT U.S. moderation by Roger Cohen: Can the U.S. use Iraq to get through to Iran?
Iranian Paper Plans Holocaust Cartoons By NASSER KARIMI, A prominent Iranian newspaper said Tuesday it would hold a competition for cartoons on the Holocaust to test whether the West
SPIEGEL INTERVIEW WITH US GENERAL JAMES JONES "America Has Enough on its Hands Right Now" General James Jones is the top NATO commander in Europe and leader of all United States forces in Europe. SPIEGEL spoke with Jones about violence in Iraq, similarities with Vietnam, and whether the US military is prepared for a potential escalation of the Iran conflict.
Interview with Egypt's President Mubarak: "Foreign Troops Can't Do the Job"
NBC: U.S. man aided al-Zarqawi?