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The Golan Heights and Syrian-Israeli Relations: What Does Asad Want? Unlike his father, who shifted in the 1990s from calls for “strategic parity” with Israel to “strategic peace,” Syrian president Bashar al-Asad has left the doors open to both peace and war with his Israeli neighbors.
The Economist America in the Middle East Reaching out to Iran and Syria
SyriaComment Is Syria Asking Too Much?
US Dialogue with Syria Ruled Out For Now
Forward The Two Faces of Bashar Al-Assad Ileana Ros-Lehtinen
Political Crisis Escalates in Lebanon: Syria's Role USIPeace Briefing
Yedioth Ahronoth Lebanese poker/ Eyal Zisser
Boston Globe Editorial Lebanon's fragility Lebanon's curse is to be treated by its neighbors as a staging area for proxy wars and a target for political meddling. So there should be no room for naivete about the regional and international implications of the current governmental crisis
Daily Star Hizbullah rules out return to talks, says protests are likely
Hizbullah's push for power Jonathan Spyer: The twin elements in Hizbullah's strategy to remove all obstacles to the ultimate objective of power are destabilization in the capital and rearmament in the south.
Editorial Leadership vacuum threatens both Iraq and Lebanon
As Pressure for Talks Grows, Iran and Syria Gain Leverage
Hariri criticises proposed dialogue with Iran and Syria
BBC Iran, Syria and IraqViews from each country on the idea of talks with the US
Iran, Syria Continue To Show Destabilizing Behavior, Rice Says
Arms dealer jailed for 18 months over planned Syrian deal

Washington Institute A Palestinian Grand Bargain: Abbas’s Government, Hamas’s Program
The Economist America, Israel and the Palestinians Hamas carries on with the dance
IHT Make a deal with Hamas MARK A. HELLER / IHTIt is time for Israel to change its course and talk to the Hamas-controlled government, which has been unable to govern from the day of its formation.
WSJ Abba Olmert Israel has to consider a pre-emptive strike against Iran. By MICHAEL B. OREN
Benn Olmert's drums of war
Wanted: A moderate pro-Israel lobby
Marcus The summit of the bunglers The Bush-Olmert meeting brings together two maligned leaders caught up in wars that have no solution despite the might of their armies, and both are saddled with deadweights in their defense department.
Israel rejects European draft for Middle East peace initiative
Yedioth Ahronoth Israel snubs EU peace plan
Olmert's dream world/ Barnea
Daily Star Hamas and the Quartet: The locals are unwelcome to the club By Alastair Crooke
Iranian papers: Great war to wipe out Israel coming...
Analysis: EU hopeful on Fatah-Hamas govt
BBC Money troublesWhat international aid is and is not getting to the Palestinians?
FPIF Falling In Line on Israel
Benn 'Sliding Doors' in Washington Olmert's approach while in Washington was to cling to his conservative positions and presented a long list of "nos."
Eldar Better to milk Lebanon than drink Golan wine
Jerusalem Post Apocalypse now? Not for Bush By URI DAN The situation in the Middle East is too serious and dramatic to be abandoned to false rumors.
Foreign Policy Seven Questions: Ismail Haniya on the Future of Palestine

Guardian US plans last big push in Iraq Strategy document calls for extra 20,000 troops, aid for Iraqi army and regional summit.
Washington PostSectarian Strife in Iraq Imperils Entire Region Many in Middle East say civil war is underway, and the real worry is that the conflict will destroy flimsy Iraqi state, draw in surrounding countries
Washington Post Charles Krauthammer: It's the Iraqis' Fault Unless the Iraqis can put together a government of unitary purpose and resolute action, the simple objective of this war -- to leave behind a self-sustaining democratic government -- is not attainable.
Violence in Iraq Called Increasingly Complex
Sectarian clashes, continuing strikes by gangs, insurgents and al-Qaeda terrorists complicate the crisis.
Debate Grows Over Beefing Up U.S. Force in Iraq: Military Leaders Oppose McCain's Push for Thousands of Additional Troops
Abizaid Says Withdrawal Would Mean More Unrest
Financial Times General warns against Iraq exit timeline General John Abizaid, the top US commander in the Middle East, warned that a phased withdrawal of US troops within six months, which some Democrats want, would increase sectarian violence in Iraq.
McClatchy James Baker may face his toughest challenge in Iraq By WARREN P. STROBEL When James Baker became secretary of state in 1989, one of the first things he did was cut a deal to end wrangling over U.S. policy in Central America. Seventeen years later, Baker faces a similar challenge as he co-chairs a committee that's increasingly seen as the last, best hope for finding a respectable exit from Iraq.
Los Angeles Times Unleash the Shiites? By Laura Rozen The U.S. may be forced to choose sides in Iraq's civil strife.
Nurture Iraqi democracy, from the ground up By Michael Rubin U.S. funding to Iraq should be redirected away from the central government to Iraq's municipalities
IHT The coming U.S. withdrawal from Iraq MARTIN VAN CREVELD
COMMENT: Why more troops will not solve the crisis in IraqI share the concerns of Robert Kagan and William Kristol, who warned in the FT this week of the deteriorating situation in Iraq, writes US Brigadier General Zeb Bradford (ret). But, he adds, the solution they propose flies in the face of reality.
Reality Check By Chirol “…if the US setup camp in Kurdistan, it would definitely become a de facto independent country and would become so disconnected from Iraq that de jure wouldn’t be far off. What would keep them from declaring what everyone already knows? Especially with the US guarantee in place?”
Weekly Standard Reality Check II Examining the consequences of "redeployment." by Frederick W. Kagan “U.S. forces would remain poised on bases in Iraqi Kurdistan, Kuwait, or elsewhere in the region to support the Iraqis with “rapid reaction forces.”

Christian Science Monitor A role for Iran in an Iraq exit strategy By Daniel Schorr
Iran: U.S. shouldn't exit Iraq too soon
EDITORIAL: Sunni infiltrators of Iraq and the Iran factor Daily Times - Lahore,Pakistan

The neocons' last stand Sidney Blumenthal: They scurried off Bush's sinking ship, but are still trying to stop a reversal of his Middle East policy
Time Bush's Iraq-Iran-Israel Dilemma

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New York Times Editorial The Road to Damascus It is time to give direct diplomacy with Syria a serious try.
The Times Leader Iraq's neighbours Blair proposes a regional role for Syria and Iran
This way to Damascus – let's hope you're good at hagglingAnalysis by Richard Beeston The cost of any Syrian or Iranian assistance will be high
Paper: Syria Ready for Dialogue With US on Iraq
Engaging Syria and Iran might not save US from Iraq morass Quentin Peel
Iran and Syria can be Blair's 'partners for peace' Mr Blair said there could be a new 'partnership' if Iran stopped supporting terrorism in Iraq and gave up its nuclear ambitions
Hard bargainIran and Syria may exact a high price to help the US on Iraq
University Channel Iran, Syria and Hezbollah
Diplomatic stalemate will lead to war; we must talk to Abbas and Assad, Danny Yatom says
ECONOMIST INTELLIGENCE UNIT BRIEFING Divided Lebanon Confrontation between rival political groups is likely
Editorial Lebanon's New Crisis
No shots have been fired, but Hezbollah has launched another dangerous offensive
Lebanon’s political crisis deepens Lebanon’s political crisis deepened as the cabinet approved the framework of an international tribunal to try suspected killers former prime minister Rafiq Hariri in the absence of six pro-Syrian ministers
Lebanon backs UN Hariri tribunal
Lebanon's cabinet approves draft UN plans for an tribunal to try suspects in the killing of the former PM Rafik Hariri.
Hezbollah's Latest Bet
Hezbollah's thirst for added powers threatens peace (David R. Sands)
McClatchy Hezbollah leader predicts collapse of Lebanese government
Support for Hizbullah stronger than ever
Iraqi Premier and U.S. General Discuss Syria and Iran

Ha’aretz - Print Edition
Fury in U.S. over Olmert's comments on Iraq war
Editorial A real lack of deterrence There is an unbridgeable gap between the threatening declarations the government is making toward Iran and the weakness the IDF is transmitting.
Hamas: Boycott to end even if PA gov't doesn't recognize Israel
BBC Out of ideasPalestinians and Israelis lack strategy to escape violence
Eye of the Storm: The thumpin' as seen from the Middle East [ AMIR TAHERI,
Yedioth Ahronoth PM: Unite against IranAnalysis: Missed red flags on Israeli spy
Analysis: A Palestinian unity government
Learning the Lessons of Madrid By Amir Taheri
Benn Olmert and Bush / 45 minutes of smiles
CFR In Gaza: New Leader, Old Problems
Palestinians: New Leader, Old Problems
The Region: Four phony panaceas BARRY RUBIN
'No int'l peace summit' McClatchy Palestinians weigh a government without Hamas
Hamas preparing to relinquish control
BBC Rivals 'agree new Palestinian PM' Hamas and Fatah reportedly agree a new prime minister, Muhammad Shbeir, as they discuss a unity government.
Olmert: Israel will 'not tolerate' a nuclear Iran...
PBS Experts Discuss Increased Violence, Future of Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
New York Times For Evangelicals, Supporting Israel Is ‘God’s Foreign Policy’ Many conservative Christians say they believe that support for Israel fulfills a biblical injunction to protect the Jewish state.

Financial Times Editorial Changing Iraq policy is not enough
Christian Science Monitor Huge task before Iraq Study Group The 10-member panel, which met with White House officials Monday, will make recommendations after Thanksgiving
NYT Military Analysis: Get Out Now? Not So Fast, Experts Say By Michael Gordon
CSIS U.S. Policy Options in Iraq: A Primer READ MORE (repeat)
Washington Post Bush Initiates Iraq Policy Review Separate From Baker Group's By Robin Wright
Baker Ex Machina By David Ignatius
Washington Post Bush Faces New Calls to Shift Policies On Mideast President finds himself trying to balance desire for change voiced by electorate last week with his commitment to U.S. military's presence in Iraq.
UPI Walker's World: What to expect from the Iraq Study Group
Guardian Commission improbable Michael Kinsley: What chance Baker's Iraq Study Group coming up with something original? Don't hold your breath.
CBS Top Marine: US Had No Plan for Postwar Iraq
McClatchy Bush meets with Iraq Study Group
Iraq: A Final (Bipartisan) Push? - Greg Djerejian, Belgravia Dispatch
Tony Karon James Baker vs. the Likud, Round II: This Time its Persian-al
PBS Senators Debate Changes in U.S Strategy Toward Iraq
Der Spiegel "Iraq Is Not Winnable" What happens next in the Middle East? SPIEGEL spoke to Richard Haass, president of the Council on Foreign Relations, to find out. A widely respected foreign policy expert, Haass warns that the Middle East could become dangerous for years to come
Bush Says He’s Open to Change in Iraq, but ... After meeting with a panel examining the war, the president said that military options “depend upon conditions on the ground.”

Bringing Iran to the Bargaining Table Kenneth M. Pollack, Current History View Full Article (PDF—2,104kb).
American Prospect Iran Hawks Reorganize Meet the Iran Enterprise Institute. Its name might sound familiar By Laura Rozen
Heritage Foundation Countering Iran's Oil Weapon by Ariel Cohen, Ph.D., James Phillips and William L. T. Schirano
Guardian Why stop the Great Satan? He's driving himself to hell Simon Jenkins: Tehran can sit back and watch its tormentors sweat. But the US and Britain must start from diplomatic ground zero.
Christian Science Monitor Can Iran help in Iraq?
Is Tehran Maintaining a Clandestine Nuclear Fund?
Phone calls by a top Iranian official tapped by a Western intelligence service apparently indicate that Iran has set aside a secret fund to expand its nuclear program, DER SPIEGEL has learned
Ahmadinejad - Hostage Taker?Middle East Forum by Daniel Pipes
Iran Seeks to Keep US Troops in Iraq
Bush and Israeli Prime Minister Maintain Tough Front on Iran
CFR Makovsky: Iran Possible ‘Sore Point’ in US-Israeli Relations
Washington Times Defending against Iran's missiles (James T, Hackett)

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Bashar al-Assad's Peace Offensive Patrick Seale
Why the world loves Syria Asia Times
Shift on Syria, Iran discussed
Rice: Syria Is a 'Dangerous State Behaving in a Dangerous Manner'
Blair urges world to engage Iran, Syria
Syria Comment Why the Barak-Asad, Golan Deal Failed” by Swisher
Diehl How Bush and Olmert Could Help Each Other Imagine Ehud Olmert emerging from the White House to announce that Israel is prepared to explore peace with Syria. It might not turn the ugly tide in the Middle East. But it would, at least, get Israel and the United States back in the fight
Lebanon crisis ignites wider 'cold war' Five Shiite ministers quit Lebanon's government this weekend, ending talks and sparking political upheaval
As Hezbollah Seeks Power, Lebanon Is Feeling Edgy
Talks Collapse in Lebanon as Shiites Vacate the Cabinet
Hizbollah ministers quit Lebanon’s cabinet
Lebanon crisis as Hizbullah quits government
Hezbollah’s missiles back in Lebanon
Israeli general quits over Lebanon war
IHT Southern Lebanon's deadly crop What the Lebanese farmers need most of all is financial compensation for their crop losses this year and until the unexploded ordnance is cleared and they can safely farm their land and resume production.

Editorial International force for Gaza
Rosner The Olmert-Bush meeting / Uncertainty and paralysis
Washington Institute When Bush Meets Olmert: New Political Contexts in Washington and Jerusalem
UPI Analysis: Bush, Olmert, Iran and Palestine
The Times Leader Back to Palestine Only America can move matters forward in the Middle East
Christian Science Monitor Truce with Israel over, says Hamas head after Beit Hanoun deaths Israel's prime minister 'very distressed,' and calls Gaza shelling 'technical mistake.
Boston Globe The agony of Gaza
EVEN BEFORE Israeli shelling killed 19 Palestinian civilians on Wednesday in the Gaza town of Beit Hanoun, lucid observers on either side of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict could foresee the inevitability of just such a horror. Until that conflict is resolved with a mutually acceptable sharing of land and recognition of political sovereignty, it will go on producing one massacre of innocents after the other.
Anatomy of an Alliance In New Middle East, Tests for an Old Friendship By STEVEN ERLANGER The Democratic sweep has created concerns in Israel that the administration will turn to compromise with Iran.

Washington Post Defense department to Reevaluate Iraq Plan Pentagon is reviewing the military's strategy to determine "what's going wrong and should be changed" to attain U.S. objectives in Iraq.
Washington Post Panel May Have Few Good Options to Offer Group will meet with president to chart a new course, with the goal of stabilizing the country and possibly withdrawing troops. Bipartisan Group's Plan Expected in Dec.
Zakaria: What the Baker Commission is Ignoring
Time The Realists Take Charge
Searching for an Exit Plan A new team, made up of some old Bush family friends, will try to help the President find a way out of the Iraq mess. Will this family intervention succeed?
Los Angeles Times Democrats to seek phased exit from Iraq Party is set to call for a military pullback within four to six months, part of an agenda aimed at overhauling American policy in the Middle East
Democrats say will push for Iraq withdrawal
Editorial Democrats and Iraq Talking About Iraq By DAVID BROOKS (free)
Weekly Standard Bush's Iraq Legacy What kind of Iraq will he bequeath to his successor?by Robert Kagan & William Kristol
Weekly Standard Doubling Down in Iraq Warfare isn't like William J. Stuntz
New York Times Military Team Undertakes a Broad Review of the Iraq War and the Campaign Against Terror By MICHAEL R. GORDON
Helena Cobban America's Iraq policy after the elections
Democrats, Engaging Bush, Vow Early Action Over Iraq
New York Times Military Team Undertakes a Broad Review of the Iraq War and the Campaign Against Terror By MICHAEL R. GORDON
Financial Times Bush must call for reinforcements in Iraq
President George W. Bush has just over two years left in office - still time to find the successful strategy that will define his legacy, argue Robert Kagan and William Kristol
Editorial A Consensus on Iraq President Bush and Democrats say they want to find common ground on the war. They can.
Monica Duffy Toft: Iraq Is Gone. Now What? Some 3 1/2 years after the U.S. invasion, most scholars and policy analysts accept that Iraq is now in a civil war. But many policymakers have not been willing to face up to the consequences. The key question is how Iraq will be stabilized.
BBC US army 'to suggest Iraq changes' US military leaders are set to recommend changes in strategy on Iraq, America's top military officer says.
Washington Post Tall Afar's Journey On the road to stability, Iraqi city seen as a model in curbing violence continues to face daily challenges
Facing the realities of Iraq Chicago Tribune
The new realism on Iraq The end of the Rumsfeld-Cheney axis in Washington will lead to a decisive change of policy in Baghdad.

Asia Times Iran the key in US change on Iraq A Democratic Congress and a pragmatist in charge of the Pentagon pave the way for a new approach toward the United States' vexing problems with Iraq and Iran. First, though, President George W Bush has to accept that without Tehran, the US cannot win in Iraq. And as important, any Iranian help must be linked to its nuclear program. Trita Parsi
To persuade Iran, back talks with sanctions LEE FEINSTEIN AND MICHAEL LEVI Imposing sanctions on Iran may delay the day negotiations begin, but they will make future talks more likely to contain Tehran's nuclear weapons program.
Daily Telegraph Iraqi terrorists 'are supported by Iran'
Leader Hobbling Iran Can we be certain that Iran would not tip its auxiliaries' weapons with nuclear warheads?Neither Britain nor America can mount an argument to invade Iran, but such steps as imposing tougher sanctions and seizing assets should be taken now before it is too late.
The Times Iran 'must start to fear' Israel if it fails to halt nuclear plan
Minister: Israel must be ready to stop Iranian nukes 'at all costs'
Iran offers to arm enemies of Israel

Democracy and the Middle East: Egypt, the Palestinian territories and Saudi Arabia (PDF; 181 KB)Source: UK Parliament Library
Strategy Report Vol.2, No.15: How Do Arabs Perceive the West?Source: Center for Strategic & International Studies
In more fluid Mideast, what now for the US?
Regime-change blowback For at least 50 years, the US has pursued a policy of belligerent regime change in the Middle East that time and again has suffered from unforeseen consequences, or "blowback". The results of the US mid-term elections indicate that the American people have realized that this has happened in Iraq and in Afghanistan. The result: regime change at home. - Henry C K Liu
Ha’aretz The Lame-Duck Syndrome By: Akiva Eldar It is becoming clear to Bush and his conservative bedfellows that getting out of the Iraqi hell will be a lot harder than getting into it. A U.S. flight from Iraq will likely turn that country into a springboard for Iran - an oil power that brandishes a nuclear and terrorist threat - to encroach across the Middle East. All that will remain of Bush's democratization vision will be a nightmare of the assault mounted by Shi'a religious fanatics, armed with weapons of mass destruction, on the moderate Sunni regimes in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Jordan.
Daily Star The Four Occupations Smothering the Middle East By: Ghassan Arab societies are occupied in four ways: Rulers occupy freedoms, religious authorities occupy the mind, colonialists occupy territory, and local militias occupy the street.
Daily Star Now to overhaul all Middle East policy By Rami G. Khouri

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Jerusalem Post Rattling the Cage: Why Israel must talk to Syria By LARRY DERFNERWhat's this nonsense about preconditions? We've insisted on "direct negotiations" without them for years.
OpenDemocracy Syria's quagmire, al-Assad's tunnel Carsten Wieland
Iran, Syria’s new master
SyriaComment EU Splits from US on Syria: US Elections
The Economist Lebanon Freeing the cedars from Western blight
Syria Shocks PKK - Zaman Online

Editorial After the elections in America
Abbas-Meshal chat moves PA unity gov't closer
Israel, U.S. ponder news ways to collect intelligence in Lebanon
Marcus An accident named Olmert the country has been dragged into a war on two fronts by a prime minister and a defense minister devoid of military understanding
Sarid A friendship in disguise American-Republican interests push vital Israeli interests aside; and it seems like everyone is waiting for the inevitable violent outbreak that is on the way.
Schiff Countering Qassams / Why wasn't the air force used?
Bar’el A new colonialism
'Gates will uphold solid US-Israel ties'Jerusalem Post
Sneh to 'Post': 'IDF must stop Iran'Deputy defense minister says Ahmadinejad could "kill Zionist dream.
Olmert Warns US Not to Withdraw From Iraq
Rice: Palestinian deaths 'awful'
Daily Star Editorial Slow bleed: Israel has made death a way of life in Gaza
New Republic In Denial by Leon Wieseltier Existentialism in Palestine.
Guardian A profound pessimism has taken hold of Israel Jonathan Steele: The war in Lebanon and rockets from Gaza have reinforced a great mood swing. People no longer seem to want a peace deal.
Truce with Israel over, says Hamas head after Beit Hanoun deaths Israel's prime minister 'very distressed,' and calls Gaza shelling 'technical mistake.'
Gaza siege has ended but rockets still rain on Israelis Israel's controversial incursion into Gaza has failed to stem the tide of Palestinian rockets being fired into its territory
The Palestinians Talking, in a way

WSJ Rumsfeld's Ouster Transforms Iraq Debate
Independent After Bush's midterm defeat, what now for Iraq?
IHT Time to talk to the bad guys ANATOL LIEVEN The only way in which America can now extricate itself from Iraq with some honor, while limiting the conflict there, is to appeal to Iraq's neighbors for help.
Quentin Peel THE AMERICAS: Options limited in Iraq whoever calls the shots in US
And Now, Iraq by David Corn
COMMENT: Bush needs a way out on Iraq. But answers? I heard none The US Iraq story has been one of bold rhetorical posturing constantly overtaken by the grim truth that the administration had surrendered control of events, writes Philip Stephens.

Daily Star The four occupations smothering the Middle East By Ghassan Rubeiz

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Memo From Lebanon: Christians Struggle to Preserve a Balance of Power

Benn Olmert in autumn In the autumn of his rule, Olmert is fulfilling what he promised: "to manage the country without an agenda.' Upon his return from Washington, however, he will have to explain to the public where we go from here.
ANALYSIS: Beit Hanun is the Palestinian version of Kfar Kana
Schiff A military failure and strategic vacuum
Hamas ends truce following Israeli bombing in Gaza
Send the Baker Commission to Gaza
By Daniel Levy
'We nearly fired at IAF plane' French defense minister: UN troops were 'two seconds' away from firing at aircraft in Lebanon
Jerusalem Post Will America save the world? By YUVAL STENITZIran's aim is to become a global - not merely a regional - nuclear player.
Analysts divided on election impactOfficials maintain US-Israel relationship will remain as strong as ever.

Washington Post Stage Set for Iraq Policy Shift Both Parties May Seek Cover in Recommendations of Study Group
Washington Institute A Plan for Iraq Dennis Ross a fresh vision for renewing U.S. strategy in Iraq with a detailed plan for local and regional action.
Changes in Iraq are Coming The Defense Secretary We Had» David Ignatius Robert Gates will go to the Pentagon with an invisible mission statement that can be summed up in two words: "exit strategy." Unlike Donald Rumsfeld, he won't fight the problem
CFR Lindsay: Bush, Democrats Likely to Look for New Approach to Iraq from Baker-Hamilton Commission
Schiff U.S. won't quit Iraq just yet
CFR Holbrooke: Regional Conference on Iraq ‘Very Good Idea’ “The Turks came very close six, eight weeks ago, to invading northern Iraq to prevent what they thought were excessive moves toward independence by the Kurds.”
Holbrooke: US Policy Options on Iraq
In Iraq, New Calculations of the U.S. Role
Iraqi Predicts the Hanging of Hussein by Year’s End
News Analysis: Rumsfeld, a Force for Change, Did Not Change With the Times Amid Iraq Tumult
Reactions From Abroad Set Conciliatory Tone, Seeing Vote as a Protest to Iraq Policy
Rumsfeld legacy defined by Iraq invasion
'Wise man' on Iraq is new chief
Stage Set for Iraq Policy Shift
Both Parties May Seek Cover in Recommendations of Study Group

Can or will the US cut a deal with Iran over the ME

Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Leader A cease-fire in Gaza
Leaving Gaza, but where to?
US official: Israel won't bomb Iran
UPI Analysis: Israel gears up for another war
Yedioth Ahronoth Something's rotten in Israel
US 'drought' bad for Israel/ Shoval
Daily Star Two conditions must guide a Palestinian-Israeli settlement By Ali Jarbawi
Washington key to solving Palestinian-Israeli conflict By Sablia Sarsar
If there were any doubts before about Hezbollah's seriousness in promoting a fundamentalist Islamic perspective after the conflict it initiated with Israel, there should be none now.
Ha’aretz - Print Edition Senior U.S. official: Israel will not attack Iran's nuclear program
Israel Pulls Most Forces From Gaza Strip
Scores of Palestinians Killed During Operation

Financial Times US focus switches to calls for change of strategy With the congressional elections in the rear mirror the focus in Washington is likely to shift to the Iraq Study Group
INTERNATIONAL NEWS: Idea of dividing Iraq into three wins adherents
Christian Science Monitor Shift Coming in US Policy on Iraq 'Stay the course' and 'cut and run' aren't options. Speaking to neighbors that are part of the 'axis of evil' may be.
New Republic Can House Democrats affect Bush's Iraq policy? by Lawrence F. Kaplan
New York Times THOMAS L. FRIEDMAN Tolerable or Awful: The Roads Left in Iraq
It’s time to make a final push for the tolerable, and if that fails, quit Iraq and insulate ourselves and our allies from the awful.
Yale Global The Withdrawal Syndrome – Part II Dilip Hiro The meaning of victory in Iraq continues to disintegrate
New Republic Why calls for Iraq withdrawal are short-sighted by Jeffrey Herf
Help Iraq Help Itself By FREDERICK D. BARTON Maliki’s new independence is America’s best chance to salvage the muddle Iraq has become. Let’s not get in his way
Los Angeles Times Fighting over who lost Iraq By Andrew J. Bacevich As with Vietnam, the ugly argument over the war will ultimately have a cleansing effect on the U.S.

Daily Star Iran's Achilles heel: its dependence on oil revenues By Ian Bremmer
WSJ Iran's Target Practice The mullahs' huge investment in ballistic-missile technology.
Washington Times Back the Sunnis? By William R. Hawkins Iran, with its support for militias in foreign lands, its nuclear ambitions and its aggressive Shia faith, poses a much greater threat to the Sunni Arab world than does Israel.

Asia Times US ready to face the world anew Regardless of the outcome of the United States mid-term elections, there is likely to be significant change in the way Washington operates in the Middle East; change brought about by the need to stem hemorrhaging prestige, budget and power. It will be along the lines of "let's make a deal" - in Iraq, and with Syria and Iran. - Stephen Julias and Max Fraad Wolff
Realpolitik: Middle East's new political reality By Alon Ben-Meir

Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Editorial A change of direction on Assad
Israel Girds for War With Syria, Hezbollah in 2007
Asad's Declarations: Ambiguous Words, Clear Meaning JCSS
Syria Comment
Inching Toward a Deal?
“Will Washington agree to Riyadh’s initiative on Lebanon?” by al-Amine

Washington key to solving Palestinian-Israeli conflict By Sablia Sarsar
Yedioth Ahronoth Status quo ante Israel must change policies from disengagement to preemption
Rice: Better Hamas in power than in streets
Jerusalem Post 'Israel should learn from Kosovo' xclusive: Lieberman calls Balkan conflict test case on int'l intervention.
British envoy: Balfour would have urged two-state solution
BBC Israeli army leaves Beit Hanoun
The Israeli army withdraws after six days in Beit Hanoun in the northern Gaza Strip.
Israeli Sheikh: Temple Mount is Entirely Islamic Arutz Sheva

American Prospect War in Iraq, 2003-?? The Pentagon had no intention of staying in Iraq forever. But the White House won’t answer a simple yes-or-no question about permanent bases, and Pentagon brass are planning -- and building -- for the long haul. By Spencer Ackerman
Financial Times US weighs price of Iraqi territorial integrity Three years after the invasion of Iraq, some voices in Washington have started to ask whether watered-down partition could facilitate a US exit
New Republic Bush family calls on James Baker again to haul their asses out of the fire. Will James Baker save Bush's Iraq policy--or bury it? by Ryan Lizza
BBC Iraq Baathists ban 'to be eased' An Iraqi official says plans have been made to allow ex-members of Saddam Hussein's party to get government jobs.
Iraq's Baath dilemma
Iraq Three into one proves an odd fit
Fallujah once again beset by violence
Outside View: Iraq disaster warning
Hollow victory: The hanging of Saddam Asia Times
Iraqis told not to worry over US elections
COMMENT: America will thrive after Iraq; it is the locals who will suffer
Washington Institute The Saddam Verdict and the Insurgency Despite the justice of the decision, the death sentence for Saddam Hussein is likely to prove a boost to the Sunni Arab insurgency and a complicating factor in Iraqi politics, further alienating Sunni Arab Iraqis from a national government dominated by Shiites and Kurds.
Op-Ed: Partition May Not Be a Bad Thing After All
Plan C for Iraq he Progress Report
Iraq Three into one proves an odd fit
IRAQ'S NEW SECRET POLICE New York Post Ralph Peters
Editorial Justice for Iraq's tyrant?

Walker's World: The eclipse of U.S. influence in Middle East?

Monday, November 06, 2006


Weekly Standard Shiites Against Hezbollah by David Schenker
Al Hayat Talk of 'Deals' between Washington, Damascus and Tehran Raghida Dergham
Syria Sir Nigel goes fishing
Christian Science Monitor US demands Israeli Air Force stop flights into Lebanese airspace Overflights came after UN learned of arms being smuggled into Lebanon from Syria.
Syria Hints at Armed Resistance if Israel Fails to Return Golan Heights
Syria hires UK law firm for Hariri assassination inquiry · Matrix acts as adviser after UN sanctions threat · Britain tests water for better links with Assad
Provocation in Lebanon's skies
Hezbollah Uses Influence to Jockey for Power in Beirut

Oren IDF preparing for another conflict by next summer
Yedioth Possible PA unity gov't
Mortimer B. Zuckerman: Waiting for War in Gaza
The Economist Israel and the Palestinians Military solutions in the air
Jerusalem Post Re-engage Rabin's road map
Daily Star Gaza suffers for the sake of yet another lesson Israel refuses to learn

Time The Case for Dividing Iraq With the country descending into civil war, noted diplomat and author Peter Galbraith explains why partition may be the U.S.'s only exit strategy
Weekly Standard No Third Way in Iraq 'Redeployment' will not 'incentivize' the Iraqi military. It will lead to its collapse. by Frederick W. Kagan

Guardian Neocons turn on Bush over Iraq Administration lambasted for incompetence in handling of war.
VIEW: The meaning of victory in Iraq —Dilip Hiro
Boston Globe What it will take to end war (By James Carroll) THE WAR in Iraq has emerged as a key issue in tomorrow's election, but in what way can its course be influenced by voting results?
Los Angeles Times Democratic win may lead to shift in Iraq policy Midterm victory in either chamber would give party lawmakers a platform to pressure the president for a different direction in the war.
In a Divided Iraq, Reaction to Saddam Death Sentence Conforms to Sectarian Lines
Conservatives Challenge Iraq Policy
The New Republic Should U.S. forces withdraw from Iraq?A TNR debate, Day 4by Peter W. Galbraith & Reuel Marc Gerecht

Understanding Iran's Nuclear Policy (Ramazani)
Washington Post Ping-Pong Diplomacy For Iran By Jim Hoagland
The Times Leader Nuclear knock-on If Iran acquires the Bomb, its neighbours will inevitably respond
Schiff Iran and missiles / Bigger and farther
Asia Times Russia plays a double game over IranWhen (and if) the United Nations finally agrees on a resolution on Iran over its nuclear program, it risks being mild, and even symbolic, given disagreement among the drafters. A more realistic course could be to return the matter to the UN's nuclear watchdog. The biggest obstacle to this is Moscow's doublespeak. - Kaveh L Afrasiabi
Cato - What to Do Before Tehran Gets the Bomb by Ted Galen Carpenter
Who's Targeting Iran – and Why? by Gordon Prather

Has America 'lost' the Middle East? Patrick Seale
Report: Nuke race in Mideast

Friday, November 03, 2006


Israel/Hizbollah/Lebanon: Avoiding Renewed Conflict International Crisis Group
The Times Leader Syria's interests Iraq is the one issue on which Assad may see reason
Guardian Leader Taking the road to Damascus Syria matters because it has the capacity to influence events not only in its immediate vicinity, but also more widely in a highly volatile region.
Ha’aretz - Print Edition The Syrian-American Rift By Akiva Eldar
U.S. Faults Syria, Iran, Hezbollah on Lebanon
Christian Science Monitor US accuses Syria, Iran, and Hizbullah of plot to topple Lebanon But US intelligence experts see no proof of military plot, only political bullying.
BBC US' Lebanon plot claim rejected Syria and Hezbollah deny US claims they are plotting to topple the Lebanese government with Iran's help.
Sources Dismiss Israeli Fears, Predict U.S. Talks With Syria and Iran Nathan Guttman THE FORWARD
Foreign Policy Seven Questions: Back to the Brink in Lebanon
Eye of the Storm: The 'Iranization' of Syria Jerusalem Post By AMIR TAHERI.
Financial Times Blair in secret overture to Damascus Tony Blair, Britain’s prime minister, has launched a secret diplomatic move to prise Syria away from its support for radical Middle East groups and policies
Blair aide meets Assad on secret trip to Syria
Washington Post A Struggle to Cover the Border U.S., Iraqi officials have tried for years to crack down on foreign fighters, funds from Syria.
Der Spiegel UNIFIL FRUSTRATION IN LEBANON All (Too) Quiet on the Southern Front Already 6,000 international troops are stationed with UNIFIL in southern Lebanon, and numbers are supposed to be doubled in November. But at the moment the biggest danger they face is boredom.
Washington Institute From Beirut to Gaza: Israel’s Neighbors in the Aftermath of War Ehud Yaari
Daily Telegraph Why Israel will go to war again – soon There will soon be another war in the Middle East, this time a renewal of the conflict between the Israel Defence Force and Hizbollah. The conflict is inevitable and unavoidable, says John Keegan
BBC Hezbollah confirms Israel talks Hezbollah leader Sheikh Nasrallah says "serious" talks on a prisoner exchange with Israel are under way.
Daily Star Editorial Foreign meddling and domestic inaction push Lebanon to the brink of crisis
Nasrallah's show of defiance
Quick guide: Hezbollah

The Case for a Larger Israel HOME - DOWNLOAD THE ENTIRE BOOK
Daily Star Israeli overflights are about terrorizing civilians, not finding weapons
Schiff Nuclear confusion in Israel
U.S. officials demand IAF cease overflights in Lebanese airspace
Schiff Egypt and weapons smuggling / Empty promises to prevent 'Hamastan'
Yedioth Ahronoth Shlomo Avineri Was Rabin murdered or assassinated?
Jerusalem Post US Affairs: Who's good for the Jews? By MATTHEW E. BERGER A guide to the key races as America goes to the midterm polls.
To reach peace, start with borders first By Ghassan Khatib
Gaza strike kills Hamas militants
Four Palestinian Hamas militants die in an Israeli air strike in Gaza City, medical sources say.

Washington Post David Ignatius Seeking Options On Iraq
Out of Iraq by Zvi Bar’el
New York Times U.S. Central Command Charts Sharp Movement of the Civil Conflict in Iraq Toward Chaos
UPI Viewpoint: Avoiding defeat in Iraq By Alon Ben-Meir
New Republic Should Iraq be partitioned? A TNR debate, Day 1 by Peter W. Galbraith & Reuel Marc Gerecht
Asia Times Iraq's bloody destiny The overthrow of the monarchy in 1958 and the subsequent bloody rule (and death) of General Abd al-Karim Qasim provide striking pointers to the causes of the violence in Iraq today. If these are ignored, history can only repeat itself. - Sami Moubayed
Iraq: Milestones, Benchmarks, and Real World Options (PDF; 582 KB) Source: Center for Strategic & International Studies by Anthony Cordesman
CBS: Iraq is 'nearly out of control'
YaleGlobal - The Withdrawal Syndrome – Part I by Richard Haass
Independent Baghdad is under siege Sunni insurgents have cut the roads linking the city to the rest of Iraq. The country is being partitioned as militiamen fight bloody battles for control of towns and villages north and south of the capital

Getting Serious About Iran: For Regime Change by Amir Taheri The ayatollahs cannot change their spots; they can only be defeated and replaced—and they can be.
Getting Serious About Iran: A Military Option by Arthur Herman Tehran has major tactical and strategic vulnerabilities; herewith, a plan to exploit them.
The Case for Engagement With Iran by Scott Ritter